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Joan Wheeler can’t let go of her bogie-man!

by on April 16, 2012
 In a recent newspaper editorial, discussing certain political candidates and their insistence on holding on to ‘false’ historical facts, a quote by Emerson was used. I find that this quote can also be applied to Joan Wheeler’s insistence on holding on to her falsehoods.
Ralph Waldo Emerson…
“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”
A hobgoblin, by the dictionary, is a ugly mischievous elf or goblin or a ‘bugbear’. A bugbear is a object that causes obsessive fear, anxiety or dread. Or a ghost, or a hobgoblin or a bogie…like the bogie-man!
I’m sure that at some point in everyone’s life some mother or father has told their child that the ‘bogie-man’ was going to get them if they (the child) didn’t behave. I know that I was told that in my childhood. At some point in growing up the child, particularly when they become an adult, learns that it is time to let go of that ‘hobgoblin’ and get real and grow up! Not Joan!
Joan, by hanging on to her hobgoblins, all those things that her adoptive parents told her, and her own fabrications about her birth family, Joan has proven that she has a ‘little mind’. She continues to prove that she is foolish because she can’t let go of the bogie-men that shaped her life; she was molded by them and she can’t reshape her mind without them. Her mind is very very limited because of her hobgoblins. She is not a worldly person. She can’t make right and reasonable assertions and remedies about adoption and its reform because her views are still in the control of those hobgoblins and bogie-men of her early life. Joan has never grown up and unless she is willing to see and accept the reality of life and her own misdeeds and words, she will always be plagued with hobgoblins.   
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