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Americans for Open Records (AmFOR) and Adopted Child Syndrome BEWARE #adoption

by on November 1, 2011
 Americans for Open Records are not interested in the victims of abusive adoptees who have the Adopted Child Syndrome…in fact…they believe that every member of the families, that’s plural, are INFECTED with the syndrome! What bullshit!
UPDATE INFORMATION November 2015 ….I have a new blog and a Facebook page because Joan M Wheeler has published a new/revised book of lies

duped by adoption, a book study….an in-depth analyzes of the book Forbidden Family My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption and the author’s first book Forbidden Family


Adopted Child Syndrome…a so-called psychological trauma, disease, affliction, you name it, is something that is promoted by several adoptees and anti-adoption agencies, such as, AmFOR, that is, Americans for Open Records, web site:  They have a web page titled Adopted Child Syndrome. Ruth has an excellent post on this…see…  Adopted Child Syndrome – a way out for 50 year old brats? March 4, 2010
On the page for Adopted Child Syndrome is a cover image and description of Joan Wheeler’s book, Forbidden Family. Seeing that the book has been pulled, by the publisher, because of libelous materials, I decided to inform the owner of the site to have it removed. My thinking of course is that people would WANT to know whether someone or something is any good or not…the best reference is from one who knows the product or character of someone.

So I wrote to Lori Carangelo, PO Box 401, Palm Desert, CA 92261 on Sept 20, 2011

Dear Lori Carangelo,

It has been brought to my attention that on your website there is an ad for a book that needs to be removed.

The book Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler, has been pulled from publication, by the publisher, because the book contains libelous materials. The publisher will NOT reprint this book; it is non-available. This book is not what its author says it is and cannot help anyone.

Myself and another blood sibling of the author have blogs in which we are refuting all the lies and hate that the author has written, in this boo, against us and the family, and where we reclaiming our family honor which the author stole and sullied with this book. You may view our blogs for further information:

hhtp://   hhtp://

You do a grave disservice to people with advertising this hate filled libelous book and you are advised to remove this book from your site. Thank You


Now, Americans For Open Records is a Member of Amnesty International and on their (AmFOR) letterhead and on their web site there is a picture of Lady Liberty…but…that is only window dressing. These people have double standards… they are NOT interested in the balanced picture, nor liberty for all, nor are they interested in knowing the TRUTH about what and how an adoptee victimizes members of their own families (plural) and anyone who is in favor of adoption. In fact, as hard as it is to fathom!!! they actually believe the following, which I found on the site….

Adoption is a form of domestic terrorism.” -Reverend Ruth Peterson

Now we KNOW why Joan Wheeler is a terrorist! She belongs to groups of people who believe that all adoptions are wrong and cause great damage to everyone and they, Joan, must go out there and end domestic terrorism by being a terrorist! Be that as if may…


So I received a response from Lori, on Oct 1, 2011

Dear Ms McQueen,

I am in receipt of your letter dated 9-20-11 which is a demand to remove a specific book cover image from a web page titled “Adopted Child Syndrome: It’s History and Relevance Today”, at on AmFOR’s website. I find you letter confusing, so bear with me. First please note the following:

1) I own the website, but I make no money from others’ books nor from placement of the cover images on the site. The only “ads” are Google ads that I have no control over. I’ve had only rare contact with Ms. Wheeler over the years and although she provided her permission to place the cover on the web page, she has never sent me a copy of her book or manuscript, nor have I ever read it. The (20) book covers on that page were to document that books on adoptees’ psychological issues from adoption existed at the time.

2) The fact that your blog indicates she ‘changed the names’, may not be a strong case for libel, but in any event, as you state Ms Wheeler’s (2009) book is out-of-print, as some of the others books may also be out-of-print by now, makes your complaint moot since the book no longer exists. As the saying goes, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. The subject web page, does not name you, nor does it detail anything in her book, nor does it provide any synopsis, nor a review, nor does it offer to see that book, nor any of the books on the website – except my own. The statement that the book existed was true at the time and the truth is not libel, even if it becomes outdated. Neither is Google nor any individual website owner obligated to remove outdated information. Otherwise ALL books would have to be removed from Internet once they become out-dated (or ‘dead’). It’s really difficult to get anything off Google and other search engines. That is why you can still find out-of-print books at and other websites. As long as it’s not the book itself, nor detailing from the book, I don’t see why it would be a problem for you except to perpetuate a sibling vendetta.

