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What Makes Joan Wheeler Tick?

by on April 9, 2012

What makes Joan Wheeler tick? I dont’ know. Hell, half the time, I dont’ know what makes ME tick! But Joan continously does things that baffles the mind!

So earlier today Gert sent me an email and makes this observation: “I’m still baffled why she spoke up on our blog, even with the fact that she is still so very wrong, what did she think she was going to accomplish? strange.”

I started answering Gert’s question, and it turned into a blog post:

The reason she spoke up is because she thought she had a point that she could really prove – that we, (or rather I) told her to commit suicide. I did tell her to take a bottle of pills. – although I was not serious, and it was spoken in anger) (readers – see this post: “Figures of Speech and We Tell Joan Wheeler to kill herself…NOT! Part 2″
And knowing how “sue-happy” she is, (even tho no lawyer has ever taken her on as a client), she was getting filled up with Lori’s nonsense of attempted murder.
But as I pointed out in my post – Joan takes things out of context – and I really believe it is part of her mental illness that she ignores other things – like the documented proof that we have that she lied. Or the rest of my post – that details why I said what I did. Or that I told her to go to Sheehan. (Sheehan Memorial Hospital – for detox and rehab).
It’s part of Narcissistic Personality Disorder – they are right – and no matter what the other person says, or shows in documentation, the other person is wrong.
It’s like a person who “hears” voices in their head telling them to kill – a rational person would chalk an occasional thing like that up to themselves being half asleep and perhaps dreaming or day-dreaming, and would never act on it. Nutballs act on it. I don’t know – who knows what goes on in the brains of mentally ill people – even Joan doesn’t know what’s going on in her mind.

I think the only thing that is keeping me safe from her coming to my house and confronting me, perhaps with the intent to harm me with a knife or other weapon, is that she knows I can turn ghetto and kick her ass. Even at my age. I may have arthritis and back problems, but I’ve almost 40 years on a job that requires heavy lifting – and I lift weights – I got some neat bi-ceps. And having grown up with Butch and John – I never fought “like a girl” – I will whip the white off Joan’s ass. And she knows this. And she knows that I won’t show up at her house to beat her ass – so she feels safe bullying on the internet. She knows I won’t risk going to jail. – But I do get amazed at her stupidity – the shit she writes on the internet – in letters – the shit she says in person.
You yourself pointed out when you were quoting either her book or an internet post where she was “shocked” or “stunned” at someone’s reaction to what she said. – You said “she gets “stunned” a lot.” – Because she thinks the other person thinks like her – and normal people just don’t. Just as we cannot understand how her warped brain works, she can’t understand how a normal person thinks. She has never “gotten it” that people just don’t like being insulted, bullyed, stolen from, lied to and about, and have their lives interfered with. She doesn’t “get it” that she needs to respect other people’s privacy, and not just demand her own privacy. She has that double standard and doesn’t “get it” when that double standard doesn’t work in the real life. She has everthing worked out in her fantasy life, and continually gets surprised when her fantasy life won’t work in real life.

That is why when she wrote that book with all it’s lies and attacked us in it – she got surprised when we fought back. And she got the rug pulled out from under her when the book got killed.
How does a ratonal person sign a contract with a book publisher and say they own the copyright to a photograph when they know damn well they don’t own the copyright to it? How does a rational person even think that the persons in the photograph would not object to their picture being used like that? But we know that Joan is NOT rational, so of course, we know the consequences of her actions. It’s Joan who refuses to believe that her actions DO result in consequences. And in Joan’s case, those consequences are usually detrimental to her. Too bad. Because I’ve said it before – I do feel bad (in a small way) that she has a mental illness. However, I refuse to be used by this sick person. I’m tired of being the victim of her bullying harassments. After 30 years of her shit -I, and the rest of our family are no longer victims – we are the VICTORS!

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