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Adoption issues and the purpose of our blogs

by on September 3, 2011

by Ruth Sippel Pace

To clarify the position of the birth sisters of Joan Wheeler:

We have already dealt with “adoption issues,” YEARS ago. Joan Wheeler was adopted out in 1956 and we were reunited with her in 1974. We have dealt with the issues of seperation and reunion more than THIRTY YEARS AGO!

We do not need to be lectured anymore on those issues. We have read, we have researched, we have learned. We did our duty in feeling sorry for Joan a long time ago and moved on. What people fail to understand is that our issues with Joan is NOT about adoption or reunion at all! It is dealing with Joan’s BEHAVIOR! Interfering with a minor child, telling them not to obey their parent, lying, stealing, stalking, calling people’s job to get them fired, writing letters to people saying their spouse impregnated other women – these are some of the anti-social behaviors that Joan Wheeler has engaged in that affected us. Then the final straw, writing and publishing a book that contains gross lies and misrepresentations – for the sole purpose of ruining people’s reputations. And those lies in the book fell into the legal definition of slander and libel and caused the book to be pulled from publication BY THE PUBLISHER.

Are Joan’s anti-social behaviors caused by her adoption? Perhaps – but THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE THEM! Adofl Hitler was abused as a child. We give him no sympathy. Now I’m not daring to compare the slaughter of 6 million human beings to the pain that I endured as a victim of Joan Wheeler – the point is – I WAS HURT AND HURT DEEPLY BY JOAN WHEELER AND I DON’T GIVE A DAMN THAT SHE WAS ADOPTED OR NOT! She does not get to garner sympathy by using me as her footstool.

As to people wanting to lecture me to “forgive and forget and move on.” – Been there, done that. I had already moved on. And so did Gert. We were more than willing to live our lives in peace and quiet and indeed were doing just that since around 2004! It was when Joan put that lying book out in November 2009 that we said “ENOUGH! The world will now learn the truth about Joan and we will hold nothing back!” And Joan continues to this present day to lie about us on the internet. And we will counter every lie she spouts with THE TRUTH!

Anyone who can’t handle THE TRUTH can just leave this webpage right now. And don’t look back. As noted author Harlan Ellison says, via a sign on his door, DIG OR SPLIT!

Our standing up to the bully Joan Wheeler via our blogs IS NOT AN INVITATION FOR PEOPLE TO COME AND PASS JUDGMENTS ON US AND OUR LIVES. 

By publishing that filthy book and maintaining her websites of lies,  Joan has trampled on our civil and human rights. AND OUR CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE.

— thank you D.G.


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