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When did Joan Wheeler fall apart? Was she ever all together?

by on December 20, 2011
 Joan likes to blame everyone for her faults…she is always the victim, never the doer of evil nasty deeds and words.
On the public forum for Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change we find Joan, AKA 1adoptee, saying this:
 Title: Re: When did things fall apart for you?
Post by: 1adoptee on February 01, 2011, 05:25:30 PM
at age 14 when I withdrew in shigh school. At age 18 when I was found by siblings I never knew — that was when my life crashed around me. I haven’t recovered from the shock of lies from adoptive family and abuse from both families ever since. Adoption is (not) wunnerful.
 Gert here:
So what happened when she was 14?? Actually, what happened ALL through her childhood? She says VERY little about it, in that book that she says is ABOUT her life. She focuses on the adoption process and then she moves right to age 18 when she was ‘found’. She does NOT tell us anything about her young years, NOTHING. She states in the book that ‘many tramatic events were not written about’. Why? If she wasn’t going to write about them, why even mention that there were ‘many tramatic events’? What gives? Why does she NOT come clean and tell the whole world about her childhood. She is so GOOD about telling, actually speculating, on things of, and about, the birth siblings’ childhood, why oh why, can’t she tell us all about HER childhood? I sure would LOVE to know about her young childhood.
And how about all those adoptive family members that caused her grief and trouble? Why does she not expose them and speculate and lie about them, as she did to the birth family? Why has she singled out the birth family to write exposes about and exploit for monetary gain? Oh yes, Joan Wheeler has some secrets that she is NOT telling!
And her life crashed around her when she was found at age 18? Bullshit! That’s just an excuse, that (being found) is her focal point to prove her accusations against her adoptive parents and the system she hates. Joan was actively looking for her birth family and it was just our luck that we found her FIRST.
She hasn’t recovered from the shock? What shock? When does she expect to get over it and recover? Who pays for her therapy and her income? Taxpayers!!! because she is on Social Security Disability!
Lies from the adoptive family? Take it up with them…oh I forget she did for decades. She fought and yelled and screamed so much that her adoptive father died from alcoholism and abuse. Shit, Joan was having a screaming match with her adoptive mother at the bedside of the ill adoptive father! And then Joan continued to have a bitter relationship with the adoptive mother, browbeating her while she was bedridden dying. Why? So Joan could get a death bed APOLOGY from the adoptive mother, which she never gave her.
Abuse from both families? What abuse? What she wrote about in that lying hateful book? Or about ALL the truth of events, and more, that we birth siblings are finally getting out? To Joan, anything that is NOT to her liking is abuse.
Adoption is not wonderful?! Perhaps! But that isn’t the issue, really. The issue is that to Joan’s mind adoption is bad, because she was adopted and she can’t accept the NATURE OF ADOPTION. Period. She has spend a life time and will continue to spend her life, bitching up a storm over her life.
Like Humpy Dumpy, Joan Wheeler will never be put back together. She is a sick puppy!
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