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Reclaiming our Family Honor!

Reclaiming and regaining our family honor…that was stolen from us!

Taking back what Joan M Wheeler stole from our family!

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॐ
om shanti shanti shanti om


UPDATE Sept 2015 my new blog…

Duped by adoption, a book study An in-depth analyzes of the book Forbidden Family My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption.

and a new Facebook page


UPDATE July 2015 added an LinkedIn account with a post

UPDATE March 2015 this post sums up the TRUE story of our family versus the ‘point of view’ of Joan Wheeler.

Update November 2014

The purpose of this blog is about exposing all the wrongs that Joan Wheeler has done to me and my family and telling the truth of myself and my family.

It would be wise to look at the ABOUT page to get updates that I have removed from this front page. It bears repeating…the sole purpose of this blog is about the behavior of Joan Wheeler.

Our commentary and reporting is our business.

The lying, hate filled book, called Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler is now dead. We told the truth and the publisher pulled the book because of its libelous contents. Joan Wheeler refuses to remove all of her blogs with that title and her hate words towards us.

This blog is to help reclaim OUR Family away from Joan Wheeler…she is the Forbidden One…she was NOT conceived in 1954, when this family picture was taken and can not claim this picture. She was adopted out of the family and when ‘reunited’ turned her hate and anger against us.

Yep, the worst thing Joan Wheeler ever did was to publish that lying book. Now she will have to live with that dead book tied around her neck until we set everything in it straight and right and it starts to stink and rot OR she decides to make it right and remove ALL references to Forbidden Family on her two web sites and apology to us siblings and our parents!
Warning…the contents of this blog are not suitable for young impressible minds or for people who believe everything Joan Wheeler has said or written. Believe her at your own risk! She is a user of people!
see joint post of Gert and Ruth
update of February 2014…Joan has still NOT answered any of our charges against her…in fact when asked directly she runs and hides away, or screams that we are harassing her…so we shall continue on until she answers to the dirty deeds and words she has said and deeds she has done. Joan still has NOT removed her hate blogs against us or gotten her friends to get rid of theirs, so we shall just carry on. Everything Joan and her friends have done to the birth family are part of the historical record.

HI there! I had the unfortunate experience of reading Joan Wheeler’s book (it was free on Kindle and in my interest area). I’m adopted, and have recently extricated myself from a disastrous reunion forced on me by my birth family. All that said…Joan Wheeler is a self-pitying narcissist. I feel bad for you and your family. You reached out to her in what seems to be hope and love only to have the door repeatedly slammed on your hand…then she blames you for ruining her door jam! Her writing in this book is wheedling and ‘oh they don’t make me the center of my universe so I’ll make them!’ in tone. You and your family are in my prayers that she either wises up or just stops out of boredom.


  • Jan 3, 2016…I’m replying to the about comment of same date

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us who are named in that latest garbage book of Joan M Wheeler. Glad to know that you didn’t have to pay $$ for it! I did pay for the Kindle but for the printed edition, with discounts, I paid .76 cents…yes seventy-six cents! This book, just like the first one, will never be any kind of ‘best-seller’ for she is speaking to a very small ‘crowd’ that think like herself. There are many out there, like yourself who ‘see’ behind what she writes.

    I’m glad that you KNOW about narcissistic behaviors for they can cause tremendous difficulties for anyone who gets ‘close’ to them. I’d encourage everyone to learn more about those types of behaviors for self-protection. Unfortunately, Joan will never ‘wise up’ nor ‘stop’ for any reason, because she is a narcissistic that NEEDS constant attention and she hates adoption.

    Sorry to hear that you have had a ‘disastrous reunion’; reunions are NOT easy for anyone and when they go horribly wrong, no one wins. Keep in mind that generally all families can be ‘messy’, doesn’t matter whether one is adopted or not, and if you can maintain proper boundaries, those messes won’t get too bad. Your life is your life, live it as you see fit to live it!

    Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, as we will you.


    I made a new blog post on my “REFUTING A BOOK OF LIES: FORBIDDEN FAMILY BY JOAN M. WHEELER by Joan M. Wheeler – exposing her lies”


Joan M Wheeler changes her name…it’s about TIME and she gets WHAT?

The following blog post was looked at today…so I added an update and shared it widely.

what shall her next act be???

and here is the current situation


Joan M Wheeler changes her name…doesn’t mean a thing

Legal Notice by Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) concerning Joan Mary Wheeler’s legal name change to Doris Michol Sippel


Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

I am letting this blog notice serve as notice that I, Ruth B. Pace (nee Sippel) do not recognize Doris Michol Sippel, formerly known as Joan Mary Wheeler as a legal member of the Sippel family. She is not my legal sister. 

My father, Leonard J. Sippel removed Ms. Sippel/Wheeler from his formal obitiuary and self-written newspaper notification of his death. This was filed legally in the summer of 2009 by Leonard J. Sippel with his lawyer, and Amigone Funeral Homes of Buffalo, NY. His estate was settled and finalized a few months after his death in 2011.

Gert here…Anyone can change their name but that does give any legal nor moral rights.

I agree with Ruth. No one will recognize her, what ever name she decides to use or not use. also so this…

View original post

Blog postings of recent correspondences by Gert McQueen and Ruth Pace to several individuals to refute lies told by Joan M. Wheeler in her book Forbidden Family

a very early blog post BEFORE I had my own blog and internet access..this is as true TODAY as it was then, in fact it is MORE THAN EVER NEEDED TO BE SEEN TODAY

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

by Ruth Sippel Pace

Readers of this blog may notice the publication on this blog of correspondences that Gert and myself have had with some individuals. This is being done in the interest of full disclosure of what we have said and to whom. Because Gert and I are not liars.

BUT FIRST AN UPDATE, MAY 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption…

View original post 1,065 more words

Joan M Wheeler goes after an adoptive cousin! Why? Because the cousin, like the birth family, has a different opinion!

Joan would do well if she learned the wisdom of this…


But of course, Joan could care less about wisdom, all she cares about is getting her ‘versions’ out there and browbeating those that have differing opinions and views.