3) Forgive if I sound touchy when being told (not even nicely asked) to ‘ban a book (cover)’, after 3 years. That you don’t like seeing it on a website is not justification. The back cover that, in your opinion, absent legal judgement, may (or may not) infringe, is not displayed on AmFOR’s website.

4) If your goal is to eradicate any mention of the book (and/or your siblings), your blogs and letters such as the one you sent me would seem counter-productive as they call attention to what almost everyone on the planet (who never read the book) would not have otherwise known. In my opinion, if you have successfully sabotaged your sister’s ability to sell her book, evidently without your expense of having to tell all or prove anything in front of 12 jurors in court, assuming there was anything libelous in Ms Wheeler’s book, the battle is over. First time authors are said to learn from their mistakes. Aside from the fact that your letter expects me to assume a lot based mostly on your own blogs, in this case, the fault appears to be not so much with the first-time author, but with the publisher who should have reviewed and if needed edited anything remotely libelous or advised her to edit her book, prior to publications. That’s the publisher’s job – part of why they get paid more than the author. Perhaps, like you, Ms Wheeler could not afford an attorney to advise her whether any part of her book might constitute libel.

5) Please know that my purpose is not to frustrate you or anyone who may have a legitimate issue but I have no control over Ms. Wheeler’s or anyone else’s website, which you indicate is the current reason you wish me to remove mention of her book from AmFOR’s site. As you allege that Ms. Wheeler has psychological problems, and she has admittedly been suicidal in the past, I credit Ms Wheeler with acknowledging her problem and getting help, and I would hope that, even if you cannot empathize with your sister, there’s a better way to resolve issues than to further stress your sister and all who may have been in any way associated with her or her book.

That said, please note that I am particularly offended by your blog statement as follows: “For a person to waste an entire lifetime bemoaning the fact that decisions were made that resulted in an adoption is sad and stupid’. – Gert McQueen at

That generalization is offensive and even libelous to all who work diligently for most of their adult lives to help others and to reform or replace unconstitutional laws, policies and practices, including adoption law – the most amended of any state law – by working through the legislatures, courts, and reputable organizations, and by documenting their own and others’ experiences in media, including books. Anyone who is passionate about an issue is usually one who has had a personal experience that drives them. Some of our greatest reforms have occurred because of such passion. You don’t know me – ad I have no idea what brought about such anger from you – but it does not seem to justify causing me financial hardship to cater to your demand, unnecessarily (I am 66 – my own photos on the site are also outdated – and I have no income, am a cancer patient, and my web designer has always changed me $50/an hour for changes)…whereas, over the years I have spent several thousands on the site, including necessary changes. I know you have no idea as to the extent that many are damaged, although your sister evidently has been trying to tell you and you seem as affected also – “Chosen Children 2012” contains many such examples – When your’ve heard from tens of thousands of adoption affected individuals, and their families by birth and adoption, and been directly involved in their reunions or rejections, medical and psychological issues, and when you’ve been to the prisons and done the research that I and others have done, get back to me. But if you still cannot empathize, so be it.

It is sad that your anger, like hers, has prevented you both from resolving your issues in a kinder way, even if not going to the extent of forgiving each other, so you can both move on. At least do not continue to stir the pot, now that you’ve “won” what you set out to win, despite it was at the cost of the greater loss- that of a sister relationship. Otherwise, you are doing exactly what you’re accusing Ms. Wheeler of doing.

May this be all, Lori Carrangelo Founder, Americans For Open Records (since 1989)

