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it’s a very good thing to keep in mind the misdeeds of Joan Wheeler

by on August 19, 2011

I had forgotten, until this morning, that we had addressed and placed a post on Ruth’s blog on called, Gert McQueen answers the secret is out – more evidence of misdeeds and lies by Joan Wheeler May 19, 2011

and of course I had edited and posted my revision of that here yesterday on this post called..  Joan Wheeler’s own behavior….exhibit C

It would be a very good thing for people to keep in mind that Joan Wheeler’s misdeeds are many and great and we may, at times, discuss one or more of those misdeeds more than once…it doesn’t hurt to REMEMBER that Joan Wheeler is a liar, a thief, a sneak, a bullying, a stalker, a harrasser, a abuser and we shall continue to expose her UNTIL she removes the two blogs against us!

Ruth’s note:

Oh, I absolutely agree Gert.

In fact, I just left a comment on Gert’s post Joan Wheeler’s own behavior….exhibit B, detailing one of Joan’s escapades. It is a real insight into Joan Wheeler’s character and the type of person she REALLY is.


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