Joan must have been in her manic state on this one! The following is a perfect EXAMPLE of how she operates; how she digs in, will NOT let go of her victim, goes after the chosen victim again and again, beating the ‘dead horse’ and then finally blames her victim for what’s wrong with Joan’s life!

On a political article, Joan puts out a statement, and the discussion quickly moves from the political position, of separation of church and state, to the issue of adoption. THEN, a massive attack, by Joan, upon an adoptive cousin, begins. THEN, as always happens, when Joan is on a ‘roll’, once Joan dismisses the cousin, 10 hours later, Joan comes back and attacks the poor woman again! Yep, Joan’s in her manic attack state!

…It begins… February 11, 2016

Joan said…We do have separation of church and state for a reason! Keep your religion OUT of politics! Your god has no meaning to many people who live in America.

…then the cousin speaks up

Mary W. K. says…Just your opinion. This country was founded on God by crazy, out of control white men. I am glad they didn’t care what people thought and they stood up for what they believed in and if they didn’t we would be here. I’m glad to be alive today only by the grace of God and men who were brave enough to stand up for their rights. And I will continue to stand for my beliefs and fight against this reverse discrimination.

…then after a lengthy back and forth discussion about the founding fathers and more the cousin says…

Mary W. K. says…Yes people died so we could live. I cannot change that . Theres still slavery in many parts of the world – at least we did something about that here. There are still countries fight over who owns land and people are dying – we no longer do that. We used blood letting and leaches as a cure for disease. we don’t do that anymore, woman used to not be able to vote that has changed. It is endless. You can pick and choose whatever battle you want, if I have forgiveness then it just becomes part of history. If I don’t have forgiveness then I am forever a victim. I choose to no longer to be a victim.

…and they are off and running, because JOAN believes she is a victim of ADOPTION, believes that she DOES NOT have to forgive anyone, and must make this cousin and everyone else KNOW IT…

Joan says…Yes, Mary W. K., adoption is slavery. My adoption papers changed my name, ordered that a new, replacement birth certificate to be issued by New York State, and erased my family. Meanwhile, all the Wheelers knew it, they were distant relatives of my natural mother. And then, when I was found by family I didn’t know I had, all hell broke lose. For what? Because I was never supposed to know the secret that everyone else had fun keeping form me? And millions of other adopted people’s identity changed for the sake of the owners. Don’t tell me that slavery does not exist in America today. You would do well to read my memoir and learn the hell I went through. Yet, to ease my mother’s transition into death, I stood over her and said the Catholic prayers with the priest so she felt comfort.

Mary W. K. says….

Adoption is not slavery. Not all people that were adopted believe what you believe. My best friend that I talk to everyday is adopted. I have never one time speak the way you do. I wish you could find happiness.

Then Joan says to Mary W. K. …

I am tired of people who drag out the “I have a friend who is adopted and she doesn’t feel like you do…” Opinion because, Mary, you assert your authority, yet you are not adopted. That fact, alone, means you are incapable of comprehending the complexity of adoption on the displaced and resettled adopted person. You are also blindsided by your religion. I am happy, bybthecway! You are not in my life to see my day to day activities, my friends, my interests. My life was ruined by adoption, by ignorant adoptive and natural blood relatives imposing their ignorance on me, butting in to my life when they should have respected my privacy. I have fond memories of you and your immediate famiily. But I will have to delete you from my Facebook as I do not wish to bring more hassle and discord into my life. I only allow non-abusive people in my life now. Go lead your life away from me. I do not need an infertile adoptive cousin in my life since you began commenting on my Wall when I posted something about falsified birth certificates. Instead of showing empathy toward me and millions of adopted people who suffer identity theft at the hands of our government, you left the comment, “you do know that I could not have children.” My response to you then was to point out that your infertility does not have any bearing on my civil rights to my own sealed birth certificate. Yet you argue about your medical condition as if that gives you authority over me. It doesn’t. I have 42 years of experience living as a reunited adopted person, frightened out if my wits, belittled and ridiculed since 1974 for not complying with the Wheelers’ opinion that I should never had participated in my reunion with my natural family. they found me, I was a kid of 18. Go away, Mary, you can take your opinions to others who are as blind as you are. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy with people who are my friends online, friends in real life, and, I enjoy my daily conversations with a few relatives from both adoptive and natural families who do love me and I love them. Contrary to your opinion, I have a fulfilling and happy life.

…To which Mary W. K. tells Joan…

You friend requested me Joan. Im not proud of my family. You have no idea what they did to ny mother. We were dirt poor. My mother worked every night so I could get an education. I am sorry your mother died. My mom says she was a great lady. And she must have been because she chose to have you rather than treat her cancer. I love you Joan and you are family. I will do as you requested and unfollow your facebook. I am sorry for the tremendous loss you have had.

… then Maggie Wilkinson says…

Joan, hundreds and thousands of people who have experienced the pain and continual grief caused by the abuse that society calls adoption are not wrong, people who want to believe and invalidate continue to want the fantasy to be true, it suits them. Slavery, bondage, adoption all one and the same, human ownership. a lie is a lie.

…and Joan answers Maggie

Yes, I unfortunately have many adoptive relatives who refuse to see this point. They also refuse to see the Catch-22 of adoption. Some of us really do love our adoptive “parents” and extended “family” but hate being in the position of constantly having o defend our activism against the current system of adoption. Remove the money-making aspects, remove the falsified birth certificate, remove the sealed birth certificate and what do you get? Guardianship. That means a child who is need can have a home with parental figures who love that child and that love can be reciprocated. But to remove a child from her family because of poverty or death of a parent or because someone wants a child, no, that is wrong. And you know that! I need to get rid of more adoptive family members who do not understand. Enough already!

