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A Disclaimer – March 6, 2012

by on March 6, 2012

 A Disclaimer

On March 6, 2012, Joan Wheeler left a comment on Gert’s blog “Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor.” In order to post a

comment, one must leave an email address. And Joan left hers. It was an email address that I have known for some time.

Back when I first started my blog Refuting a Book of Lies, I posted a similar disclaimer. Joan had made a statement on her website that The Three Sippel Sisters were going around and leaving disparaging comments about her on various adoption reform forums. That was a lie. In October 2009, Joan was quoted in an adoptee article “Adoptees Face Sting of Discriminiation.” And then left several comments. In her comments, she got the facts of her adoption wrong. I tried to leave my comment, rebuting her, but my comment was not approved. An another website, The Daily Bastardette, the webhostess put up a post promoting Joan’s new book. (November 2009). I tried to leave a respectful comment, but the webhostess chose not to post it. Which was her right. It was because of my frustration in not having my respectful rebuting comments posted, that I began my blog – AFTER Joan’s book was published – which contained a direct reference to an article that contained my true name. My blog, containing my true name was not in existence until AFTER Joan’s book was published, so that makes her statement that we named ourselves on the internet first – a LIE!

So in my original disclaimer – I rebutted the fact that neither I, nor Kathy (Gert was not part of the blog until months later – we are after THREE distinct individuals, not one lumped together entity) were leaving disparaging remarks about Joan on various adoptee websites.

I said pretty much this – and it holds true today as it did then:

If any website is getting any comments from any individual naming themselves as one of the three birth sisters of Joan Wheeler, to please contact us via our blog for authentication purposes. As a matter of fact, after Joan’s book was pulled from publication, we did leave comments spreading the news that it had been pulled. And in the case of The Huffington Post, where Joan, out of the clear blue sky, posted a very vile lie about us and our grandfather, we rebutted the lie. (a complaint was made to Huffington, and Joan’s comments were deleted, her account canceled). In those cases, we left links to our blog(s). And blogged about what we wrote – and posted links to the discussion, so people can readily reference what we write on the internet.

If any website (and this includes Joan’s official website and her email) gets any email or comments with an email purporting to be from any of us birth sisters, please contact me with that email address, the IP address if it can be obtained, and the url address.

The reason? – Because Joan is devious enough to set up fake email addresses in our names, and use those fake email addresses to post as us. Joan did it before. Back in 1993, when she posed as her own 10 year old son, forged a letter to me, addressed the envelope to me, but the inside forged letter was for my husband. The purpose? To bait me to phone her – knowing she had a trace trap on her line – and she then hung up on me when I called. I thought we were disconnected, so I called back – and she hung up again. She then reported to the police that I was calling and hanging up on her and she filed a false police report on me.

So, bottom line, I want any email Joan receives from “us” investigated thoroughly – because it won’t be from us. It might be from Joan herself. Because she likes to play games and lie and twist the truth around. I don’t play games. Never have. I don’t lie. If I make a mistake, I own up to it. Not Joan. Even when the PROOF is shoved right into her face, she keeps on saying, “oh no, I didn’t do that.”

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