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Joan Wheeler speaks again, via the mouth, of her imaginary friend Champ!

by on June 17, 2012

She must feel safer speaking from behind the curtains of other identities…just another form of not-taking responsibility for her actions and avoiding dealing with the direct issues that we have been presenting her with…namely…to answer the charges against her of the dirty deeds she did to us for decades.

As noted, in my previous post, I placed my answer on our blog and as a comment on Champ’s blog totally expecting that my comment would not be accepted and posted. The fact that it was is proof to me that Joan Wheeler needs attention…in a big way. My answers will be inter-lined within Champ/Joan’s comment:

Champ…writes, here in bold, on June 15, 2012 @3:04 PM

O dear, Gertie! I see you’re still in denial!

Gert says: Joan, or if you like Champ, I see that your maturity level is such that you still must take all directions from Joan’s mind that must call her grown siblings by a childhood name. Fact reminds Joan never knew me as Gertie, she picked that up from family usage by certain people that I ‘allowed’ to call me that. Joan NEVER called me Gertie, ever! Why? Because she was not ALLOWED to by me. She only has began to use it, as an insult to me, as she does when she insults Ruth by calling her Ruthie. Both of us are fully aware of this tactic and it does not work! Only an immature ‘friend’ would continue to use this obvious little-girl taunt that Joan likes to use. Don’t you, Champ, have any BRAIN of your own? Why can’t you speak a different tongue/language other than Joan-speak/language? We know why of course, but you can’t cause you live inside Joan’s brain.

Denial?? No not on this side of sanity! Every agrument that Joan has presented as to what is wrong with her sibilings is a form of TRANSFERENCE on her part and she does it to justify her own lack of sanity. How long did you say you know Joan, Champ? A real human being that has been around the real Joan would know just how in denial she is! Your opinion means nothing to me. It is you that needs me to accept that you are NOT Joan not the other way around. Find another play-mate, I won’t play your game!

It was actually YOU and your sisters who did the whining! Why? Jealous because Joan has a talent which, after reading the whining, complaining piece of garbage you so egotistically call a blog, you display a total lack of, you can’t hide that lack?

Gert says: You mistake reporting and exposing the lies and other dirty deeds of Joan’s as whining. We are not whining…we are not complaining about anything…we took ACTION, we are in ACTIVE participation of documenting and reporting all dirty deeds if Joan Wheeler’s and we shall continue to do so until she removes her other two blogs against us, champ’s blog being one of them!

There’s that jealous line again! A direct Joan issue if there ever was one! Transference! Joan is jealous of her siblings, always has been and always will be. It is one of the prime movers in her quest to paint the birth family in terms less than the one she has of herself. We are been there/done this  before…with this jealously thing…Joan…get a new line will you! What the hell are we suppose to be jealous of? Joan’s talent! She can have ALL THE CREDIT for her talents she wants…I give her CREDIT FOR HER TALENT…I want none of it! And we are giving her full credit for her talents by EXPOSING all her talents!

The word ego and all forms of the word is another Joan speak/language…Joan is the one who always speaks about the egos of others…particularly those that call her a liar, that have caught her in a dirty deed, or any other form of flaw in her personality. According to Joan she doesn’t have an ego…it’s everyone else’s ego that is the problem!

Joan/Champ…your blogs and writings certainly display the qualities of the writer and that can’t be hid, either, so what’s your point?

You are obviously so ignorant of creative writing that you can’t recognize a different style when you see one.

Gert says: Slipped up here you did, Joan! Early on Pilgrim, another aspect of Champ, in the triad of figmentation of Joan, that is Pilgrim/Brian/Champ, attempted to impress us into believing that they are not Joan by a show and tell that they know other languages that Joan does not know. And now Champ/Joan is telling us, informing us actually, that she is using ANOTHER writing style to prove to us that this writer is NOT JOAN. What bullshit! Joan Wheeler only knows one style of writing and everything that Pilgrim/Brian/Champ writes is JOAN…so cut the act already!

Calling Joan the names you do just obviates the fact that, when it comes to compassion, understanding, and just plain class, you’re TOTALLY lacking in any of those categories!

Gert says: I never said I had any compassion for Joan…that is yet another one of Joan’s signature words/concepts that she uses whenever she is feeling the pain of her own guilt being thrown at her. Did Joan have any compassion for her birthsiblings when she did all those dirty deeds to us? Of course NOT, so she should NOT BE LOOKING FOR IT NOW, from us.

