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I’m putting the brat Brian to bed and ignoring his temper tantrums – because that’s how you deal with brats – give them NO more attention.

by on July 12, 2012

So after all the things happening the past several days, Brian Maloney STILL insists he is in the right. Fine.

I want to make one final post on this idiot. And then I’m putting the Brian idiot to bed. As we do with a toddler with a temper tantrum, I will ignore the little brat.

On his blog on July 11, 2012, he is insisting he did not call us dogs. He justifies it by saying it was an old adage. The old adage WAS calling us dogs. He also says that if I did know his marital status and did not post it correctly it made me a liar. Sorry Charlie, I said the other day the real estate records do NOT show marital status – so you still are in the wrong – I said that I worked with the material that I had – I said that I was guilty of making an error – that did not make me a liar. For you to keep insisting that I am, nor recognizing sarcasm shows that you have already made up your mind about me and no amount of me telling you otherwise will make you change your mind. Fine. You are guilty of prejudice – Fine.

Brian, you say you read her book. I don’t believe you have. Because if you did, you would have read where she says an order of protection she obtained against me was for one year. I posted here on this blog the actual court document that shows it was for six months. Something’s wrong here. Either Joan is a LIAR – or Brian is a LIAR and didn’t check out the facts. Brian, sweetie, an actual court document doesn’t lie. So if you want to be Mr. Delusional and think the court document proves that Joan is right – I seriously think it YOU who need psych meds. Court documents don’t lie pal.  Simple as that.

As for vulgarity – have you seen what Joan writes – you obviously didn’t check out her blog archives of December 2009 or even the vulgarity she has used on the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change – calling me and Gert “fuckheads.” And she and those so-called adults over there routinely swear about pro-adoption websites and go to pro-adoption sites and swear at people. And we have seen vulgar posts made by Joan – so according to your standards, Joan is no lady either.

There is an old saying, “you can’t reason with a drunk or a mentally ill person.” And that is definitely true. Not once in his lastest temper tantrum does Brian admit to any wrong doing that he himself did. Fine. I have better things to do than listen any more to a 62 year old man going off on tangents and clearly has no idea of what he is talking about. We have presented evidence that in October 2009 Joan went posted in an online site about Adoption, and started her lying about the family. I posted comments correcting her under a psuedonym of Terry. Joan’s book came out the beginning of November 2009. I started my blog the end of November 2009, and it had a different name – I did call it Refuting a book of lies, but did not identify the author. In fact, my early posts were not even about the book but I was learning the wordpress format. I posted pictures of me, I posted a harvest picture. Then I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep the blog on wordpress and deleted all of it. Then I received the book and saw where she did call me Brenda in the book, but kept a reference to an article that she wrote in 1990 “The Secret is Out,” where in she called me by my real name. And she told readers of her book where to find that article. So no, Brian, even is she called me Brenda, she told her readers where to go to see my real name.

And mr. smartypants – Trafford Publications contract says “If people you write about can recognize themselves, you are guilty of slander and libel.”

Since she has her sister Brenda and her going to the Star Trek convention in New York City in February 1975, and I know that was ME, therefore I recognized myself and therefore she is guilty of slander and libel.

But hey pal, have it YOUR way. Ruth controls Trafford Publications and can kill a book with a snap of her fingers. Thank you for granting me that power!

And we see again that there is NO way to reason with a drunk or a mentally ill person. As I said, if there were NO problems with her book – the book would still be in print. I, Ruth, do not work for Trafford Publications, nor know anyone working there. If Trafford Publications felt the book was problematic – then Joan (and Brian) need to take it up with Trafford.

Actual court documents, company policies and the TRUTH isn’t going to get in the way of Brian’s and Joan’s delusions.

So goodbye Brian – have a nice life. Write all you want on your ridiculous blog – you don’t sound like a grown man of 62. You sound more like a dirty old man. I sure hell hope Jennifer and Christa keeps their kids away from you.  I’m just wondering what explanations you come up with about your internet ramblings. – but I won’t wonder very long, cos after I hit the post button, I’m done responding to your silliness. You mean nothing to me little man. You are nothing to me. You failed in your mission. and take The Duke’s advice:

“Don’t fret about it Pilgrim.”


gert says…
Facts are facts…just because you choose to ignore them doesn’t make them go away
DARVO is the acronym for the standard abuser protocol:
Deny, Attack and Reverse roles of Victim and Offender
Ruth here: – and this is exactly what Brian is doing. Obviously, he read the post I wrote that contained my sarcastic answer to his claiming I was a liar when I posted an error regarding his first marriage. – And in that same post is a lot of ABUSE that Brian heaped on me. Including his bringing up 35 year old gossip about me and a person that I didn’t get along with — way back in the late 1970’s. This is gossip spoonfed to him by the person holding his leash – Joan. Brian has the impression that I did a bunch of stuff to this woman. Brian never met me, never met this woman. So how does he know what happened in my life in 1977? Brian conveniantly skips over that in my post – also doesn’t acknowledge the graphics that I posted – actual scans of get well card that this woman sent to me 1985 when I miscarried my son. Brian also conveniently does NOT acknowledge the wrong HE did to the Sippel family – trashed my father – a man he has never met. And this mere months after I honored his father online when I learned of his death. Brian also does not acknowledge how he stalked and harassed us online, using three different names: Pilgrim1013, Champ and Brian.
What Brian DIDN’T say in his latest post is more important than what he DID say.
Brian is delusional, just like Joan. No matter how many times we tell him two plus two equals four – he wants it to equal five and he will continue to insist that two plus two equals five.
Facts are facts…just because you choose to ignore them (or deny them) doesn’t make them go away
DARVO is the acronym for the standard abuser protocol:
Deny, Attack and Reverse roles of Victim and Offender
And this is why I say I wash my hands of this delusional little brat.  I wish him well, being Joan’s puppet and all. Which reminds me of something a very wise Jedi Knight said:
 “Who’s the more foolish – the fool or the fool that follows?”

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