….BUT Joan will not let go of this bone! She comes back on Feb 13 and says…

Joan to… Mary W. K. – how many state, national and international adoption conferences (on adoption reform, physiology, laws) have YOU attended? Have you read ANY books written by adoptees, by mothers of adoption loss, by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers? I can guess the number is zero for both questions. I’ve been attending conferences since 1980. Began reading adoption law at age 19, began reading about adoption less than a year since I was found in 1974. Been attending local meetings of support groups since 1976. Knew the leaders of the American movement personally. read their books. The man who wrote the Forward to my memoir is a world respected adoption researcher who has visited me, my adoptive mother, my natural family several times since we met in 1987. Your uneducated opinions do not mean a thing to me; other than proving the point that opinions of adoption are thrown at adopted people constantly, as if these opinions carry more weight than actual experience and first hand knowledge. When you take the time and spend the money to learn about the current issues in adoption, then you will begin your journey to try to understand what you cannot. You are an infertile woman who has no experience in loosing your family and loosing your name and birth certificate because of adoption. You covet other women’s babies ( why else did you tell me you are infertile?). This means you do not know what a mother feels when her baby is stolen at birth or she feels she has no other recourse because no one has given her options to keep her baby.

…And again Joan says to Mary W. K.

Joan to… Well, Mary W. K. thank you for acknowledging about my losses, and about my mother. Here is the thing the Wheelers did wrong: they all knew and kept it all secret. leaving me to deal with the backlash and the trauma alone. That is certainly not love. It is ignorance. And abetting an adoption system based upon willful deception, lies, and total disregard for the adopted person. And these people were/are Catholics who hated me from the very start of my reunion!

…Mary W.K says…

Im just not sure what you are trying to accomplish. You do not have to explain the wheeler family to me. I lived it, but it doesnt rule who I am today. There are countless people who have hurt and traumatized me not just family. I do not relive it everyday. I like to be happy, I have a life to live and I cannot do both. People come home from war with no legs and i see them overcome huge obstacles. They just start a new life without legs. Start a new life Joan. Its never too late. I did and I am happier more often for longer periods tha I ever was. One more thing the Wheelers are not the Catholic religion. I hope you find peace in something, life is too short today anything else. I will not be responding to anymore posts.


Good advice…BUT…IT’S NOT OVER…for Joan will NOT be dismissed…

She is still on a roll, on Feb 13, on a different thread about Why anti-adoption is pro-life

Joan Mary Wheeler shared   Chenoa Çat Øtërø‘s photo.

 Why anti-adoption is pro-life – Thank you, L…

…A comment is made by Debra Merryweather

Encouraging a woman to relinquish a child she has carried within her for nine months is anti-woman, anti-child, anti-motherhood and anti-health. Many RTL groups are pro-relinquishment and therefore are anti-woman and anti-mother and child. And the picture you see in Lizzy’s post is not the picture you see at 8 weeks. When I would have looked like this, I was a parochial grammar school girl who believed in the Virgin Mary and believed that religious people were good because they were religious people. I was tied flat on my back in a Catholic facility with the pregnancy pushing on my guts, my respiratory system and crushing the nerves connecting my limbs to my brain, left to go through labor in the cold dark for “penance” because I was a victim who didn’t know she was a victim because I did not understand what had happened to me.

Many of these “penance dispensers” operated Magdalene Laundries, convents and other bad places and I suspect that more than of few of them populate RTL organizations…sometimes…to protect their holy reputations because they dished out violence to young mothers when they could get away with it. My take on what happened to me was that this “system” tried to get rid of me and my child because why else would I have been treated this way? I don’t think abortion is a great thing and I am glad to see that the numbers are declining. Still, “choice” implies someone else’s choice to control their own bodies no matter what I think. Of course, when a fetus has developed to the stage shown in this photo, the fetus is a child. And, I’ve been criticized for saying this, but I think sometimes that those of us who have had children taken from us let those who took our children have the high ground by our addressing the issue from an ‘anti-adoption” perspective rather than an “anti-surrender” perspective. Those who would oppress women always grab the good sound bytes first.


Of course, Joan uses this comment to go after the cousin AGAIN…WITHOUT PROVOCATION from the cousin who actually DISMISSED Joan…and AFTER Joan told cousin to get lost! Joan just wants to beat this woman down and MAKE her see the ‘error of her ways’ for it’s for her ‘education’!

….Joan says to Mary W. K. – please read the above comment for one mother-of-adoption-loss’s perspective and for your education.


… Yes, Joan MUST always have the last word, as well as telling everyone all about HER accomplishments! She does this over and over again thinking that she is ‘educating’ people. She doesn’t have a clue of how she berates, embarrasses, intimidates or insults another. Only Joan knows what the world needs! She wants respect for her privacy but thinks nothing of violating others’ privacy and writing two libelous books about family members. Joan demands empathy but is incapable of giving it herself; look at Joan’s berating, the insulting, and insensitivity about the woman’s infertility!

Joan is NO BETTER than those that she says have done those terrible deeds in the past. In fact, Joan is worse than those, from the past, because she is using the same techniques and punishing innocent people for HER perceived NOTION that adoption is an EVIL. Joan’s idea of EDUCATING people is to browbeat them into submission to HER point of view. And if one does NOT, well then they are treated to the very same nasty, insensitive, barbaric forms of punishments that Joan is condemning! If Joan was in an administrative position, over people who adopt, she would USE corporal punishments to EDUCATE them about their EVIL ways!

Joan is NOT a happy person, she never will…until she DROPS this nonsense and let people do as they are FREE to do. NO ONE gives a shit what Joan M Wheeler thinks. It has been proven time and time again. She really hasn’t a clue! History and present day ‘political’ and ‘human’ interactions will come and go and will never CONFORM to one person or one group of people’s ideals. Joan is a narcissistic, it’s totally about HER.

Finally…here are links to my second blog and Facebook page dedicated to Joan’s second book against family.


Adoption TRAUMA is the same as PTSD, so says Joan M Wheeler (duped by adoption), but is it?

Joan believes that she suffers from PTSD because she is adopted.

Well no, being adopted has nothing to do with what Joan suffers from. Joan may very well have suffered many forms of trauma during her life, from adoptive parents/family, as well as her own personal choices, such as with various men or her lack of jobs. But, she really can’t put all those traumas on the back of adoption! She really ought to begin to take responsibility for her own poor choices in her life!

I, and millions of others, do not believe that adoption is a trauma.

On Feb 23, 2016 Joan posted the following news story on her Facebook page

And Robert Allan Hafetz left this comment, on her page…

Its very misleading traumas are memories and in adoptees they are preverbal which means there is no cognitive connection. Adoption related trauma is not PTSD.

