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Joan Wheeler says her “truthful” book (Forbidden Family) is currently under revision.

by on April 10, 2012

On her facebook page dedicated to her lying book Forbidden Family, is this announcement:

“Just to let everyone know, my book is out of print. Currently under revision! Second edition will be out soon!”

Her book is out of print from Trafford Publications because of the many lies she told in it. When Gert and I read the book and found many falsehoods in it, lies engineered to smear our characters, such as saying I have an arrest and criminal record, when I do not, (slander and libel), we contacted Trafford Publications.

When Trafford researched the many actual court documents that I sent them, that proved that Joan lied in her “truthful” book, and that Joan lied to Trafford when she signed a contract with them, saying she owned copyrights to “the work and all its content” (actual contract language from Trafford) – TRAFFORD PUBLICATION KILLED THE BOOK. IT IS NOT ONLY OUT OF PRINT FROM TRAFFORD, IT HAS BEEN PULLED FROM ANY PUBLICATION THROUGH TRAFFORD. – She DOES NOT own the copyright to MY photograph that she put on the back cover.

Joan still has on her facebook page a blurb that says the book can be purchased from Trafford – so that in itself is a lie.

Now let’s get to her new announcement. She says her book is “currently under revision.”

How can a TRUTHFUL book be under revision? If the second edition comes out, and it has been changed, that would negate the first edition – right? And that would make all her assertions that she did NOT lie in her book  lies in themselves.

Since November 2009, when her book first came out, Joan Wheeler has been saying on the internet – that she did NOT lie in her book. Then there would be no need to revise it, because you cannot revise the truth – right?

So if the second edition comes out, and she changes events – then she will be guilty of LYING again.

But this is what Joan does best – LIE HER BUTT OFF AND REVISE THE TRUTH AND REALITY.


And do you think that we will allow more lies told about us? Think again sweetie.

gertmcqueenApril 11, 2012[

I did not notice, right away, that Ruth posted this to both our blogs, so I’m adding my comment that I placed over on her blog.

Ruth is quite right…the truth is the truth and one can not revise a book that bills itself as a true account! How stupid is Joan? A REWRITE would be a better term!

and I’ll save Joan lots of time and energy…here’s the rewrite

I was born, because I wasn’t aborted. My mother was sick and died while I stayed with relatives, then I was placed into adoption because my father had no way of caring for me. I did not belong to that birth family. I was adopted by two very sick people who obeyed the law by not telling me the truth about my birth family. They also told me many hateful stories about my birth family and my childhood was hell. I was found when I was 18 by my birth siblings, but I was too naive and stupid to handle things. I was a spoiled child and my adopted parents always hated me and my birth family. My reunion was not happy or productive because I always got in everyone’s face and business. I caused lots of trouble, and over time, every family member ended up hating me. I tried to exploit my elderly father and step-mother and when I continued to insult my birth father, he kicked me out. When he died, because I was not on his obit, I made my own! I wrote a lying hateful libeous book that was pulled by the publisher because I violated our contract. Now I’m trying to ‘rewrite’ my life story because I live in a living hell called ADOPTION and I must tell the entire world because my life is a reason why adoption is wrong. I will always exploit my birth family because I’m stupid and mentally ill and because I need to make lots of money on the backs of my birth family because I can’t work because I have had a life of hell because I’m an adoptee.

So there, is Joan’s rewrite of her truthful life story…go for it, honey…but while you are doing so…you ought to remember that there are whole families out there, called the Herrs and the Sippels that might like a piece of you…so go ahead and continue on, by all means, and give them all something to see! It isn’t just your birth sisters that are going to continue to expose your lies and hate but many many more people in the families.


Ruth here – after Gert placed that comment on my blog, I placed this one:

yep – Gert speaks TRUTH in her comment.
but it doesn’t matter – whatever you call it – revision or rewrite – it means the same thing. If the first edition of Forbidden Familyis a truthful account of her life, as Joan has been insisting for the past two and a half years, or even as she tried to fudge the truth by saying the book was her “point of view” of her life and the lives of her birth family, – a rewrite or revision, would still negate that first edition.

You canNOT rewrite the truth! The truth is the truth. If Joan wrote the truth the first time – why is it necessary to REWRITE IT OR REVISE IT! or – did she change her point of view of her life? – yeah, that’s it – she’s gonna go that way -she’s gonna say “I’ve done some soul searching and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve interpreted some things wrong in the first edition of my book.”

But if she does that – she will show the world what we birth sisters have been saying all along – Joan Wheeler speaks with a forked tongue and will twist her words to suit whatever mood she is in or to what audience she is speaking to. And we have harvested her lies and misrepresentations and HATE RHETORIC that she has posted on the Adult Adoptee forum and other internet sites.

I told the forum members back in 2010 to copy and paste what Joan says – date it and save it. Because she changes what she says all the time. She contradicts herself alll the time. In one internet whine about us birth sisters, she starts out saying she is disabled, on social security disability because SHE CAN’T WORK. Then after trashing us, she’s concerned about her name showing up on google and scaring away prospective employers. um, didn’t she just say she CAN’T WORK? That’s just one example of how she says one thing and several sentances later, says the complete opposite.

Joan is a pathetic loser. No matter how many rewrites or revisions or editions she puts out via vanity publication houses the result will still be the same – it will be full of lies and it will get pulled from publication.

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