Cc: Joan Wheeler


I answered; date 11 Oct, 2011

Dear Lori Carangelo,

 Did I hit a nerve! My letter, short, to the point, was to inform you of a libelous book, that is not in the best interest of your cause and work. Your response shows you took it personally and assumes that I am in the wrong. I see that you have sent a copy of your letter to me to Joan Wheeler, for I’m sure she asked you to do that and also my answer. So by all means, please do send a copy of this letter to her, I’m providing you with an copy, with my address removed of course, as I wish no communication with her…unless it is an apology for the wrongs she has done and her complete removal of all references/blog sites to that hateful libelous book.
I am not concerned with your cause or your web site. My only concern is to inform as many web sites and other agencies, that have Joan Wheeler and that hate-fest, libelous book on their lists as source materials, both the book and the author do not help your cause and you really ought to be aware of that fact.
Frankly, your response is quite unexpected; either you understood my request or you didn’t, there really isn’t any need for you to get on your bully-pulpit and make me be wrong, according to your standards. People certainly may have difficulty with our blogs because there is a lot of anger, but there is truth telling. All life stories are not pleasant ones, as you ought to know by the work you do. But, you ought not to assume that I am wrong either. I made no demands of you; I advised and informed you of a book and author that will NOT help your cause.
Now I shall get on my own bully pulpit.
Please do not make the common mistake that WE want any form of sister relationship with the author, that is the last thing we want; been there, done that, don’t ever want to do it again. She had her chance, several chances, she destroyed any form of relationship, decades ago. Then, she wrote a hate book, that took the entire family by surprise, in which she victimized us all over again. Well no more surprises, that woman is vile and dangerous. She also wants nothing from us, except to continue to spread her hate and lies and take more from us…but that no longer can happen. When she exploits, for profit, myself and my family, by writing a hate-book, she opened herself up for FULL DISCLOSURE from those of us that have been her victims. We shall not be her’s or any one else’s victim!
I shall grant you that one could say we are doing what we accuse Joan Wheeler of doing, except for one thing… we tell the truth and expose all the dirty deeds, with documented evidence, that that woman has done to us. The truth hurts Joan. She has lied to herself all her life to where she no longer can accept anything but her lies. Tell me…how many birth family members have spoken out against adoptees and their dirty deeds?
I have my own agenda and it is NOT with adoption or its reform. My causes and disputes are not with adoption or any legitimate aspect of reform or open records. In fact, I agree with some of your positions; open records! I do not agree with Joan or her tactics. I do not accept Joan’s, or your bully-pulpit tactics, about and over any adoption issues and the inference that I and my family are some how DAMAGED because of adoption…that is pure nonsense. That is a cop-out for not taking charge of one’s own life! I am not an adoptee. I have no damaged life because of adoption. My life WAS damaged by the continued ACTIONS of an adoptee, once she was reunited, because of her damaged life. We, the family, do not want that person in our lives. She is the damaged one, not us!
Me and my family experienced the death of a mother, that experience, tragic as it was, did NOT damage me or the rest of my family. We did not use that as an excuse to not take charge of our own lives. I do not believe it any form of psychological cop-outs! Furthermore, I am an adopted mother! I and my family have suffered over Joan’s militant angry tactics decades ago and then again when she published lies, hate and libelous material in that book, that I informed you will not help your cause and people. I will say more on that later in this letter, but for now, keep this in mind….I am an adopted mother that has suffered at the hands of Joan Wheeler, an adoptee who believes she is damaged because she is an adoptee!
Seeing that you have a lot to say I’ll answer in kind…
Your intro) If you took my letter/request as a demand that’s your take on it. I demanded nothing. I informed and advised you of a libelous book, pulled by the publisher that didn’t want to be in a possible lawsuit and they dropped the book from their market. My letter was an opportunity for you to review the book in question, for your benefit and those that you service. I can’t understand why my short letter is so confusing to you but I’ll explain it more fully…so bear with ME.
Point 1) If I misspoke about the difference between a ‘cover image’ and a Google ad, I am sorry, for I didn’t know the difference. Whether you make money or not is irrelevant. I make no money on my blog either. Joan Wheeler is the only one who earns any money from the exploitation of her birth and adoptive families and the notion that she is damaged because she is an adoptee! I understand that you placed the cover of the book, as the author provided her permission, because she was ‘promoting’ it. Of course you took it and the author at and as ‘face value’ without ever checking the contents! I would suggest that you find a way to actually read the book, even on our blogs where we DO provide the proverbial chapter and verse, plus page #s. We also provide documented evidence to back up our statements. We provide a balanced picture, something that is NOT in the book or on the author’s web sites. Or, you could ask the author for a loaner copy of her book; I’m sure she would relish the opportunity for you to read her ‘best-seller’ and to know just how horribly damaged we, the blood sisters, are because of her adoption! Remember, I am NOT an adoptee, but I am an adopted mother who has suffered by the hands of Joan Wheeler!