So what is he saying?

The article is ‘misleading’, care must be used to discern the message, as well as not misappropriating the article to suit one’s opinion (something Joan does).

Traumas are memories.

Adoption memories are before speech (pre-verbal) and have no cognitive or thinking aspects.

I’m assuming, Robert, means ‘being adopted as an infant’, for not every adoptee is adopted as an infant. The ‘act’ of being adopted, during infancy, in itself is NOT a trauma. In infancy there is no thinking/cognition of the ‘event’ to CAUSE a traumatic ‘memory’. So there can NOT be any Post Traumatic Stress involved!

I totally agree! It’s about time that people are beginning to point out the illogic of Joan, to her! And of course, she doesn’t have a come-back.

My own child was 16 when he was adopted by me and second husband. Joan interfered with our parental decisions, our rights and my children, because she believes adoption causes great harm (name change and birth certificate). Those ACTIONS, and more, of Joan’s, to myself and family, WERE traumas to us. I have MEMORIES of the TRAUMA done by Joan to me! I also have current TRAUMAS done by Joan via her first published libelous book and now her self-published second fabrication of libel!

So if Joan has PTSD it’s of her own making and has nothing to do with her being adopted as an infant.

See these links for more in depth information on Joan’s newest revision of the same old libelous material against birth and adoptive families.



A reposting from 2010; new discovery by Joan M Wheeler who has been ‘duped by adoption’!

The original post can be found here…

I wrote this post long before I had gotten on the Internet. At that time I was relying on Ruth’s blog for my posts. Having recently seen this post, after so long, I thought it best to reformat it and place it on my own blog. Be sure to see updated information at the end of this post.

And now for the ‘new discovery’

On Joan Wheeler’s site, which can be viewed without actually going onto the site, she posted, July 27, 2010, Newly Discovered Family Keepsake: 1956 Baby Shower Card.

But here is the link…

From want she posted she didn’t seem to find this discovery a pleasant one. Why you ask? Because it reminds her of her closed adoption and the damage it has done to her. Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn.

Joan Wheeler is an adoptee and my blood sibling, has again voiced her opinions on how adoption destroys people and of course she uses her own life, full of torment, as her reasons and proof. Hey, she ought to know, she wrote a book on the subject! She relishes being the victim, it is the AIR she breaths. Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn. It is utter stupefying how warped Joan’s mind works. Oh the whining! Oh the deception! Oh the frigging DRAMA. And the gnashing of teeth, the pulling of hair, the self-flagellations! That is Joan. Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn.

For the life of me, I don’t understand what Joan’s life has to do with adoption reform and how detailing her inner torment is a HELP to people. Would, could, anyone explain that to me? And she wants to talk about the effects of adoption on her siblings! What is she all-knowing? She really cannot see any positive aspects of adoption. She is the victim, she is the adoptee. Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn.

And yes, the blood siblings know the effects that having a reunion with an adopted nutcase has caused our lives since 1974. The heart aches and the hurts that SHE has done to US (blood siblings) to punish US for her frigging adoption! Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn.

She needs to get a serious spiritual component in her life. She ignores the fact that she, like all of us, has been given life for a reason and it was not to live life as a victim! Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance is dangerous, but knowledge (in this case adoption reform) is even more dangerous when mistaken and misguided. This is where Joan is and where anyone who listens to her will end up. She is dangerous and ignorant, what knowledge she has is mistaken and misguided! She is in darkness because she WANTS to be there. She can’t help anyone because she can’t help herself. She lacks humility, gives no respect and has proven herself to be an ass. Btw… an ass is the symbol of stupidity.

She needs to go work on her soul. Who will be at Joan’s death bed? What wisdom and truth will Joan have when it’s her time to go? She can’t escape it you know. She needs to learn her lessons now. She needs to make the best of a bad bargain and get over it. She doesn’t have forever to be a victim.

I can speak on and on about Joan, but in all fairness we will use Joan’s own words to prove our points. We have been doing that right along with the ‘refuting’ of the book on this blog. So here is Joan’s ‘new discovery’ post (J: is Joan) along with my comments which begin with Gert: And some notes from Ruth!

After the introduction and showing pictures of baby cards Joan writes.

J: Evidently, as a child, I stole their hearts away.

Gert: every new baby does, that is one of the ways of being in the human family. Did she not do the same with her own children? Oh I forgot, they were not adopted, she gave birth to them, which is why she has treated them like dirt! Right from the get-go, in relationship to the baby cards, she is mocking the joy that a new baby brings to a family. Joan cannot abide anyone having any joy over her life, not birth or adoptive families nor her own children, no one can have any joy related to Joan’s existence.

J: Definitely, they knowingly stole me from my family.

Gert: Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn. No one stole her, how absurd a statement is that! After much thought and consideration, by adults, that was for the betterment of her life, she was freely given and freely accepted. She was not stolen. There was no crime committed. This is Joan’s point of view on a system that she can’t control. She is a professional victim and can only see life from those glasses.

J: I gained an adoptive family, but lost the family that I had.

Gert: She really ought to get a grip on reality! She didn’t lose. Would she have rather been placed in an orphanage or sold on the black market? Or how about being left abandoned on some street corner? It’s all about her, she lost. What about the birth family? Joan doesn’t realize that infants can’t make decisions and sometimes life sucks! No one ever promised her a rose garden.

Ruth: Nobody on this planet was ever promised a rose garden – you’re born – that’s it. Infants and children all over the world are at the mercy of the adults in their lives. Then they grow up and MAKE A LIFE FOR THEMSELVES- Question to Joan – did YOU provide a rose garden for YOUR own children? Hell no, in MY opinion, YOUR children had a worse life than YOU!

J: It is inhumane what was done to me and my siblings in the name of adoption.

Gert: How is it inhumane? There are many reasons for adopting. Her position of ‘open adoption’ could never work. The reason that it is called ‘closed adoption’ is for PROTECTION of all parties involved. No one can raise a child, knowing and believing that child is theirs, if some other parent (birth) is ALWAYS in the picture. A child cannot comprehend such a thing as two sets of parents at the same time; its basic child development and psychology. Closed Adoption is very humane.

