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Joan Wheeler does NOT want to stop arguing with her sisters…she goes out of her way to engage them…over and over again…because she believes herself to be their victim!

by on June 27, 2012

Nope, she doesn’t know how to stop and that is part of the problem. In her diseased mind she believes fully all her lies, for she created them and therefore they must be true. There is no room in her mind for ‘the other side’ to be known, no matter how many times she will say that…when she is talking about her side that is. She doesn’t want us to talk about ‘our side’ and when we do, she screams ‘hey there’s another side, listen to ME’. But no one is really listening to her anymore; that is why she had to create masks to hide behind and have them speak for her.

She doesn’t know that she is done for, she thinks she is clever, that the world loves her, that she has something important to say, if only she could get those nasty sisters out of the way and shout them out! Oh and never mind that she did any wrongdoings, she’s the adoptee who is the victim and she doesn’t have to take responsibility for her actions. When Joan Wheeler found herself faced with Ruth and Gert on a public discussion forum, presenting charges against her, in public, in April 2012, Joan created Champ/Pilgrim/Brian. We have shown time and again that Joan is the one who is pulling those strings and speaking behind those masks, so we can all drop that mask!

Here are some ‘selected’ words, from Champ’s blog…and right from the beginning Joan states that posts from the sisters will NOT be posted. But as we see, time and again, how Joan continues the attack, why…because she thinks she is protected, it really isn’t her, that is writing on the blog, it is Champ. Bullshit! This is just a means for Joan Wheeler to attack, directly, with the sisters, because Joan Wheeler does not know when to give it up.

Ruth and Gert have NOT been on any forum talking about Joan since we all got kicked off that site. On our blogs we are just reporting and exposing what Joan Wheeler has said in the past. We shall continue doing that until Joan Wheeler stops her bullshit lying and speaking about us anywhere.

So how many times has Joan said she will not ‘engage’ with us and how many times does she continue to do so…here are the highlights, and yes, I’ve SELECTED a few statements to prove my point…that Joan WANTS to post and argue with us…here now from EACH AND EVERY POST ON CHAMP’S BLOG are statements that say Joan will NOT post our comments, but then she does…unless they contain CHARGES against her and then she will omit them!

TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012  Defending Joan Wheeler

 I know that as soon as this hits the net, I’ll be attacked by at least one of these siblings. I’ll then be more than happy to post their objections. I have no doubt that anyone having the audacity to stand up for the rights of one person to simply tell her story the way she has experienced it will be contacted by these “ladies”. Rather than feeling threatened, I would invite anyone so contacted to post any communication to this site. Comments from Joan’s sisters, however, will not be posted. They may respond in any way they wish on their own malignant blogs. If anyone wishes to find out what hate and absence of a purpose in life consists of, I would suggest you visit the blogs of one of the three afore mentioned sisters. It should be an valuable education about what to avoid if one is in any way charitable!

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 Congratulations!

It was your comment about Joan. I merely responded.

Leave Joan alone, and I’ll leave you alone. Get out of her life, and I assure you I’ll stay out of yours. Stop interfering with her, and I’ll do the same for you. Until that happens, I’m afraid the channels of communication between us will remain open.     

THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012 A Little More Insight

I just thought I’d throw in a little bit about what kind of people are attacking Joan. 

In fact, as soon as they stop their persecution of Joan and remove any blogs concerning Joan or her book, I’ll be happy to remove this blog and stay out of their affairs.

thanks for being my #1 fan. Keep visiting here, and I might even monitize it! 


The only reason for this blog is to try to get you to mind your own business.

MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012 An Open Offer

I don’t know whether to say I’m looking forward to a response, or would prefer you to not respond,

THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2012 Newsflash!

And remember that if you actually can get through the trash the sisters are writing without getting bored to death or throwing up, there are two sides to every story. I suggest you take a look at Joan’s side before you make up you mind. 

 TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012 A Response to Ignorance and Stupidity

The fact is, you and your sisters are in denial.

Your refusal to meet with me comes as no surprise. It simply shows you for the bullies and cowards you are! I hope you’re proud of yourselves. I’m sure no one else is!

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012 HOW ELOQUENT!  Well, when you stop, so will I.

Gert again…as you see…Joan will continue on because she has nothing better to do…all other avenues have been closed to her…she doesn’t have any more credibility…so she has to go after us again and again because we are telling the truth and the truth is hurting Joan Wheeler. In my next post I shall show again that every word written by ‘champ’ is Joan Wheeler…

Why can’t she come out in the open? Because she is a coward and a bully…and when cowards and bullies are confronted they ran and hide. Do you see Ruth and Gert running away and hiding? Nope we are right here…come and get us Joan! You know what you have to do to get us to stop… answer the charges against you!

Joan doesn’t realize that it is NOT her that Ruth and Gert are talking to. We are talking to many many other people, who have been victimized by the likes of Joan Wheeler.

This statement by Joan…as soon as they stop their persecution of Joan and remove any blogs concerning Joan or her book, I’ll be happy to remove this blog and stay out of their affairsis a copy-cat statement of MINE, Joan can’t even be original. I said it first and many times since that if Joan admits her wrong doings and answers the charges and removes her blogs against us…which is persecution to us by Joan…then we shall stop and not a minute before. Bullies do not tell me what to do…I am NOT a victim…I stand up in the full light accusing the one, Joan Wheeler by name, who abused and bullied her way in my life since 1980.

And this by Joan…I suggest you take a look at Joan’s side before you make up you mindSee, she is talking to others she wants everyone to hear her side and not the real other side…

So Joan Wheeler…when are you going to stop persecuting me on this blog called defending joan wheeler, by champ? Everyone knows that it is you, Joan, come out and stand up to your accusers…answer the charges against you. The very fact that you will not answer just makes our case against you stronger every day!


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