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Joan Wheeler’s alter-ego Champ/Pilgrim/Brian speaks, in bullying tones, again, on Monday, May 21, 2012

by on May 21, 2012

To clarify, from the beginning, this is Gert McQueen talking and I am speaking for myself. Ruth will have her own comments and speak for herself. We are separate people.

We all know that there isn’t any other human behind those names, champ/pilgrim/brian, it is only Joan herself who believes that she has everyone believing there is such a person. This masquerade is the ONLY way that she can speak to us because she will not, in fact she refuses, to answer for her own misdeeds. By using the face of another she believes that she can side-step, cover up and over-shadow issues, by making the others (the siblings) be wrong, and in general ran at the mouth to diffuse the attention upon herself. None of these things will work Joan Wheeler! You can not hide behind others, real or imaginary, and think we will fall for them and/or that you will win anything over us. You and only you MUST speak for yourself and answer the many charges against you. If you want to use Champs’ blog as a medium, fine, but you and only you must speak to us! We are not fools! So put champ to bed and come out in the open Joan and speak for yourself!

If Champ/Pilgrim/Brian is Joan Wheeler’s DEFENDER he is doing a piss poor job of it! He/she/it doesn’t know the rules of engagement! The following was posted about 1pm; I happened to think about checking to see if Joan’s defender was ready to defend her, at about 4pm and found it. But, alas, he wasn’t interested in DEFENDING Joan only ATTACKING us siblings again.

I have said it before, if we are to believe that this is not Joan, but a man, than that man is sadly, miserably lacking in character of a worthwhile gentleman and defender. No one would believe this ‘champ’ to be a worthy opponent or defender, he would be and is being laughed at! So, even if, on the slightest chance (sure!) that this is a real human being, beside Joan, he is still worthless and only has my contempt because of his presentations of his low-life attitudes and life-style coupled with misology and misogyny. Those types of men don’t get a second of my life…so any attempt to prove to me that he is someone other than Joan is meaningless to me.

And Joan, you must remember that we siblings are not the holy trinity! Gert did not offer a meet! That was Ruth and she will answer that on her own. I offered a onetime suggestion for Champ to prove his existence, it was not answered in a timely matter and therefore is NO LONGER needed! For Joan you are NOT interested in proving the realness of champ you are only interested in condemning us by any means; just as you got a couple of adoptees from the forum to come and complaint on the circle site, which back-fired on you. Because I know that he doesn’t exist and if he did, I just stated that he is meaningless to the discussion of Joan Wheeler. Who the hell is Champ/Pilgrim/Brian to me? He is NOTHING to me and has NOTHING to do with the charges against Joan Wheeler. I am only interested in hearing what Joan Wheeler has to say about why she did those dirty deeds to me and my family! Not Champ or anyone else! It is she and only she that NEEDS TO ANSWER TO THE CHARGES AGAINST HER. So champ, take a hike will you, you are NOT defending her, you, as Joan, are ATTACKING US.

As I have said several times, the writer, he/she/it, who says they are NOT Joan Wheeler, sounds, in word choice, spelling (yes note the misspelled words that are Joan’s trademark), tone, insults and other writing styles exactly like Joan…so Joan is NOT fooling us. Each attempt at the defender’s defense of who she is NOT is taking more and more away from Joan’s and this ‘defender’s credibility! It was this defender in the name of Pilgrim whom last attacked Gert on the family circle and got the damsel in distress Joan Wheeler KICKED OFF that discussion site. I would think that Joan Wheeler would be real PISSED at that, to Pilgrim, but NO, she is right back here in the guise of Champ/Pilgrim/Brian ATTACKING us again. Gee she really does need a play ground to bully on! The fact that Joan has NOT bitched at the siblings for being kicked off the family circle site is because Joan is one and the same as Pilgrim!

Joan, and all her imaginary and real friends, need to understand this IT IS NOT THE BIRTH SIBLINGS THAT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYTHING. We do NOT have to prove our existence, we have NOT hidden behind anything or anyone. Nor do we have to answer any CALL about our personal and family honor, we have been and will continue to WRITE about that on what are called BLOGS. We owe NO apologies to no one! We are NOT the ones whom are in the wrong; Joan Wheeler is the one who wrote a libelous book and who continues to trash and exploit us and our family.