Ruth: What did Joan’s adoption do to me and my other siblings? NOTHING! What the heck is Joan rambling on about? Oh, because she was taken away from us? Please, considering what a screw-up she is, the Wheelers did us a favor. We were without her whining and trouble-making for 18 years.

J: They did it – my adoptive parents – knowingly, willfully and intentionally. They did it out of love. And with Jesus’ blessings. Good Catholics they were. And for this I am to be grateful.

Gert: She sounds like a prosecutor in a court room! They are condemned because they wanted a baby and they went about it LEGALLY, according to the laws of the country we live in. And she mocks again, the love the adopted parents had and she mocks their religious traditions that upheld them! Being Catholic has nothing to do with being adoptive. There’s religious bigotry in the heart of Joan. They could have been of any religion. The point here is that Joan, and only Joan, condemns the laws of the country and her adoptive parents for the crime of adopting her. Now that I think of it, she probably would have been better off left on a damn doorstep, a true orphan, and the two families would have been better for it!

J: No question about it, for me, there is no way to get through this pain but radical acceptance of the reality.

Gert: Now there’s a novel thought! But not likely to be done. Joan likes being the victim too much.

Ruth: Good god almighty! It has taken her 36 years to FINALLY reach this conclusion. But as Gert points out, it won’t get done, because Joan likes to play the victim too much. She wants people to feel sorry for her too much.

J: Do I need to mention that I have no forgiveness for the parents and extended family involved with the coverup of the truth at my expense?

Gert: Cover up! good God! cover up of the truth, what truth, she was adopted, she suffered because they didn’t tell her the truth! How many people are on the earth? Each of them has been lied to at some point. Get over it Joan. Forgiveness, she hasn’t a clue what that means. Do people who read her really want her help in their adoption problems? I’d run away as fast as I could. This is how she addresses her elders, by not extending a basic thank you for the very fact that they took care of her. How humane is that? She also hates the extended family. Looks to me like Joan hates the entire Wheeler family for the imagine sin of adopting her. She also hates the entire birth family for their involvement in the ‘cover up’. Hey, everybody did it on purpose, to piss Joan off!

Ruth: Right – I was only 3 years old when Joan was adopted, but I guess I had a hand in the coverup. As to the extended family – her birth cousin Gail who is the same age as Joan, bumped into Joan at an amusement park when the girls were both 10 years old. Gail was confused, because Joan looked like me. Her mother (who knew who Joan was) told Gail that Joan was indeed my sister, but not to tell me. Oh yes, Joan, blame a 10 YEAR OLD CHILD FOR THE COVERUP! Oh my god this is worse than Watergate!

J: I am not required to give forgiveness as it was not earned, nor even asked for, except by my adoptive father immediately after he spoke with my natural father on the phone in 1974 just days after I was found.

Gert: Since when is forgiveness a requirement or something that is earned? The greatest gift a person can give themselves is forgiveness. This is a core problem in Joan’s character and soul. She doesn’t understand about forgiveness and letting go. She is so full of hate and anger for being adopted she can’t forgive herself. She is self-righteous in her crusade to rid the world of the injustice of closed adoption.

Ruth: And I will not forgive a low-life scumbag who tried to railroad me into jail, tried to break me and my fiance up, tried to get me fired from my job over false accusations, wrote stupid letters to the mayor of Buffalo, and keeps saying that I have a criminal record – which is false. Yeah, that be Joan I’m talking about!

J: For whose happiness did I enter their family? Theirs. I was manipulated and tricked into believing the life they fed me. I developed close attachments and love with aunts, uncles and cousins who later turned out to hate me (but other cousins and aunts and uncles were not that way). I loved my adoptive parents, but I was cheated out of life with the siblings I was never supposed to know. Meanwhile, my natural father lost his newborn daughter and his other children lost their baby sister.

Gert: Good God! She can’t even take ownership of her own life! Instead of being alive and happy she sees her life as one of a total victim who was manipulated and tricked. Is she the only person who ever felt their childhood was not perfect? Oh I forgot, she was adopted and so that means there were lies and cover-ups; oh the injustice of it all! Lying to the adopted child is manipulation and trickery!

Ruth: yeah, we lost our baby sister – she should have stayed lost. If only we had a crystal ball in 1974, we would never have gone looking for her. Reason: read my last comment. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stuff she has done to us!

Gert: Here she is talking about the adoptive family, who hated her, why then does she hate the birth family? Oh I forgot, she was lied to and tricked by us too. She was cheated out of her siblings. That comes with the territory of being adopted, one family gives the child to another family. A child cannot be raised with two sets of parents and siblings. While it is a tragic thing that occurred, death of our mother and our father having to place the infant (Joan) for adoption, it was NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It could have had a much healthier outcome if Joan wasn’t so warped in the brain!

J: Let this be a lesson to adoptive parents everywhere: be as honest as you possibly can with your adoptee.

Gert: You hear that adoptive parents? It is you that are the dangerous ones! And if you are not truthful and honest, your kids will turn out just like Joan! And if you adopt a child, like I did, you will have Joan come after you, in a heartbeat, to condemn you!

J: Honesty is the best policy. For when there are secrets and spiteful rage to keep the adoptee from ever knowing the truth, the adoptee suffers at the hands of the very people who are suppose to love that adoptee unconditionally. Withholding vital information and preventing a minor child contact with full or half siblings is a cruelty worthy to be called child abuse of both the adoptee and her siblings left behind.

Gert: In the course of human development and discourse, humans dealing with other humans, there is NO SUCH THING AS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is a fantasy. You, Joan want the truth? You, Joan can’t handle the truth! No human being can love another human unconditionally by the very nature of being human. If you want unconditional love, go to God!

Ruth: Honesty is the best policy? I can’t believe that these words are coming from Joan, considering how much she lies about me and just about everybody in her book.

Gert: Joan is such an expert she now declares closed adoption to be a cruelty by the name of child abuse! Oh she ought to NOT tread on that business! Keep watching this blog for I shall tell all about Joan’s own dirty deeds regarding child abuse actions against my children! Shame Shame Shame, Joan.

J: Yes, today my elderly adoptive mother shares her joyous memories with me of the day she and my father “got” me. She talks of the baby shower that welcomed me into the family. I acknowledge her joys. This is her journey through life. I try to make her as comfortable as possible by listening to her.

