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Double standards? Depends on where Joan Wheeler sits!

by on March 29, 2012
 There is no way to make some people happy and content. No matter what or which way a situation develops, some people are just never going to be happy with what they have.
Joan Wheeler, as 1adoptee, gives way to her anger, again, on the public forum Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change. The first paragraph is someone else’s thoughts and Joan gives her view in the second paragraph, in italics.
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The City of New York is now being sued over their refusal to allow altering of a birth certificate without gender re-assignment surgery. Their rational for this? The City says if it were to allow an individual to obtain a new birth certificate with the different sex, it would be “knowingly issuing a false public record . Of course NYC would never do a thing like that!

Anyone know of a good civil rights attorney? I am so sick of walking around with my New York State false public record of my birth. And why is this is publicized in UK and NOT in New York State????

Gert here: Joan loves the lawyers. She thinks that a lawyer will clear it all up for her. If that has been the case and her thinking, then how come she had NEVER gotten anywhere with her quest for adoption reform or taken the birth siblings to court for all the harassments she says we do to her? Because Joan doesn’t have any case and no lawyer will take on any such issue present by Joan. She also doesn’t have the money to pay a lawyer. But that is all off the topic…or is it?
Civil rights attorney!…well how is this situation related to civil rights? It does if you are Joan Wheeler, because to Joan’s mind, which is not based in reality, her amended (adopted) birth certificate is a false public record. She does not understand that it is the BUSINESS of the laws of the land to make THE RULES on how they keep certain data. There are real and serious reasons why there is an AMENDED birth certificate upon adoption. But Joan refuses to accept anything that does not conform to her view of reality.
No where in this, on-going angry rant, of Joan’s and all these other adoptees, do I ever see any concrete legal lobbying being done. These talking heads, on this forum, only are speaking to themselves, they are NOT making any changes, they don’t want any changes.
If she is so outraged that this situation is not being publicized in New York State, why doesn’t she contact the major of the city and demand to know! She has done such things in the past and all it has gotten her was being ignored, that is why the forum is the only place where she can give vent to her rage.
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