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another master piece by Joan Wheeler’s imaginary friend of May 1

by on May 2, 2012

I really have to wonder what this exercise, that Joan is doing, is suppose to accomplish. For all it’s doing is proving that Joan Wheeler refuses to answer the charges against her, while she maintains that there is something we birthsiblings are doing TO her. All we ARE DOING is exposing her lies, misdeeds, and bullying browbeating behavior and of course she is continuing that behavior with the imaginary friend and giving everyone a good laugh, at her.

 As you will see in the post, which follows here, all Joan is reduced to, is a steady stream of insults, under the guise of some imaginary friend, a man, nice fellow. Okay, we use insults too, but we also show the dirty deeds that Joan did to us and continues to do while she lies about ourselves and our family…no where do you SEE any dirty deed that we sisters DID TO JOAN presented by Joan. What you always hear about, even in that libelous book, ARE JOAN’S IMPRESSIONS! No documents to prove her points, no witnesses, no nothing. She doesn’t even have the birth family to come to her defense, because they ALL want nothing to do with her.

 Joan, name ONE dirty deed that either of your sisters ever DID to you…name it, the deed, NOT AN IMPRESSION FROM YOUR MIND. NAME the deed and provide the evidence of that deed.

JW wants to impress upon us that NO ONE is listening/reading us…well wouldn’t she be surprised to really know just how much of a following we REALLY do have and how many people GIVE us the kidos to continue on with exposing Joan Wheeler. The real reason that JW has to resort to imaginary friends is because she has no real ones! I still fail to see how ‘Champ/Joan’ seems to feel that she has given some sort of ‘point of reference’ to confirm they are NOT Joan. Blog addresses/references on a stat page of any blog does not CONFIRM any one’s existence, it only show some point of entry, NOT existence of being a human being!

 How about what they do with hostages? Have a picture taken of your driver’s license, and you, and today’s newspaper…then perhaps I’d think about the possibility that there is another human out there, but you know, JOAN, you really are nuts to propose that there is another human being besides you writing this blog!

 And all this rhetoric that JW and imaginary friend present, about us birth siblings, sounds like it came straight out the Middle Ages when the only religion that was allowed was the Roman Catholic Church and all other belief systems were subjected to any matter of bogeyman traits. What next Joan, are you going to have us put on the ‘rack’? Nice going here, Joan, I’m sure you are making more friends and converts to your illogical thinking with your continued attacks upon your birthsiblings and our religious beliefs…you are SO good at that, you have been condemning our religions for decades. You MUST have the pulse of the planet at your fingertips to be so all wise and knowing about what is or isn’t! Dream on!


Here’s Joan Wheeler’s imaginary friend’s post to us. 

Hi Gertie and Ruthie! Thanks for showing how fixated on Joan you are. Something about trampling civil liberties showed up in a new posting. The only ones who are doing any civil liberties trampling are you two. Actually, the only ones who are reading your latest conglomeration of hateful, mindless drivel are you two! Hope you’re enjoying yourselves. You may as well, because nobody else is even remotely interested in hearing any more paranoid whining and complaining from you.
I can get the traffic source for visits to my blog. I’m sure you can do the same. Check yours, as I just paid a visit to your latest rant concerning your latest last attack of paranoia. No, I didn’t bother reading it. I’m not interested in adding any more lunacy to my existance, but I just wanted to give you a point of reference to confirm for you that I’m not Joan.

The only reason for this blog is to try to get you to mind your own business. If 3 healthy healthy, mentally stable individuals insist on ganging up on one disaled person with the sole purpose of destroying her, that’s nothing other than bullying. It shows that evil and baseness are alive and well, and their names are Gertrude and Ruth. Even your Liverpudlian sister seems to have lost interest to some extent in your diabolic claptrap. If, on the other hand, your malice is the product of mental illness, ( which, after 30 years, I strongly suspect is the case), then you should get the help you so desperately need. If you’re not in need of help, you’re giving the impression you’re the type of people who enjoy kicking puppies, freightening small children, and pulling the wings off flies. How is that helping to regain “family honor?” One other point you might want to consider. I happen to know that one of you is Wiccan, and the other Theodist. I have no problem with either belief system. If that’s what you believe in, that’s fine with me. But how are you portraying the values of your belief systems? Are there not enough prejudices concerning Wicca without you giving the impression that this attitude is what people can expect? And as for Theodism, probably not 1 person in 100 knows anything about that. Is your constant bullying portraying Theodist principles in a favorable light? If your answer is yes, it’s understandable why that belief system doesn’t seem to have sparked the public interest.
I can tell you that I don’t hate you, nor does Joan. All that’s wanted by either of us is to have you out of her life. Hate has way of aging a person and eating away at them. It will eventually turn back on the person doing the hating, and affect them as much, or more, that it affects the object of that hate. Are you capable of letting go, or are hateful behavior and bullying the only languages you understand?

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