Gert: Oh how touching! Too bad it isn’t for real! Unless of course a person, like Joan, has two personalities where in one post, this one we are reading here, she tells how she can’t and won’t forgive the adoptive mother and then turns around here and shares the same mother’s feelings and is made comfortable by Joan. Is there a bucket I can vomit in??!!

Ruth: oh did Joan forget about that cruel lie that her adoptive mother told her about when they first brought Joan home from the court? – Supposedly, when they opened up the swaddlings, they found the baby covered in body sores, that were caused by the poor hygienic practices of my dead mother’s brother, Richard and his wife Ann. And Joan puts that lie in her book! I spoke to Rich and he said that when Joan was discharged from Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital, Joan had IMPETIGO, a contagious pimply rash and during the three months Joan lived with them, Ann tried her hardest to clear it up. Ann and Richard were eventually divorced, but Richard defended his ex-wife! So much for honesty coming from Joan.

J: I also acknowledge my profound sadness at what I lost: my entire family of birth. My father, my siblings, my aunts, uncles and cousins, and I lost my natural mother due to her early death, a death that lead to my father’s mistaken belief that the only course of action was to give me up to a completely closed adoption. We lived less than six miles apart, but this magical social construct of adoption robbed me of my family, robbed my siblings of their baby sister, and robbed my father of his daughter.

Gert: She forgets that she HAD the entire birth family when she was 18 but she blew it! Our father did not have any mistaken belief on the course of action regarding placing her in adoption. It is only in Joan’s diseased mind that this happened. Living six miles apart is worthless information. Facts were there was no adult to care for 5 young children. Get a grip on reality! And if anyone thinks that those that make the laws, that adoption reform people want to change, if you think that Joan is a good activist, think again. Who would take her serious? Just listen to her. Would you?

J: The only ones who got away with any happiness and security were my adoptive parents. They got the baby they could not produce on their own. Eighteen years of infertility and voila – a baby is suddenly available by the death of her mother. Take the baby and run. Have a baby shower and pamper that baby girl with all their love. And for what? For 18 years of lies to the adoptee and 36 years of hell to pay after I was found by the very siblings my adoptive mother so adamantly declared I should never know.

Gert: Here’s that dual personality again and gee it was only 3 paragraphs ago, go ahead and count them back, where Joan, speaking about the adoptive mother said she “try to make her as comfortable as possible by listening to her”. Flip-flap, flip-flap, love-hate, love-hate, sick sick sick And mockery again! Why did Joan post this on the blog? What purpose does it have for reform? Was it just another opportunity to tell the world how horrible a life she has? That’s right, Love! Joan can’t accept love, she spits on it. Hell is self-made! Joan is still in herself made jail cell.

J: The past 36 years have been filed with accusations that I have been disloyal and ungrateful. Why? For accepting the truth of my birth and adoption? Why is it always the adoptee who is expected to accept other people’s viewpoints and opinions? Is it worth it to be permanently separated by arbitrary laws and social constructs to create a falsehood within which the adoptee is expected to live? No, it is not.

Gert: She has to ask why! Her words speak volumes. No one can have any kind of intelligent conversation with Joan because she has already made up her mind, she is right, the rest of the world is wrong. And, don’t cross her or you will find herself on her shit list.

J: I have been told with flippant comments from non-adoptees that “that’s the way it was done back then”. So? That doesn’t make it right. I am the one to suffer the consequences of other people’s actions. My life as an adoptee was not worth the cocoon-sheltered childhood and the emotional and psychological abusive adult life I have had to endure because of adoption.

Gert: Perhaps it doesn’t make it right, whoever said that life was fair? Life is full of injustices, the key is to LEARN from them, not wallow in it. Yes, Joan it was your lot in life to suffer the consequences! There must be a REASON why her life went the way it did, for you to learn a lesson. You better learn soon, because you don’t have forever on this planet. As an adult you had the power of change, you could have changed your life at any moment, but you choose to stay a victim.

J: Now I must slowly say goodbye to a misguided elderly adoptive mother, make her journey to life’s passing as gentle as possible, and struggle to comprehend the devastation left behind.

Gert: Seems as if she is still laying it on thick! Here is Joan, abused adoptee, having still to care for an aged and misguided adoptive mother. She’s laying the guilt on to that dying woman while she thinks she is telling the world that she is doing a wonderful thing. Joan is helping the very woman she hates! That must really piss Joan off! Joan is still struggling; always will, to figure out anything. What devastation is left behind? Obviously very soon she won’t have the other half of this sick relationship.

So there we have it, more of the same. Yawn, yawn, big, big, yawn!

So if you are looking for some serious materials for adoption reform, Joan Wheeler is not the place to go!

UPDATE, MARCH 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



Another attempt to educate the ignore masses about the dangers of adoption, by Joan M Wheeler!


Not everyone is as stupid as Joan thinks they are.

The organism of the human body truly is a fascinating thing. It has many secrets that can help and/or hinder us. As we learn about how our bodies work we also must remember that the ‘body’ does not live in isolation from institutions that are formed and used by humans to maintain the lives of many. The institution of adoption is a NEEDED one. It may have flaws and needs improvements. But, adoption is not an evil nor will it ever be erased from the globe.

Adopteefedup is Joan M Wheeler on Yahoo news. Any place where she can, she will tell the world that she is adopted, that she is fedup, and that adoption is an evil!

While there is merit to the news story, and to ‘some’ of Joan’s positions, it must be remembered that there are billions of babies that are NOT able to bond or stay with the birth mother, herself included, as we shall see in the below comments.

Joan’s insistence that the world NEEDS TO BE EDUCATED, by her, indicates her self-delusion of grandeur, that she is a great educator; as well as being able to single-handedly get the masses to UNDERSTAND her position and policies and stop ADOPTING. This is why she is a bottom feeder. If she had any REAL educational expertise she would be in a college TEACHING.

Joan also has never learned the truth of this statement; ‘people who live in glass houses, should never throw stones’. She own personal history of dirty deeds and lying words, will always be there. And, the birth sisters will continue to tell the world.

