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Joan Wheeler’s whole purpose of being here, that is her karma, is to SUFFER the lot of being an ADOPTEE.

by on April 12, 2012

Suicidal issues are part of Joan Wheeler’s ‘makeup’, she really doesn’t want to live the life she was given; she probably wishes she was aborted for she certainly doesn’t like her life and it isn’t because of the birth siblings. She clearly has some idea that it might have been better for her if she NEVER LIVED…in other words….ABORTED! But, since she did live then her life is hell because she was ADOPTED.

 In the following, from the public forum for Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change…change that they never do, I might add…we find Joan telling us all about how she was not aborted, but, instead adopted and that she would rather not have a life as an adoptee!! Strange, oh yes…but that’s Joan!

  Re: Do you wish you were aborted?« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2012, 12:44:38 PM »

Evidently there’s no Safe Families anywhere in New York State. Wonderful. To answer the thread’s question, I came very close to dying at birth, being born to a dying mother at 32 weeks and weighing 3lbs 14ounces. I was grey in color at birth and was baptised by a Protestant nurse, so say the hospital records. They put me in an incubator for six weeks. So, having been so close to death at birth, I don’t know how I survived since infants born under these circumstances today are at risk for death or suffer severe medical conditions as a result. I was lucky. Somehow, all the important in-utero development stages went well for me. So, I am lucky to have survived. But not in the pro-life way of thinking. My mother didn’t “choose life” so that I could be adopted. My n-father told me that abortion was not even in the discussion to save my mother’s life. It wasn’t legal at the time, and even it had been, my mother was way past the term limit when the cancer was discovered. I would definately choose not to suffer the life of being adopted.

Gert’s comment: There are a couple of issues here that need to be clarified before we get to the ‘meat’ of the issue…abortion! Here’s a first! This is the first time that Joan says that she was baptized by a Protestant nurse! As Ruth pointed out to me, “just as in her pre-birth self when she knew songs and what Mom ate, she “knew” the religion of the person who “baptized” her at the bedside”.

But we must remember that Joan ALWAYS tells the truth! So why is it that this is the first time we are hearing the story this way, with this new truth? Could it be just another ‘thought’ Joan had? Who the hell knows. Now, Joan says this (baptism by a Protestant nurse) is in her hospital records. Well we, the birth siblings, demand that she post the documentation, for once for her to put her money where her mouth is. She has been saying that she had a bed-side baptism, when in reality it was a ‘blessing’. Her ‘real’ baptism was later, as I remember seeing her and her certificates do not mention nor indicate that she was baptized in the hospital. She could not have been baptized by a Protestant nurse, for they are NOT licensed to do so! As I’m stated, Joan was, perhaps, BLESSED.

Instead of doing another ‘drive-by’ shooting, by making a HARASSING comment on our blog, as she did in March of 2012, Joan needs to back up her claim. We want Joan to show us her documentation for this claim.

The other major issue to be address here is the whole question of whether or not abortion WAS consider in Joan’s case. The answer is…why is this an issue in the first place? Joan just loves to be a drama queen…anything that will give her center stage! MY MOTHER was having a difficult pregnancy and that is why she went into the hospital…any pro-life issue or abortion thoughts were NEVER in the picture to begin with…so WHY does she even have to give this topic any thought, let alone discuss it? Because Joan is sick!!

How does Joan know what type of abortion was or was not legal in 1956? You can’t put today’s understandings of that issue onto 1956…that’s another area where Joan goes so wrong, not taking what the ‘historical’ happening had, at that time, and not by today’s thinking. Again, MY MOTHER gave birth BEFORE the cancer was found, so Joan’s statement, ‘my mother was way past the term limit when the cancer was discovered’,  is totally wrong and exploitative.

And now to the gist of Joan’s philosophy…I would definately choose not to suffer the life of being adopted….That means that she would rather have been aborted than have the life she has. At the time of her birth…her  mother was STILL ALIVE and it was the whim of the Wyrd Sisters/Fates that Joan SUFFER the lot of being adopted. Karma baby!

Continuing on….Joan’s words are initalics as she answers another’s comment…

  Re: Do you wish you were aborted?« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2012, 04:25:00 PM »  

Yeah, I think there should be a fourth option: Moot point. We’re here! We have to make the best of it. And bottom line: If I’d never been born, my son wouldn’t exist, and he’s fucking AWESOME.

There are times when I don’t want to be here because of this hell called adoption. I have two wonderful young adult children who wouldn’t exist if I had never been born.

Gert’s comment: HELL called ADOPTION…my gods! This broad is a sick sick puppy!  She really ought to try living in someone else’s shoes for about half-hour to learn what hell is like! Yep…the thought of NOT LIVING is ever present in Joan’s mind! And she claims that we, the birth siblings, have told her to commit suicide! What a laugh, its on her mind every minute of every day because she lives in HELL.

  Re: Do you wish you were aborted? « Reply #22 on: April 02, 2012, 04:49:43 PM »  

Yeah, I know what you mean…” I just get unclearer by the edit”…! Glad you kept your daughter! And, yes, have had this discussion with my daughter and son, too. This world is no place to bring children into, but since I did, they are stuck with it (life and the world as is…) and the effects of adoption on all of us. Dinner time!

Gert’s comment: She doesn’t give any appreciate of life to her children…how sad!! The world is a horrible place but since we are here in it, we are stuck with it (life and the world as is…) and the effects of adoption on all of us. This is how she informs her children about life! And then, just pushes that thought away and gets so cavalier about things! time for dinner!! Hey…why eat? Life is horrible, as an adoptee, so why not just stop eating?? and be done with it!! ?What can anyone say? Joan Wheeler wants to tell the entire world that adoption is the reason for her miserable, but, she doesn’t and isn’t doing anything concrete or positive to change, either herself or the institution of adoption. But, she continues to speak lies and garbage and cyber-harass anyone who is pro-adoption. This behavior helps adoption reform how?

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