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continuing on with exposing the contents of the libelous book of Joan Wheeler

by on May 2, 2012

It is always a good thing to keep fresh in mind, that Joan Wheeler wrote a libelous book, which got pulled from publication.

Reposting of March 4, 2010, about Joan Wheeler’s lying libelous book, Forbidden Family

 From the eldest Sippel sister Gert, in respond to Joan’s book of fiction.
My intent is to repost, over time, some of my earlier posts regarding Joan’s active attack upon us, the birth siblings, and our families. My intent also, in reposting, is to make sure that new readers see what I’ve written already and to refresh the memories of others. Also by reposting, it is a constant reminder to Joan that she NEEDS to remove the two libelous hate-filled blogs and the newest one, under an imaginary friend’s name and other ‘false front’ blogs where she advertizes the hate filled blogs, that she still has AGAINST us the birth siblings. This post is found on the Three Sisters blog.
Having finally gotten my hands on this book of revelations! Do not relatives of Joan have the right to have their own emotions expressed and related as to what she writes about them or their life or are we suppose to just allow someone, Joan, continue to lie and misrepresent us. If people have individual web sites, where they speak their own minds, like Joan, why is it that Joan’s family members are not allowed to have the same rights as she does and speak their mind. I am speaking my own mind, I have that right just as she does. No one can silent another, that went out with the Inquisition. I use techniques of Constructive Criticism and Higher Criticism when I read and comment on any book. I learned that from my years of research and writing and it is used routinely in the scholarly world.
On page 645 of Joan’s book she says she has worked in the field of social work. Would she please let her readers know when and where she worked? I’m really curious where she worked and gained her experience and you should too if the work she presents is to be believed. I took training at a Domestic HotLine center for a month and attended a couple of group sessions where my stories helped other people, does that give me creditials to say that I worked in those fields, even though I don’t hold any degrees. I also held a job for three months helping abused children, does that give me creditials to say I’m a social worker and have great experience working with abused children.
On the title pages of the book, she writes ‘some very traumatic events have been omitted’ as if to say, hey there is much more that I can and will write about. Really folks all that statement says is there’s a ‘hint’ that the content of her book is going to be so sensational you must read it. It’s a come-on statement aimed at getting attention.
She says what she writes is from memory ‘without embellishment’. Really now! Who doesn’t tell a fish story when retelling from memory! If it isn’t embellished it certainly is highly subjective in nature and anyone who knows anything about ‘non-fiction’ knows that it better be object in nature if it is to be believed to be a true representation of the topic. This book should be listed as fiction for it is NOT truthful.
In her acknowledgements she sure likes to drop a lot of names, as if that makes her important. It’s another publishing gimmick people, just like the foreward by a named Doctor. He calls the book a ‘reunion in progress’, but from whose point of view, totally from the adoptee, not the families! That’s biased people! You can’t have a work of non-fiction without being objective and unbiased.
She says in ‘why she wrote the book’, it was ‘to tell the truth from my point of view’ again that is totally subjective in nature and can not be considered non-fiction. Anyone’s point of view is by nature subjective and therefore does not meet the standard of truth. She ‘invites’ others, namely her family members to do ‘the hard work’ of telling their truth by writing a book. Wrong thinking. Writing a book is not the only way to tell the truth. Speaking for myself, I am doing the hard work by living my life and I don’t have any inner need to exploit the rest of my family by writing a book of fiction to play with myself.
Even on her facts she doesn’t get it right. My father went to night school to get a degree in engineering. He was a city engineer for about 30 years. He was not poor, he probably was part of that class called the ‘working poor’ like many people, including myself, have been in at one time or another. He was never out of work, like Joan is. He never cried poverty like Joan portrays him as.
There will be more from me as my life allows me the time to look at this book of subjectively fiction

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