Understanding, of the core issues, that the birth siblings have with Joan, is her lying and publishing a libelous book and her continuation of lying and talking about us, for her own hard-on/bitch against adoption. The birth siblings never have and never will fit into Joan’s warped sense of reality and because of that Joan can not UNDERSTAND what is the core issue…she must always throw it out that the siblings are wrong and lack this that and the other thing. Try again!! Better still…get a muzzle!

While we are talking about name calling and lack of ‘class’…let me get this straight…it is perfectly acceptable and right that Joan can call her siblings names and show no sense of class but it is NOT acceptable and right for the siblings to do so? Right…again…another Joan Wheeler character flaw!

I am not Joan any more than you’re the Queen of England, and THAT’S the truth. So which is it, Potty Mouth? Are you ignorant or just stupid? Please keep in mind they are not mutually exclusive.

Gert says: And Joan has never used a potty mouth! These couple of statements are from a little girl throwing a temper tantrum and NOT FROM a man that Champ claims to be nor from a DEFENDER that Champ claims to be. Champ go back under your rock! Any man who SPEAKS like this to WOMEN is only showing their character flaws and it is quite plain for all to see that Champ is a abuser of women!

You obviously are both. And, by the way, if you answered me on your blog, I couldn’t be bothered reading that trash, so I received no response.

Gert says: ignorant and stupid that is, right! in your book but your opinion means less than nothing to me…I’m not impressed with you either. Too bad that you are NOT reading my blog for you are missing a great deal of truth telling. But of course, Joan, you don’t want to read the truth for the truth hurts you too much. No one else is listening to you, are they Joan, that is why you MUST keep this Champ character around…hey…I was under the impression that he was ONLY going to speak up in your defense when we spoke up on adoption sites! Hey…Champ you are harassing and stalking us. You created a blog with the expressed intention of harassing and browbeating us siblings! Way to go man…you sure are show your class!

Pick a time in the next 2 weeks to meet and I’ll pick the place. Respond here, or show yourself the ignorant coward you are.

Gert says: What are you nuts!! You are the one who has the warped logic that says…if we do not MET with you we agree that you are NOT Joan…sorry that logic is not only warped but crazy! No one in their right mind would agree to met with an obviously abuser. Get this straight…the birth siblings know who they are, we do not hide under false names, we do not have to prove our identity or existence. We know who Joan is…and…we DO NOT want to see her. Joan KNOWS we don’t want to see her so why the hell would we go anywhere to SEE HER?

Again, the ignorant coward is another Joan speak/language and it seems as if she is getting a little impatient that we have NOT taken her bait! What should I do? Drop my life and do what the little girl wants? Joan…you know where I live, or you can easily find out, why don’t you just drop by and see me sometime?

( Clue! If I was an author, I would use spellcheck, wouldn’t I? )

Gert says: Just another false attempt to show that Champ is not Joan, therefore not a writer, who doesn’t need to use spellcheck but yet, months ago wanted to impress us with their knowledge of foreign languages. Outside of the fact that typo errors do occur, most people, when they present themselves in a written matter who like to show that they are NOT ignorant…but Champ now wants us to believe that he is far more stupider than Joan. Great show!

Both you and the other wicked sister. You should be at least bright enough to read a calendar!

Gert says: ?wicked sister!! I like that, thanks for the complaint…oh sorry you were referring to Ruth now weren’t you! Well okay…if she is the wicked sister, what am I? …and yes we can read a calendar, but we are busy for the remainer of our lives and like I said I don’t want to see Joan and I don’t need to met with Champ or any other person that knows Joan Wheeler…so buddy you are out of luck!

Champ/Joan your ‘book’ writing style is showing!

I won’t waste my time on any of the “blogs” you two write, so no response here = no response.

Gert says: Than if I’m understanding you…if I don’t met you and I don’t response to you on your blog…you will NOT response to me? Okay…

I AM posting this comment on MY BLOG and on your blog as a comment…if you don’t post my comment than I know that you are a fake and are Joan Wheeler and if you do post it and CLAIM that because I won’t met you I therefore accept that you are not Joan Wheeler…you still lose because the rest of the world still sees the sickness that is in Joan/champ’s mind. AND if after this post/comment, you post another comment about us then we KNOW that champ is Joan because Joan can not help herself…she wants to attack us…she needs to feel the attention.

Mental illness is no laughing matter…get yourself to your mental health clinic fast…you are showing the world just how sick you are…


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