From a Yahoo news story we learn that…

Tiny Mites Living on Your Face Hold the Key to Your Ancestry

By Richard Conniff | December 14, 2015 3:00 PM

The link below will take you DIRECTLY to the thread which started when an Alexandra asked a question. Check (click on) her replies to see all the replies, which are presented here.


Alexandra 2 months ago (about December 2015)

Wow. Wonder what happens if someone is adopted at birth? Does the person pick up
skin mites only from one’s birth mother — or from adoptive parents, too?

Collapse Replies (8) Reply

adopteefedup 2 months ago

Intimate contact from mother at birth and nursing will transfer these mites from mother to infant. This is why it is so very important not to disrupt the natural order of life itself. When a newborn is removed from its mother, the newborn is not given natural environment. Think of all the people who come into contact with a newborn who is taken from mother at birth even before that infant settles into an adoptive home. I am adopted. I do not like this disruption at all. Unnatural. Also, think of what a surrogate mother ( who is stranger to the infant she gives birth to) transfers to the baby that is then transferred to someone else.

sarah 2 months ago

This is why I say “adoption is always second best.” Sorry it was tough on you.

Katie 2 months ago

Interesting question!

adopteefedup 2 months ago

Sarah – it is not only me – all adopted people are subjected tot his. Many people do not understand these finer points about adoption. Bonding between mother and baby also involves gut bacteria in our colons. As well as the physical and psychological bonding that is disrupted by adoption. Thanks for your concern!

Steven 2 months ago

adoptfeedup–we should learn by now there are many ways to raise children other than the nuclear family, and no child is the worse for wear from those alternatives. While orphanages and foster care are not ideal–neither should they be seen as worse case scenarios. And there is more than enough research that kids can transcend these deprivations–since the days of Anna Freud and her work at Hemstead Heath Nurseries of orphaned kids from Nazi concentration camps to John Bowlby with his extensive (3 volume ) examination of maternal/infant bonding and maternal deprivation. (I read a book–OK–what the hey–I read two books.)

Gert 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

adopteefedup… yes bonding between parent and child involves more than bacteria…physical and psychological bonding are very important…So why was it necessary for you to interfere with another’s decision to adopt their OWN flesh and blood? All those ‘bonding’s’ were there! Was it your concern for the wellbeing of that child or was it because that child was ADOPTED?

Gert 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

adopteefedup… you said This is why it is so very important not to disrupt the natural order of life itself.
BUT it was OK for you to disrupt the parent/child relationship? because they were adopting?

Ruth 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

even if adoptedfedup was not adopted, she wouldn’t have bonded with her mother anyway, since she was in an incubator and then discharged from the hospital while her mother sadly died. So – what happens then? Whine and moan for the next 60 years, I guess.



Joan M Wheeler would NEVER accept any of these scenarios, where a child would have to be sacrificed; Judgment of Solomon, Sophie’s Choice, Burning Building test.

No, she sees no scenario where adoption is an answer, ever! She’s totally against adoption no matter what! Foolish woman! Dangerous woman! Life is full of tragedies where people MUST make hard/difficult choices and sacrifices, including those related to one’s own children. She herself gave her children up, in their daily lives, for the CAUSE OF ADOPTION.

BUT before we continue I want to share…

I have a new blog and Facebook page devoted to Joan’s second book, the first was pulled from publication by publisher in 2011, Joan has NOW self-published…stupid woman!

duped by adoption, a book study; an in-depth analyzes of the book Forbidden Family My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption and the author’s first book Forbidden Family

so check us out and see what kind of garbage she has in this book and comment

NOW to continue

Adoption is NOT an evil. People create evils. And yes, some who have been adopted ended up with parents that did evil to them, but…that is no excuse to condemn all adoptions. Joan should take a real close look at what evils she DID to her own children! Like I said she is an dangerous woman!

When Joan’s libelous book, Forbidden Family, first came out I was very busy with reading it, documenting what was in it, preparing documentation to present to the publisher and countering the variety of ‘on-line’ attacks from Joan and her pals.

I had collected the many sites where Joan left comments, that I found, into folders to ‘get back to’. So, yes this post is about some things that are years old, but STILL very much needed to be presented and righted! As long as Joan is alive and discussing, and writing about, the birth family we shall continue to expose her and right the wrongs she has done to us.

Joan Wheeler has done a huge disservice and dishonor to our father and mother. Joan has misjudged, labeled and condemned our father for his ‘life choices’. Furthermore, Joan has done the same disservice and dishonor to the two people who adopted her. She has no shame, no sense of decency toward parents who have to make difficult choices and who raised her. She also has never done her own children right! She is just a hypocrite!

This post is about Joan’s comment on this topic:

What kind of woman does this? Burning building test… link provided below.

I also am providing the links to the ‘truth’ of Joan’s placement into adoption, the whys and hows of it, that Joan refuses to accept.

And this post in which I outline just why Joan’s ideas would never be acceptable to our father.

Over years, of following Joan Wheeler’s lies and misrepresenting our family, on the Internet, I’ve come to recognize many individuals and what they stand for. Lori Lavender Luz is an ‘open adoption’ adoptive mother who is well-rounded and knowledgeable.

Long before myself and my sister Ruth began our blogs to tell the truth against the lies within the book Joan wrote, Joan had been out on the Internet. She argues with anyone who is pro-adoption, including Lori.

All anyone knew about Joan’s family and siblings came from Joan herself. Of course it was all hate and lies and misrepresentations!

Joan’s book was published November 2009. Here we find her in 2010 LYING about our father and her adoption! At the end of her comment I will address a few specific statements.

Joan M Wheeler April 7, 2010 at 6:46 am

The “Sophie’s choice” (my analogy) or “burning building” approach does not fit all situations. You completely overlook the fact that most mothers are talked into giving up their babies by an adoption industry that feeds upon the weak to provide children for the more monetarily prosperous adopting families. You do not take into consideration that fathers, too, are talked into relinquishment of their children when faced with the black/white thinking of no other options presented to parents in crisis. My father was talked into relinquishing me just after my mother’s death by a Catholic priest who insisted that the baby needs two parents. My father’s four other children also needed two parents, and, we needed to stay together as a family, but it was much easier to give our father no other options, no help, and no support, and no grief counseling for himself and his four older children in coping with the death of his wife and our mother. By the way, my natural father is well-hated by my extended adoptive family who were happy that he provided a child to be adopted by one of their own, but they also looked down upon him for giving away his baby. This is the destructiveness of adoption psychology.