There certainly are more to those psychological issues, from adoption, than one person’s mad delusional rages against everyone that she writes about in that book. Not all books are good books. Not all books are meant to be of service to the cause they declare. Not all authors are truthful. I gave you an opportunity to check it out, instead you wish to argue with me. The author certainly does have a degree in Social Work, but, the author has never worked in the field and is, by her own admission, too unstable, to be qualified to work as such. She claims to have worked as a ‘youth counselor’…wrong…she was a driver at youth services, transporting youths to appointments. That job gave her special insights to alienate my minor children from me and falsely accuse me of child abuse! If she were to apply for any social work position and cite her great book, with its biased junk science take of a ‘social work assessment’ she could possibly be brought up on ethic charges before being laughed out of town! If you don’t believe me, check out the ethics of the Social Work Organization that she belongs to and their ethics that she has violated, in the past, and currently by what she documents in the book! She documents, for the whole world to read, her own personal, not professional, views of a warped social system and how she is unable to function in society, because of her adoption, as the very REASON that the system needs to be overhauled. She documents her mental illnesses and her abuse of her own children and thinks nothing of it! She makes up all kinds of nonsense about me and the rest of the birth family to prove her views. How can that be of help to your cause and people? The book is over 600 pages long, weights 2 pounds and contains nothing but lies, slander and libel against two families and details a raving maniac! I state again…the author’s adoption has NOTHING to do with me and my family. If this author is damaged and has psychological issues, put the blame on the adoptive family who raised her, not blood relatives!
Point 2) I suggest that you look at Trafford Publishing site to see their own guidelines for authors; all of which Joan did not follow. When the publisher saw our evidence and documents, to prove our assertions, that the book contained libelous contents, they saw the writing on the wall. They wanted out of it. Joan Wheeler signed a contract with them, she violated it. The publisher had the right to cancel the contract. It is only Joan who refuses to accept that fact. She blames her nasty blood sisters that got the book pulled! No, Joan violated a signed CONTRACT with a publisher.
The issue of changing names is related to the insignificant amount of distance, from the actual persons, that the author did not provide. The author provided real family names with more than enough real information for anyone to know whom she was talking about. She wrote, in the book, about and provided information about an earlier article she wrote, in which she had our real names in it; all are clear violations of the distancing of real names from the changed names. Make no mistake here; the publisher pulled the book BECAUSE it contains libelous material and that the author lied to the publisher. Go talk to the publisher. The author paid $850 for a copy-ready deal. The publisher never got paid to read the book!
It is not a moot point if the book is not available, some copies are in the hands of people already! Fact is anyone can go to her site, after seeing the cover on your site, and read the untruths and the hate there…that is what you ought to be aware of…by the fact that you provide that cover as a source of HELP to your cause and people, you are doing a grave disservice to your cause and your people! I could care less about google, I was writing to you, but thank you for that information.
Here is what is on your site…beside the cover which clearing has my family’s name on it….
In “FORBIDDEN FAMILY” at – author Joan Wheeler (Sipple), an adoptee who is a social worker, adoption reform activist, advocate for donor offspring and a suicide prevention and crisis counselor who has, for years, suffered clinical depression and battled thoughts of suicide, reveals how being adopted by strangers as a “half orphan” created the emotional abuse that has dominated her life ever since.
Truth here…the author may have a social work degree, but she NEVER has worked as one and only worked part-time shortly after 9/11 in a crisis center, not necessarily as a crisis counselor. If all the rest WHERE true WHY does she write about my and my families’ lives when WE are not part of the adoption! This statement says she was ‘adopted by strangers’ then WHY is most of the book about our lives created wholly from the author’s mind and NOT in any form of reality?
You also make a grave mistake in thinking that this is some kind of ‘sibling vendetta’…you must have had a nice chat with Joan, for those are her words…never mine. My words are that the author violated my PERSONAL AND FAMILY HONOR! And no one gets the right to do that and get away with it!
No, this is not any form of revenge or vendetta. This is all about family honor, honor that was stolen from us by Joan Wheeler. It is the setting right, the damage she did to ourselves and our families, just as my blog states and my sister’s blog states, refuting the lies and reclaiming family honor. By Joan’s publishing that book of lies and hate she opened herself up for full disclosure of the truth from the family members that she had damaged. ADOPTION did not damage me and my family. Only Joan Wheeler is the adoptee and only SHE did the dirty deeds that we, the birth sisters, are exposing!