Furthermore, our RELIGIOUS BELIEFS have NO bearing on our complaints about Joan Wheeler; the continued negative references, by Joan and her imaginary defender, to our beliefs and values are in themselves an act of hate-speech against those religions and ourselves. It further shows that Joan and her imaginary defender are trying to diffuse attention away from herself while she condemns, belittles, intimidates and mocks others religions and values for the pure act of bullying and turning the tables! I wonder how Joan’s fellow Unitarians would view her DEFENDER’s statements against our beliefs. It is my understanding that Unitarians, which Joan professes to be, recognizes the WORTH AND DIGNITY of every human and the way in which they see the divine. The Unitarians do NOT bring others to the public square to account for their ‘sins’ as Joan and her figments are doing to us! We siblings are doing what good journalism does…expose the depth of negativity, bullying and hate-speech that comes out of Joan Wheeler against family and all things pro-adoption.

Joan, if you really need to have a mouth-piece, please get one that has some brains and knowledge and perhaps some class, which you lack. This battle of wits, with someone who has no wits, is beginning to become weary and certainly not challenging. I thought you had better taste in men than this loser…oh wait, no you don’t, do you. You detail all the gory details of all the men who abused and beat you up in that book…you ought to be glad it was pulled from publication so people can’t read all about them. Oh that’s right, they beat you up because you are an adoptee! suffer baby suffer!

So here’s the newest from Joan’s figments, please note the utter contempt that another human being (?!) has for people that have NOTHING to do with them, note the Joan in every word including how she has no respect for the birth family name that she CLAIMS is hers! This is an act of exploitation! Joan hasn’t the fainted idea what honor is and therefore her imagination can’t comprehend it either. If Joan Wheeler has such contempt for the birth family name and honor than she needs to STOP claiming it.

An Open Offer

OK. Here’s the deal, “ladies”. I’m NOT JOAN WHEELER! On the ongoing little temper tantrums you actually have the audacity to call blogs, you state you need proof that I’m not her, and suggest I put my driver’s license or something like that all over the internet. Well, I’ll consider doing that after I see yours! But, I do have an alternate suggestion. If you need proof that I’m who I say I am, I’ll be willing to meet you in person. I’ll even bring Joan if you need me to do that. You may bring one another, or, for that matter, anyone you wish to bring. Should you decide to accept this offer, you may respond by leaving a comment here. This will be the only communication between us. If I prove I’m not Joan, I’ll expect an appology to both her and myself ON YOUR BLOGS. Should you NOT accept the offer to meet, I’ll expect you to acknowledge that fact on your “blogs”, and admit you were wrong. In any event, either way, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that “Sippel family honor”, or lack thereof, you seem so keen on defending.

One other thing I should clear up. I in no way attacked or cast judgement on either Wicca or Theodism. I merely asked the question of whether the hateful, spiteful behavior of you two was typical of the members of these two religions in general. As in any belief system, I’m sure there are good people who are capable presenting their beliefs in a positive way. Then there are a few who are not so good, and cast an unfavorable light on their systems values. I was not questioning the two belief systems. I was merely wondering how the two of you represent the values of your respective systems.

I won’t be visiting your tirades, (oops. Sorry. I guess you would prefer me to call them “blogs”.) That won’t be happening. If I want to be bored, I’ll find a way to be bored minus the hate.
I don’t know whether to say I’m looking forward to a response, or would prefer you to not respond, which would be an admission that you are DEAD WRONG about my identity, and show you for the bullies and cowards you truely are.


Ruth here –
yes, I will speak for myself. When I have the time. Because, unlike Joan/Pilgrim/Chimp/Brian, I have a job to go to.

But be prepared Joan for some truth-shit to be thrown your way. Better stock up on your meds. You’re gonna need them..

  1. Ruth here –
    yes, I will speak for myself. When I have the time. Because, unlike Joan/Pilgrim/Chimp/Brian, I have a job to go to.

    But be prepared Joan for some truth-shit to be thrown your way. Better stock up on your meds. You’re gonna need them..

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