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Joan Wheeler answers a deep question of life…

by on September 12, 2011
Joan Wheeler answers a deep question of life…
On the adult adoptee forum someone asked a deep question and 1adoptee, AKA Joan Wheeler answers….in italics
Title: QOTD 11/6/2010 Post by: … on November 06, 2010, 08:54:45 PM

 If you could live forever, would you
 Title: Re: QOTD 11/6/2010 Post by: 1adoptee on November 12, 2010, 01:12:32 PM
No.  Death doesn’t appeal to me, either.  I would prefer never to have lived in the first place.
But then I wouldn’t have had my children who are very dear to me.
Gert here:
ditto…such an important question as this and all Joan Wheeler can say is ‘ditto’!!
Okay, what she is saying is that she would prefer to never have lived at all. That tells you alot about how Joan feels about her life…it isn’t worth living.
But, what I find most revealing is that her children are very dear to her….since when?  How could this be!!
You can’t tell, that they are dear to her, by reading her book because all through out the book she is ranting and raving with her anger and rage against being adopted and how she can’t be the mother the children need or deserve because…lions and tigers and bears, oh my! she is adopted and can’t handle that and her nasty birth sisters and adoptive family members are ALWAYS harassing her and she can’t handle that! She documents many rages in front of the children, including burning their possessions! Are we to believe that Joan wrote a true story as she says? If that is so than obviously she abused her children and wrote about it! How smart is that?
There exists a photo of Joan, with the boy-friend of the moment, sitting on a couch, with her son, age about 20, sitting as far away as possible from his mother, on the same couch with the boy-friend of the moment, right up close and personal to the mother and the daughter is sitting on another couch not interested in being in the same picture…in fact…was missed when the details of the picture were recorded. The body language in the photo tells so much.
Before her son left home around the age of 17, to go into the military to ‘get away’ from her, he told her that he hated her and he never had a childhood because of her. Her daughter is just a carbon-copy of the mother; another co-dependent person who can’t stand up for herself and get a life of her own. The daughter works two jobs to support them both and can’t see the damage that her mother’s raving has caused to family members. The daughter can’t seem to get the courage to move out. The children’s father has said that he has tried many times over the years to get his daughter away and had to call the police many many times against Joan in regards to her rants with the children.
Oh, yes, Joan’s children are so ‘dear’ to her…that she writes details of all the madness that went on in their lives for the whole world to read; very smart. Sure thing…Joan not only exploited the birth family and her adoptive family but also her own children…is that why they are so ‘dear’ to her…just another group of family members to exploit!
Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

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