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Part two of Joan Wheeler’s internet campaign against the birth siblings, wherein she publically tells our personal names and information.

by on April 4, 2012

 Continuing on with exposing Joan Wheeler’s lies, hate and cyberbullying of her birth siblings and direct from her blog, Forbidden Family, another piece of evidence of the attacks/lies about the sisters and family. I had placed part one of Joan’s rant on my post @ The beginnings of Joan Wheeler’s Internet campaign against her birth siblings

 In Joan’s diseased mind she felt that she needed to protect herself, from those nasty birth sisters and she started her campaign LONG before we had the book and/or started to read it, let alone start to refute it in earnst. Joan recycled much of these early rants/posts in her notorious site cyberbullies and stalkers.

 My purpose here is to show, to new readers and old alike that Joan Wheeler, violated our privacy long ago, and she did it with malicious intent. She thought that she would be able to publish that lying libelous book without our knowledge and she was wrong. The book, now of course, is no longer being published because the publisher saw the libelous materials and that Joan violated their contract.

 The following web posts are my answers to the unbelievable nonsense that she throws out and calls it truth. They are my rebuttals, and some comments from Ruth, that were written in 2010, when Joan was ‘updating’ her web site and then she recycled those raving rants for the cyberbulling and stalking web page. Both of these web sites NEED to be removed by Joan Wheeler. Until Joan removes them, we shall continue to show the world what a liar, and more, that she is.

 Following the links, is Joan’s post, using another one of her AKAs ‘legitimatebastard’ as it appears on her Forbidden Family web site, dated December 10, 2009 

New information, placed by Joan Wheeler, on the Forbidden Family web site, dated or updated early November 2010. – then cowardly removed with no explanation or apology around November 22. November 24, 2010

The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog of Joan Wheeler. part one. November 30, 2010

The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog of Joan Wheeler. part two December 1, 2010

The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog by Joan Wheeler. part 3 December 2, 2010

  Angry Adoptee Rant – Part 1  10 Dec 2009 @ 9:33 PM 

 Ruth Sippel Pace (Buffalo, New York), Gertrude Sippel McQueen (Watertown, New York), and Kathy Sippel Inglis (Liverpool, England) — are my full-blood siblings who continually harass me, involve themselves in my life, post comments on other adoption reformer’s websites, and instigate interpersonal problems. They have hurt me, my children, my ex-husband, my adoptive mother in the past and continue to do so now.

 I have had no contact with these women for decades. I do not want them in my life.

 When an adoptee does not want interference from any relative, be it adoptive family or natural family, the adoptee is powerless to stop any harassment, violence or personal attacks. I am disgusted that these people stalk me, bully me, alienate other people against me. They are older than I am: 56, 60, 62. Their continual disgusting behavior is why I do not, and have not, wanted any type of relationship with the three of them for decades.

 I did not want to bring myself down to their level. However, after discussing matters with behind the scenes support systems of this website and law enforcement, I am making a public statement. My readers can be offended, can view me however you wish.

 I have written a book about my adoption because what has happened to me should never happen to a human being. No child should ever be separated from her siblings, ever. Adoption did that to me. Adoption did that to my siblings. Yes, they wanted me. Yes they found me. It is what they did to me after our reunion that is heinous, insidious, emotional and psychological damaging, violent, repulsive, and sent me on a path to suicide. They, in addition to known and unknown adoptive relatives who also perpetrated hate crimes of anonymous hate mail and obscene phone calls to me over decades, resulted in me nearly succumbing to suicide.

 In my adoption, the entire adoption was wrong. Very little can be congratulated. I have written a book to document my life. My book is supported by professionals who have wanted me to rise above this hate-fest because the voices of adoptees who have been abused must be heard.

Under any other Order of Protection a person is ordered to stay away from the person’s home, church, workplace, stay away from their children, their other relationships. I have had numerous Orders of Protection against my sisters. The Orders are for six months to a year, which further aggravates the situation.

 How can a person get rid of people who will not leave them alone?


 I am an emotional wreck. I am defeated. This is what my sisters and other abusers want. They want me to crack, they want other people to hate me. My sisters hate me.

 I have been abused by adoption itself. I am very close to ending my life because of constant unwanted interference by three sisters who call up our father and cry that “Joanie’s doing this now, Daddy…”

 I want to get back to my goals in adoption reform. Falsified birth certificates are ruining the lives of millions of adoptees. If I am now discredited because I have spoken out against my abusers in my natural family and adoptive family, fine. At least I have written a book that took me 35 years to write. I accomplished my personal and professional goal. The first one, that is. There are other adoption books inside of me to write. There are other topics I wish to write about and publish books about.

 I have been criticized by adoptive family and natural family for being an adoption activist. That is who I am. If you don’t like me, stay out of my life. I am not harassing you, I do not know your phone numbers, I am not sending you hate mail or hate emails. I am not tricking you in any way.

 Ruth, Gert, Kathy — get out of my life. I do not want you in my life. I DONOT WANT YOU VIEWING MY WEBSITE OR MAKING COMMENTS HERE.

 My book is a professionally written, researched, and thought-provoking book. It is not written in filthy language, not written to antagonize, nor is it written with the three of you in mind. It is written to document the events of my life. It documents what happened to me, and my reflections. It is freedom of speech. My goals are not to hurt you, or anyone else. My goals are to tell what happened to me. Why? Because what happened to me, to my children, to my adoptive mother, to my natural father, and yes, to my siblings, should never have happened. We should not have been separated. I defend our rights as children to have shared a childhood.

 Rambling? Yes. I am disgusted with you. Get out of my life. I want nothing to do with you.

 Readers want a blood bath? Readers want a fight? Readers don’t want blocked IPs or Comment Moderation? Fine. Go to it. Have a heyday. Fight, argue, bicker.

 Ruth, Gert, Kathy: use my website for your interests. I did not want to give you the audience you crave. Now you have it. You have succeeded in destroying me. My personal and professional credibility is shot.

This is the destructiveness of adoption.

 Posted By: legitimatebastard
Last Edit: 22 Sep 2010 @ 04:13 PM


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