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For any interested parties concerning Susan Thompson Underdahl and this blog.

by on September 2, 2011

by Ruth Sippel Pace 

On June 22, 2011, on my blog, Refuting a Book of Lies,  I received the following comment from a woman who named herself Daisy. From email address badblackdog@…, IP address (see graphic below #1).

“I think that the fact that you spend so much time on this issue suggests you have a problem. If you were secure in yourself, you would be able to just think, “Well, that’s her opinion,’ and let it go. Instead, you seem to work constantly to escalate this to the point of scary. If I was your sister, I’d get a restraining order as well as a cease and desist order. And I’d ask the court to recommend you get some psychiatric help.”

On August 24, 2011 at 5:54 pm, this blog received the following comment from a woman named Susan, from email address dogtwokids@… IP address (see graphic #2 below)

“As I’m sure ‘comment awaiting moderation’ means that you will censor anything you don’t like to hear, I doubt my comment will appear on your page. Still, I hope that you will seriously consider my input, as I’m sure I’m not the first to encourage you to find a way to move past your anger and blame and try to live a normal life, even if your sister isn’t part of it. And: ‘It must be difficult and draining to maintain this level of rage. I hope someday you can find it in your heart to forgive and move on.”

A check at PIPL Search shows this email address belongs to :  Susan Thompson Underdahl, Williston, ND 58801 (see graphic #3 below)

And IP Address Lookup of (from both Daisy’s and Susan’s comments) shows this IP address as coming from Grand Forks, ND. With both email addresses very similar. (see graphic #4  below)

Being curious, I googled Susan Thompson Underdahl and found out that she is an adult adoptee, she found her birth family, is an author, has published a couple of books and maintains a profile on (see graphics #5 and #6 below listing the email “dogtwokids@…) and her own website.

Susan’s website states the following: “Aside from writing, Susan’s primary working life revolves around her job as a clinical neuropsychologist, a specialist who works in the evaluation and treatment of individuals suffering from brain injury or dementia. She is also a clinical supervisor of graduate students at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.”

I also found that on May 6, 2007, she was interviewed on an Ontario, Canada radio program called, “The Adoption Show.” . In this interview (which you can listen to), Susan details her adoption, search and reunion history, her book “The Other Sister” and other things.

In listening to this radio program, I found several passages that seemed hypocritical on Susan’s part. Particularly this passage when she is talking about people talking about their feelings (on adoption and adoption reunion): “How do we help with that? People are looking for validation, because it is a healing, needing to be heard. The communication is so vital to talk about these feelings and also to normalize and validate them and to say ‘That’s okay, people feel like that, and it’s okay to feel like that and it’s not wrong.”

Some other key points brought out by Susan in the radio interview was that at the time of her reunion with her birth family, her birth sister was 16 years old and was interested in becoming a psychologist. Susan mentioned that her sister felt threatened with the arrival of a new sister. Susan then said she used her reunion with her birth sister as the basis of her book “The Other Sister.” 

I wrote a blog post detailing my feelings and opinions on this radio program. The hypocrisy of adoptees – Susan Thompson Underdahl needs to get her own together before daring to lecture us.

Now earlier, I had written answers to both Susan and Daisy in their (really HER, as Daisy and Susan are one and the same) with these posts: Observations by Susan and our answers.    Daisy has Commented and Ruth answers,   Weak Stupid Minds think alike, Joan the Master Manipulator has found another willing puppet,   and Notice to Susan Thompson Underdahl – from Ruth Sippel Pace

On September 1 and 2, 2011, a woman giving the nickname “The Other Lilac,” came to our blog and left several interesting comments. She identified herself as Susan’s birth sister and actually refuted several of Susan/Daisy’s statements. Looking up the IP address associated with her comment, gives us a town close to Grand Forks, ND.