The solution? No adoption at all. Period. Family preservation, kinship care, and guardianship are the only possible solutions because none of these solutions remove a child from an existing family. None of these solutions change a child’s identity and birth certificate to that of a falsified birth certificate that is routinely issued to adoptive parents fraudulently indicating that they “gave birth” to a child they legally adopted.

The entire system of adoption is corrupt. Guardianship is the only option as it provides for the intact identity of the child and does not destroy the existing family. Joan M Wheeler

My comments now…

Joan said…You completely overlook the fact that most mothers are talked into giving up their babies by an adoption industry that feeds upon the weak to provide children for the more monetarily prosperous adopting families.

Gert says… She can’t resist telling the other person that they haven’t looked at all the facts! What does that have to do with Joan’s adoption? Nothing, like I said she is against ALL adoptions and will always go after any pro-adoption person.

Joan said…fathers, too, are talked into relinquishment of their children when faced with the black/white thinking of no other options presented to parents in crisis.

Gert says…Yes father must make those decisions but Joan is still wrong here. Our father KNEW his wife was dying 3 months BEFORE she died. He had to make a decision FAST about what he was going to do to provide for that infant and his other children. He planned to marry another woman, with children, but she refused to take the infant.

Joan said…My father was talked into relinquishing me just after my mother’s death by a Catholic priest who insisted that the baby needs two parents. My father’s four other children also needed two parents, and, we needed to stay together as a family

Gert says… The priest was not that important in any of the decisions made! Once my mother gave birth to the child (Joan), in the hospital where she was for months, on the drug DES to hold that pregnancy, she then had a exploratory surgery. It was discovered that she had massive uterine cancer that spread…she was DYING. The family was ALREADY split up between grandparents and aunts/uncles waiting for the DEATH. My father had plans to keep the family together with a 2nd marriage, but as I said, that woman REFUSED to take the infant. Adoption WAS THE ONLY OPTION.

Joan said… it was much easier to give our father no other options, no help, and no support, and no grief counseling for himself and his four older children in coping with the death of his wife and our mother.

Gert says… What? Where does she come up with this non-sense? First off, Joan does not look at the times when these events occurred; mid-1950s, when most people ‘took care of themselves’ and got on in life. Joan herself is so used to being in counseling that she tends to forget that most people just deal with the life they are dealt with! The family MOVED ON when the decision was made, by the father, to remarry (which took care of her 2 children and his 4 children) and he placed the infant into adoption, quickly for the BENEFIT of all. To give up that infant, the father, psychologically, made that infant DEAD at the moment his wife and the infant’s mother DIED. The family unit was torn apart after the needed hospitalization of the 2nd wife/step-mother one year AFTER the death of our mother.

Joan said…my natural father is well-hated by my extended adoptive family

Gert says… And this happens in most families! What’s the importance here? Nothing, except for Joan to ‘justify’ why her adoptive family were torturing her!

Joan said…the destructiveness of adoption psychology

Gert says… Well then why isn’t Joan talking to the people who MAKE laws?

Joan said…Family preservation, kinship care, and guardianship are the only possible solutions because none of these solutions remove a child from an existing family.

Gert says… Not always an option. Our father said if HE could not raise HIS child, NO other in the FAMILY would raise HIS child. Joan just doesn’t get it!

Joan said…None of these solutions change a child’s identity and birth certificate to that of a falsified birth certificate

Gert says… This is what it’s all about with Joan.

Joan said…Guardianship is the only option as it provides for the intact identity of the child and does not destroy the existing family.

Gert says… No it’s NOT the only option! Just because Joan says so doesn’t mean it’s an option. Joan’s adoption did NOT destroy the family.

To continue on…

Joan M Wheeler April 7, 2010 at 6:46 am

I forgot to mention: it would be good for those of us who do not wish to use their Google accounts, but have existing websites, to be able to use thier accounts here. Joan M Wheeler

Lori Lavender Luz April 7, 2010 at 6:46 am

Joan, thanks for visiting.

Your solution would not have worked for either of my children’s first moms.

I can understand why you have the viewpoint you do, though, given your father’s treatment.

Until recently, I did allow anyone to comment. Until I began getting tons of spamments, especially on old posts. Sorry for the inconvenience.


AND OVER A YEAR LATER… I posted about the demise of the libelous book and my comment is still there!

Gert McQueen June 2, 2011 at 8:23 am

It needs to be pointed out that the book Forbidden Family, written by Joan Wheeler, published by Trafford Publications has been pulled from their selling markets. The book is unavailable and no further copies of it in it’s present form will be printed. The book was pulled by the publisher after several months of investigating the documented proof sent to them by the birth family. The pulling of the book proves that what the birth sisters have been saying, that the book is full of lies and hate, is correct.

Gert here…I’m glad that Lori has kept my comment up as many others have as well. Perhaps some day Joan will get on with life and stop being so angry and hateful, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In 2015 she self-published another VERSION of her lying book and so we have to continue exposing her lies. Please do check out the new blog and facebook page.



Joan Wheeler drags me into her f’ed up love life – then bitches about me being in her life. uh, what?

always good to remember the behaviors

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

oh brother – here we go again. Despite Joan Wheeler’s lamentations and bitching that we, her birth sisters “interfere” with her life, she keeps dragging us INTO her life.


In the wee hours of December 26, 2013, – 1:00am to be precise, Joan was on Twitter, going off on her ex-boyfriend. Apparently her website’s locale spotter showed a hit from New Mexico. Where the ex lives. So? It’s the public internet – Joan has a website for the purpose of people reading it. If the ex wants to read her website/blog – well, it’s a damn free country.

So Joan is accusing him of stalking her and she tweets that he should leave her alone, she’s now afraid of him, he is a bad person, she stuck by him when he was in jail, blah blah blah.

THEN she drags US into…

View original post 1,776 more words


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