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About Joan Wheeler’s cyberbullying blog….revisited

by on September 6, 2011

For the benefit of those who have recently came into the middle of the story about Joan Wheeler’s lying, in book and blog form.

Unknown to the birth family, Joan Wheeler published a lying hateful book, called Forbidden Family, in November 2009.  By early 2010 we sisters had gotten the book and started refuting it.

Joan Wheeler has a blog, with the same title as the book, in which she continues to this day, having hateful lying statements about the birth family. Over time, after some pressure by us and by her being cute, she tried to remove a few items but instead of removing them she incorporated them, by hiding them, in various places on the Forbidden Family web page.

As our refuting efforts continued and we contacted several high placed adoption specialists about her lying book, Joan didn’t like that. So she freaked out and created yet another blog and placed even more lying hateful slandish and libelous statements on this cyberbullying blog.

Recently some people (was that D. or S. I can’t recall!) had left comments on our blogs (refuting and reclaiming) suggesting that we (Ruth and Gert) needed some kind of mental health counseling and that if they (D. or S.) were our sister she would get a cease and desist order against us.

Well everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but perhaps they don’t know the full story, seeing that they have just arrived in the middle of the movie. D. and/or S. made their presence known about and around June of 2011 and couldn’t be expected to really understand just how much we have uncovered about Joan Wheeler and her lying hateful book and blogs and how sick Joan Wheeler actually is.

So with that in mind, perhaps they, and others,  need a review of what has happened…so let’s take a look at what actually Joan Wheeler DID publish on the internet, some of it was on the Forbidden Family site and then on the cyberbullying blog and my responses to her and it.

And to the issue of cease and desist order…Joan’s cyberbullying page is HER form of such an order…it is meaningless! What Joan Wheeler NEEDS to do is take me to court if she really wants a cease and desist order!

And remember that the book have been pulled from publication by the publisher because of the libelous material within it!

From Ruth’s blog see the following:

Bullying Untruths – and we can see through your little games Joan Wheeler – why are you lying about dates when you post on your own website? September 23, 2010

Why is Joan Wheeler scared to have her sisters see her cyber-bullying page? Joan, you’re not afraid of the truth, are you? oh – just afraid of us seeing more of your lies. October 9, 2010

 The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog of Joan Wheeler. part one. November 30, 2010

The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog of Joan Wheeler. part two December 1, 2010

The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog by Joan Wheeler. part 3 December 2, 2010

  1. Lilac permalink

    I find this blog and its contents to be fascinating. Not only are you so detailed about every event, but your writing/spelling/punctuation is phenomenal. These are some AMAZING sisters Joan Wheeler is acting out on. She best get her shit together and APOLOGIZE for fear of living the rest of her life without these gals.

    • I wanted to reply to your comment but I was busy putting together my recent post. Gert is right in saying that we do not really want Joan back into our lives. Been there, done that. We have tried MANY times to reconcile with her, to put all the hurt behind us – things go okay for a short while and then out of the clear blue sky Joan pulls another stunt. Joan is a very very toxic person. There is no way I will let such a toxic person back into my life.

      The reason our posts are so detailed, is because we have good memories, something that Joan does not. I also have kept a journal on these events. AND I have kept all the paperwork concerning Joan. If it came from Joan, if it was about Joan, it went into a box. In November 2009, when her book came out, I still had about 98% of everything that involved Joan. Some things (like a couple of envelopes), had gotten tossed.

      Because I was instructed by the phone company to keep a record of all incoming calls, I did just that. And in the spring of 1994, when I had Caller ID installed, I made it a habit to pull the answering machine and the Caller ID box over to where I sat on the couch, and while I watched TV, I would go thru my calls and messages. I would then type my list into the computer – I still have the lists of all incoming calls to my house from October 1993 to 2002. In 2003, I bought a personal fax machine, which automatically prints out the list of calls – which is a real timesaver. Yes, I have every single piece of paper that my fax machine has spit out. Because I am a bit of a pack rat. But I have been busy archiving things – scanning things into the computer – all the letters from and to Joan, all court papers, my journal, is all on my computer.
      Am I paranoid? Or anal-retentive? Some nutball with a psychology degree might say that I am. I say I am a thorough investigator, a detective myself. At one time, I thought of going into the law enforcement field or lawyer – but then thought of the things I would be exposed to. I am not particularly squemish – I have seen things in my job that would make most people vomit and pass out. But one thing I could never stomach – would be see things on a chlld. that is why I don’t work at Children’s Hospital. If I’m watching the news and a report comes on about child or animal abuse I reach for the remote and turn the channel. If I can’t find the remote, I leave the room.
      Joan is damn lucky that I am basically a non-violent person, and one who recognizes the consequences of their actions. Because another person, having been dealt the crap that Joan has done to me, would have gone and beat the shit out of her long ago. And we see that it has happened to her – she does detail on page 326 her boyfriend threw her down the basement stairs. On page 328, she says that Brian had a serious cognitive mental disorder – no, I think it is Joan who has the mental disorder and Brian had just had enough of her nagging, henpecking and shrill yelling (that I have been subjected to) and just flat out let her have it.
      Joan’s ex-husband was a mealy-mouth wimp. He even came to my house in December 1990, after Joan had reneged on her promise to repay some money towards what they owed me, (from what they stole from me). Colby said, “Can’t you accept half of the money, I don’t want to go home and hear Joan yell.” What a man! If hew HAD been a man, he would have socked Joan in her big mouth right in the beginning, and a lot of this stuff would never have happened. Because that is what Joan needs – she needs to be laid over someone’s knees and have a good old fashioned paddling – because the little spoiled brat just wants her way and won’t stop her little temper tantrums. – and that’s all her “rages” really are – a 55 year old woman throwing temper tantrums. I say we get a big hairbrush and go get her.

  2. Thank you Lilac for your nice words.

    Certainly Joan Wheeler NEEDS to apologize but please do not think that we want Joan in our lives. Our sole purpose for refuting her lies, exposing her deeds and reclaiming our honor is to TAKE BACK what Joan STOLE from us! We do not want her in our lives, we want her OUT OF our lives. She brought every hurt back and got back into our lives when she wrote the book of lies and we are ONLY exposing her and her lies. She is nothing to us…but our HONOR is very important to us and that is what we are doing…RECLAIMING what she stole and sullied.

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