Now I had never heard of Daisy before June 22, 2011, and I had never heard of Susan before August 24, 2011. Anything that I learned about Daisy and Susan were easily obtained from the public internet, things that were on the internet before I had heard of Susan/Daisy.

I did not solicit Daisy/Susan to write that clearly insulting comment of June 22, suggesting that I need psychiatric help. In my answer to her comment, I asked her what her qualifications were that she could make that statement. She never answered.

We did not solicit Susan/Daisy to write her comment of August 24, and taunt us to post her comment, which was condescending and judgmental in nature. Because of the identical IP addresses of the two comments and which we know were made by the same woman, I was curious to find out just who wrote these comments. Imagine my surprise to find out they came from a professional woman, one working in the psychology field. Working in the medical field.

Further, imagine my disgust that a professional medical psychologist was giving me unsolicited psychological advice and judging me to be in need of psychiatric help without ever seeing me face-to-face in a clinical setting. I was further disgusted with the fact that a professional psychologist was contradicting herself in her comment of August 24, condemning us for talking about our feelings about our adopted out sister Joan Wheeler, when on May 6, 2007, she recommended that people SHOULD talk about their feelings and they are not wrong for having those feelings and talking about those feelings.

Professionals are held to higher standards. For Susan Thompson Underdahl to offer a diagnosis of me needing psychiatric help without examining me is totally unprofessional and unethical. Also to pass judgment on me and tell me to try to live a normal life is unbecoming a professional. Again, Ms. Underdahl has never met me in person, spoken to me, sat down at my kitchen table for tea. How does Ms. Underdahl know if my life is or is not “normal?”And who gave her the right to pronounce judgment on me or my family? Our blogs are not about her, but OUR family.

Perhaps it’s not Susan’s fault. She was conned and manipulated by Joan Wheeler. Even Prof. Rene Hoksbergen fell under Joan’s spell, as outlined in these two posts: Joan Wheeler discusses the dysfunction of others. This post – Gert McQueen answers the secret is out – more evidence of misdeeds and lies by Joan Wheeler contains scanned copies of the actual correspondence from Prof. Rene Hoksbergen to Kathy, another of Joan’s birth sisters, where he says it would cost $500.00 to ship items from Buffalo New York to England; Joan’s letter saying she received the money order from Kathy; and Dad’s three shipping receipts that total $151.00. 

Three years earlier, Joan had scammed Ruth out of several hundred dollars.When Ruth put her foot down and refused to be Joan’s patsy anymore, Joan went looking for a new mark, and cried her eyes out to her “very good and dear friend” to enlist his help. Noted adoption expert and college Dutch psychologist, author, and Utrecht University professor Dr. Rene Hoksbergen and tried to extort money from Kathy. 

The fates will do what they will with Joan, Prof. Hoksbergen and Susan. I have said my piece.

#1 Daisy's Comment


#2 Susan's Comment


#3 Pipl Search results - Susan Thompson Underdahl


#4 IP address lookup of the IP address from Daisy's and Susan's comments

#5 Susan Thompson Underdahl's page, top

#6 Susan Thompson Underdahl's page, showing same email used in her comment to this blog

  1. Lilac permalink

    And she was so insistent you not censor her comment. What, so all the public can read? Hilarious!

  2. People really need to be careful on what they say and do on the internet. And be Woman enough to admit when they f’ed up!

    I have posted a lot on the internet since the year 2000. I have belonged to many web communities from the old MSN groups, and I had a few of my own websites, thru MSN Groups and aol’s Hometown. Even today, I belong to several discussion groups/communities and forums.

    I have always been known to speak my mind. And I pull no punches. I have a reputation for “telling it like it is.” And I rarely succumb to intimidation.

    Have I ever put my foot in my mouth? oh yes – absolutely! And when I have, and have been “put in my place,” I have always come back and admitted my mistake.

    But on the whole – I rarely have to do retractions, because I TELL THE TRUTH. If you stick with the truth, you can’t go wrong.

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