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Fun and games on Facebook – re: The Nameless One (aka Joan Wheeler) and Brian “Chimp” Maloney (full of baloney)

by on July 9, 2012

Sunday evening, July 8, I was on facebook and having fun. I found the following picture on facebook and I harvested it and added my own comment to it. Then my cousin Debbie had to get in on the action!

Ruth: heh heh heh, I remember once – 1985 ish, Joan wheeler and I were at Beaver Island State Park and a bird atually DID shit on her head! – I swear to Goddess, this is true!

Debbie Miller I would vou

  • Ruth Herr Sippel Paceha ha ha – for a second there Deb, I thought you meant “I would … (shit) on you” – but I then I saw your second message – hee hee hee – and did you see we found out that Chimp is really another person – and a bastard at that – Brian Maloney – I wanna shit on his head too.
  • Debbie MillerOh i see what been going on,,,,digusting little bastard……keep up the good work you guys
  • Ruth Herr Sippel Pacedid you read the blog? Gert’s daughter karen went off yesterday beause this bastard called her mom and me – dogs
  • Debbie Milleri was trying to tell you i have alot of back up shit waiting to make its exit, to bad i can’t ship it off to the nameless one and chimp because they sure could use some more Shit to  eat………….

  • Ruth Herr Sippel Paceroflmao! – I just read what you wrote to my husband – he just rolled his eyes. – – say, can I copy and paste this and put it on my blog?
  • Debbie Millerbe my guest, they are messing with my family, I’m not afraid to say what i mean, I don’t hide behind CHIMPS to fling shit I do it to there face…….cousin we are so a like

    (ruth’s note: I edited out this person’s name and picture – for privacy!)
  • oh you guys!! i guess I missed what you are talking about, can you tell me where to find this goodie? and…yes anyone that has anything they would like to say to the nameless one by all means post a comment and Ruth will  posted…i think Ruth called their bluff what aholes
  •  – have you been drinking wine again? Do I HAVE to spell it out for you? The graphic is about birds shitting on peoples heads. I told a true story about the nameless one, Debbie is constipated and wants to unload it on Joan and Chimp – I read the exchange to John, he rolled his eyes, I want to put this on my blog – and we’ve all confused you. oh geez!

to freaking funny!!!


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