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the dangers of writing shit about someone if you don’t know them – a lesson to be learned by Brian T. Maloney

by on July 7, 2012

UPDATE July 8, 2012…

be it known that Joan Wheeler has enlisted one, Brian T Maloney of Williamsville, NY to harass, browbeat, insult, belittle, intimidate and cyberbully the birthsiblings of Joan. We do not know this Brian T Maloney who has a blog ‘defendingjoanwheeler.blogspot’ who calls himself Champ,  and he has left a bullying remark Dec 2011, on the Buffalo News website article on birther issue of Joan Wheeler . This man is an abuser to women he does not know.  By a sheer twist of fate, Brian is the son of the late Arthur J. Maloney, who was a well respected attorney in the Buffalo area, AND long-time friend and attorney of our stepmother (from the late 1960’s) and long-time friend and attorney of our father Leonard Sippel (since the early 1970’s). Mr. Maloney also handled the adoption proceedings when our father adopted his stepdaughter. Joan Wheeler cannot stand that fact and has enlisted Brian T. Maloney in her continued abuse and harassment of her birth family. Arthur also handled legal issues for Ruth in 1976 (landlord/tenant) and in the 1990’s – regarding Joan’s theft of money from Ruth and harassment of Ruth. Arthur was disgusted with Joan’s behavior. We are appalled that the son of a very sweet man (Arthur) is such an abuser and a harasser of the daughters of a friend of his late father. I, Ruth Sippel Pace, in representing the Sippel family, left a message of condolence on the online remembrance book for Arthur. I am shocked and disgusted that in return, I am called a dog by his son.

back to the post

So Brian T. Maloney takes me to task for getting something wrong yesterday and writes this bullcrap and an empty threat:

” my wife Margaret actually DIED! NOW who’s the LIAR? If you can’t get that right, how much of everything else you prattle on about is false? The rest are matters of public record, so it would be available to anyone who’s such a busybody, such as yourself, who would care to access them. So now that you’ve found out what anyone else could find out, where do you want to take this? Maybe you would like to talk about your relationship with a certain Arab woman who’s name starts with S? Shall we show how much of a “LADY” you are by talking about what sweet things you did with her?

Here is my answer to this little man. Well, Brian,  the public records I looked at were real estate records provided by Erie County – they do not tell anyone if anyone in those records are deceased. Because it showed that Brian and Margaret as spouses purchased real estate, then Brian and his second wife Jane – who is still alive and is divorced from Brian – I had no way of knowing that Margaret had died.

So as to what you can trust to what I put on my blog – it is correct to the best of my ability. I always welcome corrections if I get a fact wrong. HOWEVER when it comes to the facts of MY OWN LIFE – people can certainly trust what I say – and as to my charges of Joan’s lies and harassment about me – I have provided actual court documents that PROVE that what I say is correct.

But getting back to the topic of Brian’s wife, we see the danger of writing about a stranger’s life.  Brian – I have never met you. I have only met your father. And he certainly did not speak to me of you. Therefore, when I spoke of you – I got something wrong. Unless I hear about YOUR life from YOUR mouth, how would I be able to get anything 100% correct as to YOUR experiences.

And this is a lesson that YOU need to learn yourself Brian – YOU HAVE NEVER MET ME. YOU DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT ME – yet you are plastering stuff about me on your blog? How do we know what YOU are prattering on about is true? Because a proven liar told you so? YOU are listening to Joan Wheeler – a proven liar! She wrote a letter to Albany New York and told them I was placed on probation! I never was! And I posted the court document last week that showed I was NOT placed on probation. She says the order of protection she got against me was for one year – I posted the actual court document that said it was for six months. She’s a liar and I have proven it time and time again!

You, Brian, listen to Joan’s storytelling about a woman’s life and takes it at face value! You listen to Joan tell you about prank phone calls between me and a woman that Joan never met – how do YOU Brian, know anything that Joan is telling you is true? Have you spoken to me about those phone calls? Have you spoken to Shadya about those phone calls? NO? Then how do YOU know what conversations I had with Shadya 35 years ago? Only Shadya and I know what was said between the two of us and what happened between the two of us. for you to repeat this little tale of gossip WITHOUT GETTING THE FACTS show you are no man – you are worse than a common fishwife – hanging over the backyard fence trashing good people’s reputations.

Maybe I will contact Shadya’s brother and have him straighten you out on the topic of his sister. yeah – the little kid I used to babysit. See, I knew Shadya’s family and that was why I was so pissed when she started shit with me.

yeah, Brian and Joni – sitting in a tree
first come lies,
then comes garbage,
then comes police with harassment charge!


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