Point 3) I did not say to ban a book cover, I said it needs to be removed and gave you the reasons. Any reasonable person would have check it out first before attacking the messenger. My letter did not address the back cover of the book…that issue is on the blog or perhaps Joan told you about that one too. My letter was addressing the book’s libelous content, that it has been pulled, by the publisher, and that it is not in your cause’s best interests to have it listed.
It matters not how long you had it on your site, it only matters that you are now being informed about the book’s libelous materials…talk with the publisher if you don’t believe me! You are confusing what I said in my letter to what you read on my blog. I wrote to inform you and gave you source materials to make an informed decision. You have taken offense. I was not attacking you, just informing you about a dangerous book and author that will not help your cause or the people you are helping.
There is more than one way to get a book off the market. I went to the publisher, they were wise enough to see that they had made a bad bargain, that the author violated their contract and it was just a matter of a contract…end of story. But, if Joan Wheeler were ever to publish another book, she will find herself in a court room. I would rather tell the entire world than just 12 jurors in a closed court…make no mistake…the whole book is libelous and the family has the evidence to prove it, on the world stage. One never knows when they might win the lottery. I’ve already checked it out, it takes about $10,000 to take such a case to court, I don’t have that and neither does the author…but the publisher saw that they made a mistake and they pulled a libelous book, before, I had won the lottery!
Point 4) Public opinion certainly carries more weight…both good and bad. Our blog gives a voice to the victims, of the adoptee, Joan Wheeler. She, and others like her, think they are above the laws of decency and familiar bonds. We give voice to all the dirty deeds that Joan did to us and our families. Have you read Joan web sites where she continues with her lies and hate against us and the cyberbullying page all of which are accessible by just clicking on your website and that book’s cover and web address.Thanks to Google they are there forever, as you point out. How does that help and service your cause and people?
Again, the word sabotaged is one that Joan uses…never me. She has accused us sisters of preventing people from reading her blog and buying her book…no…the book costs too much money and has NOTHING of value in it! The author has had delusions that her ‘life story’ was going to be a huge suggest, including a movie! Reality is that the author wrote a ‘vanity book’ geared to a small audience and would have to sell well over 50 copies per month to make a living and get off of Social Security Disability! We the family have voiced our objections to the contents of the book because the author does not get the right to earn a living off of us or our names, by exploiting and extorting us in print.
You obviously have not read the book, or enough of our blogs to read the book posts. You really ought to. You really ought not to assume that the fault lies with the publisher either. I have stated, the author did NOT PAY for the publisher to read and edit her copy…they were told, by the author, that she had it reviewed and it was ready TO PRINT. The author had conned the publisher! Get real here…the publisher is a fly by the seat of their pants kind of operation…they never read a manuscript unless they get a complaint. I complained asking how did this book get published! When they saw the family’s documented evidence and the violations of the contract…they pulled the book. Stop believing everything Joan Wheeler tells you, she is a liar!
Point 5) Joan Wheeler does not get the help she needs…because she likes living in her traumatic life, it is the only thing that she has going for her. Do not tell me to empathize with her or not to add stress to her life. She never gave me any and is incapable of it
You are offended by my statement…well I’m offended by your lack of concern for the victims of adoptees who, because they have problems, think NOTHING of making everyone life miserable. Get real. I, and many people, are not bleeding heart liberals. I have had a life-time of living to know the differences between real issues and issues and people that are just NOT able to be helped. Life is hard and not everyone makes it! I’m for accountability…for taking consequences of one’s actions. I’m a survivor not a victim and I have no time for people who want to stay in their victimhood. So please, don’t lay any form of guilt trip on me…I’ve been around the block far too many times to be intimidated by crap!
You want to know why I’m so angry…just a short list of what Joan has done, since the first years of reunion, and just to her three sisters and remember we do have documentation.
To me:
accused me of sexually molesting her for years
accused me of harming my son because I was adopting him
interfered with my minor children, telling them I was unfit and not to obey me
called child abuse upon me because she didn’t like the way I raised my children
and because I forbade her contact with my children she ‘went after me’
called second child abuse report upon me, when my daughter ran away because we moved to another city,
both cases were proved false and were expunged
these things happened in 1981/82. I divorced and banished the woman and did not see her for 10 years
