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Joan Wheeler’s hatred for adoption started early and continues on and on

by on June 22, 2012
 I will grant that not every child has the best of parents and that parents can and do say the wrong things to children. Hey, no one is perfect. I will also grant that, adopted or not, some children have a very hard time with their parents and those parent contributed to many negative aspects of a child’s development. That being said…just because a person had a rotten childhood and/or rotten parents and/or has a ‘hard-on’ against, in this case, adoption, that doesn’t give them the right to ‘go after’ the institution of adoption or those that are pro-adoption and who adopt!
On the public forum Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change…Joan Wheeler tells us where her depression started. No wonder Joan hates adoption! Problem that I see is that Joan has NEVER recovered. Does she even want to recover? If she recovered, she would lose her ‘hard-on’ over adoption.
recovery or staying sick…the choice is a no-brainer unless you are Joan Wheeler
 Title: Re: Were you depressed as a young child?
Post by: 1adoptee on January 07, 2011, 01:20:50 PM
Yes, it started when I was a young child when my adoptive mother told me I was adopted and that my “other mother had too many children so she gave you to us”. A few years later, she changed the story to “your mother died and your father thought it best for you to live with us”, so, yeah, I was confused and depressed from about the age of four or five.

Gert here...and Joan is still confused and depressed, nothing has changed….she is still in therapy…she will never get any better because she loves telling anyone who will listen her tale of woe and suffering.

and now that she has burnt so many of her own bridges, from writing a libelous book, to being on public forums where she is kicked off for hate and abuse, and where all her friends on AAAFC used to come and attack the birth siblings, for speaking the truth, don’t even come to Joan’s side anywhere,

she is reduced to speaking against the birth sibling via some mask she has created, her imaginary friend Champ…so that she can continue her hate upon the only people that are left ALIVE her birth siblings…

So if Joan was lied to in her childhood…how is that the birth siblings fault? Why are we paying the price for Joan’s adoption?

Because, she is a sick, sick person and she has no one else to throw her hate and rage at except us siblings. She NEVER answers to her own misdeeds, NEVER, when asked directly why she did any misdeed…all she can say is that ADOPTION CAUSES HAVOC to all involved…well her adoption is her problem, not ours and until Joan answers to all the WHYS of what she did to the birth siblings…we shall continue to expose everything we know about Joan and find about Joan.

So again Joan Wheeler, I ask you to answer to why you interfered with the adoption process of MY ADOPTING MY SON…

answer to why you interfered with my minor children, telling them they did not have to listen to their parents…

answer to why you called two false child abuse reports against me…after I told you to butt out of my life…

answer to why you called my religion a danger to my mental health

answer to why you tried to get my daughter to commit a crime for you

answer to why you lied about me and my family

answer to why you did ALL THE OTHER misdeeds that we siblings have endured from you…

and the answer is NOT that you are confused, depressed and adopted…the answer lies within you and only you can come clean as to your dirty deeds and free yourself from the prison you have created in your life.

But, as we know, Joan Wheeler is incapable of explaining herself…all she can do she continue to speak hate against us…and she does it from behind other people and imaginary friends…

come out in the open Joan Wheeler and speak up as a woman! Speak up and answer your accusers…we are here…where are you?

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