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Joan Wheeler obviously doesn’t read the NEWS…that is our blogs…or she would know already that she is dead and gone already! No, she NEEDS ATTENTION and we haven’t been giving her any!

by on June 14, 2012

We have answered Joan’s alter-ego Champ several days ago and have gone on to other things…but…I shall answer this newest one, from today, anyway…and I do believe that I shall post it on the stupid blog so that she/he/it…sees it

Why is it that Joan, IN THE GUISE OF CHAMP, must continue on and on with this nonsense…doesn’t she know that she is done for? Come on Joan get with the program already…oh wait, NOW I get it, you wrote this little ‘NEWSFLASH’ AFTER  my blog post of this week! You had to see what I was going to say before you, as Champ, continued on with your stupid nonsense…

I have already STATED what my position is on this issue…Champ/Joan…and Ruth has already STATED that she WILL answer when she has the time…what the hell is your problem? Can’t you wait?  Do you really need the attention THAT FUCKING BAD?

To answer the following statement…

The invitation WAS acknowledged…you just haven’t looked at the right place, my blog, to get that answer.

The admission is that we sisters know that Champ is Joan Wheeler…it is NOT US that need to prove anything. We are not interested in Champ, we are interested in Joan Wheeler. And, if Champ is another person….how come he doesn’t know that JOAN removed the birth siblings from her web site?? Is this another Joan attempt to muddy the waters of reality? Maybe Joan ought to get control of her friends, real and imaginary, because they really are out of control with reality. Come on Joan…you are NOT HELPING YOURSELF

Unless there is any financial payments exchanged between ‘the sisters’ and this alter-ego of Joan Wheeler, named Champ, there is NO NEED for Champ/Joan to give their EXPERT opinion about anything related to us…this attempt, of Champ’s, only proves that it is Joan Wheeler, for she is so full of her own self-importance that she can’t let it alone.

This statement, of Champ’s, which is Joan Wheeler, sounds just like the nonsense that people like Joe Soll likes to talk about….sorry…but there is NOTHING WRONG with the birth-sibling’s ‘issues’…we have dealt with those issues, a long time ago, and are in no need for any kind of psych babble nonsense. We are NOT THE ADOPTEE and therefore have NONE OF THOSE ISSUES, that adoptees have. Furthermore…any asshole who thinks they can intimidate me, via some stupid blog post, really needs to get their head examined. I do not live for Joan Wheeler nor any other person’s opinion of me…you DO NOT MATTER IN THE LEAST TO MY LIFE

You know Joan you really need to put this shit to bed! What accomplished author are you? Your one and only book was PULLED FROM PUBLICATION BECAUSE IT CONTAINED LIBELOUS MATERIAL. We did NOT destroy any work that Joan did…she LIED and that was what GOT DESTROYED… a person can NOT write libelous material and consider that LEGITIMATE WORK. …get real.

Just who do you think you are talking to? And, how many times do we have to tell you, Joan…do the spell checker!!! You really want the world to believe that Champ is NOT YOU when he speaks and spells just like you! Use the spell checker, idiot.

What an asshole you are! Joan Wheeler JUST REMOVED REFERENCES TO THE BIRTH SIBLINGS FROM HER BLOG….so why is Champ bitching about us…

Champ…old buddy…if you are NOT Joan Wheeler, then you had better get your act in line with her because she just removed US, THOSE BAD SIBLINGS from her blog…and

If you are JOAN WHEELER…than you really need to see your mental health person ponto…because you are really off your rocker

from Champ’s blog THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2012


Well, believe it or not, my invitation to meet was not acknowedged in any way. This is an admission on the part of the sisters that they KNOW BEYOND A DOUBT that I am NOT Joan Wheeler, and they’re too egotistical to admit it, too cowardly to meet with me, and/or too ignorant to engage in any form of rational communication. If they can’t spew hate, they can’t imagine what other form of communication, ( such as a civil discussion ), might be available to them.

Let me explain that the loss of a parent leaves it’s mark on children, and they have to find, or be given, a way in which to effectively deal with their loss. Of the four sisters and one brother, Joan is the only one who has sought that assistance. The brother is deceased, but the sisters have had unresolved issues, and not one of the three who are persecuting Joan has sought that help. Their loss is still a festering wound, and it has turned into an emotional cancer. All they are able to do at this point is to spew the poison out at a seemingly defenseless target.

Joan has offered to discuss the issues involved with being adopted with members of both her families. Not one of them has shown any interest in the way she feels or the affect adoption has had on her. They persecute her from their total callousness and ignorance, with the attitude that since THEY’RE not adopted, it’s not important. With them, it’s all “ME, ME, ME, and the hell with how anyone else, ESPECIALLY our own sister, feels.”

They also claim Joan doesn’t work. Isn’t being a published author legitimate work? Yet they destroy the work Joan does produce. They also write their boring, vapid, whining blogs falsely defaming her, then criticize her for being disabled and not holding a “REAL job.” And these are the kind of people you want to follow? These are the kind of people with whom you would be associated, or on whom you would rely for factual information? Just reflect on the fact that you’re known by the compay you keep. And remember that if you actually can get through the trash the sisters are writing without getting bored to death or throwing up, there are two sides to every story. I suggest you take a look at Joan’s side before you make up you mind.

Posted by Champ at 2:09pm

Gert here…I posted my comment, as seen here…on Champ’s blog…but from what it states, they will NOT POST any comment from the siblings…so…everyone will have to accept that I GERT did indeed post my comment here, on that blog post…


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