after a brief visit 1992, she told the family my mental health was in jeopardy because of my religious affiliations and she was bodily removed from my father’s home because of her ‘trouble making’
in 1995 she attempted to solicit my daughter to commit a crime
in 1998 she attempted further connect with me over my religious affiliations
in 2005 she used a brief phone contract, with me, during a time of parental illness, as harassments to her
in 2009 she wrote a lying, hate-fest, book about me, my children, my family and victimized us again
To my sister in England
hounded my sisters friends in England to the point of it becoming harassments and embarrassments
refused to pay for her own upkeep on her visits to England causing sister financial hardships
turned on sister when she said she can’t afford to keep her for a visit
refused to let sister alone, badger her about past history with natural family causing great emotional pain to sister
refused to return sister’s personal property after receiving money to ship them
enlisted an adoption professor to extract money and emotional payment from sister who was the victim
threatened to call the immigration department to get even with sister
To my sister in Buffalo
so many things that I will not be able to cover all of them
stole money and property
accused her of repeated harassments
wrote harassment letters and phone calls to her
wrote character assassination letters to sister’s employment to get her fired
wrote similar letters to mayor, police departments, employment office
wrote letters similar letters to social service agencies accusing sister of abuse
states falsely that sister has an arrest record
attempted to get a ‘hit-man’ to kill sister
There is much much more of course and we do have documentation. Do you still think that Joan or her book would be of help to your cause and people, or, do you think she and it could cause more harm to those that are already damaged?
I’m 65, have my own health issues and live on a fixed income; none of which are relevant to any discussion about Joan Wheeler. I have had my own causes; over 15 years as an activist, writer, editor, publisher and instructor spending many thousands of dollars on my cause and people, never earning a dime and without whining about it. I have done my own prison ministries and outreach programs. I know every jail-house con game there is, so don’t lecture me on the miseries of prisoners. You would do much better work in saving more adoptees from being hurt by Joan Wheeler if you distanced yourself and your site from her.
Again, such phrases and sentiments as, giving her book/cause more attention because of our sites or stiring the pot or winning something by getting the book pulled, are all of Joan’s current refrains. In reality, I and my sisters, are bringing the other side of the story out, exposing Joan’s behavior, reclaiming our honor and have only won a battle not the war. Joan Wheeler needs to pull all internet sites of that book and her writings against the family that she exploited for fame and fortune.
I did note that your site could use an update and because the book was only pulled in May of 2011, because of libelous content, I thought you would welcome the opportunity to update and provide more reliable materials to those you service. Understanding that you have some financial concerns I’m willing to offer you $50, to make those changes including removing that cover image and words.
So with that being said, we have nothing more to discuss, unless you want to make changes to your site and all you need do is drop me a line and I’ll send you $50.  Good Day!
Lori’s response, post-marked 14 Oct, 2011, arrived 17, Oct, 2011. It took the form of a home-made card, with the Americans For Open Records (AmFOR) picture of Lady Liberty.
The front had a quote from John Wooden, inspirational, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
In the inside was a quote from AmFor…”AmFor does not provide mail forwarding service, especially not harassing or hate mail, except to authorities. As previously advised, Let this be all.” and it was signed B. Pulpit.
Now isn’t that interesting! Her choice of quote is precisely what I’ve been saying…Joan Wheeler’s character is NOT what everyone, duped by her, believes her character to be. This use of a quote is similar to using biblical quotes to promote one’s position, selectively, while NOT looking at one’s self.
Lori didn’t sign her name but used B. Pulpit…bully pulpit is that suppose to mean something or is she just being cute? Lori is doing exactly what she and her statement says they are NOT DOING, namely forwarding mail, when it suits her and not when someone calls her on it! It was perfectly right and proper for Lori Carangelo to ‘forward’ her letter of harassment and hate to me, to Joan Wheeler…see her cc…BUT she now claims that she is not a forwarding service! Talk about double standards! And look at the not-so veiled threat about authorities! They have all the rights to speak out on and what they want…look at her letter to me! But when push comes to shove, all these anti-adoption adoptees and agencies are quick to condemn us that speak out against the wrongs done to us by Joan Wheeler. Then they threaten us with some kind of authorities!
So much for Lady Liberty and what she stands for when you go to AmFOR and tell them about the wrongs done in the name of adoption!
Let this be a lesson to everyone…you can’t have a intelligent conversation with a drunk, a mentally ill person, or someone who is on a crusade of terrorism!
Who would ever think  that adoption is domestic terrorism!
Heaven help us!
and UPDATE…this Lori BELIEVES that Joan’s garbage book is the truth!

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