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Champ, the so called defender of Joan Wheeler, is slacking on the job!! …

by on July 23, 2012

Joan Wheeler is back on Huffington Post bitching about her adoption and I placed a comment! I’ve been expecting to be attacked by Champ but he seems to be somewhat silent!

The last time Joan was on Huffington Post, Feb/March of 2011, she used, as her screen name, Joan Wheeler born as Doris Sippel. Ruth and I used our real names. Joan got abusive towards us, we said a few things and we were all kicked off.

This time around Joan is using, as a screen name, forbiddenfamily, and my screen name is halforphan47 (that’s a play on Joan’s halforphan56…for you see I too was halforphaned).

I placed my comment on July 12, 2012 and have heard nothing since, on the article, from any of Joan’s friends, nor the defender, on the article or on his blog!

If any want to see the entire article it is @

Posted: 07/06/2012 2:57 pm

“Adopted is something you were, not something you are.” That is how parents whose children became theirs describe things. Adoption is an action, they say. And once it is over you are a “child,” not an “adopted child.”

There are many of Joan’s comments, but I have chosen this one to begin with…

forbiddenfamily  09:04 PM on 07/08/2012

Mirah speaks the truth. Especially: “A mother and father remain your mother and father if you add on a step parent. It is the secondary parent who gets the prefix, not the original, in formal language.”
It IS best to ask how one prefers to be identified. During my childhood, I was the daughter, the only child, of my parents. They told me twice I was adopted and it was never brought up again. I knew I was different and was not allowed to talk about it. Still, they were my parents, with love and respect that goes with that in a reciprocal relationship. Until…
I was 18 and found by siblings my adoptive parents never wanted me to know. That is when I started to identify with “being adopted”. Six months after being found, an adoptive parent gave me her copy of “The Search for Anna Fisher” and I was never the same. I joined Florence Fisher’s organization, Adoptees Liberty Movement Association, and learned about adoptees rights and natural mothers’ degredation. Before this, I was not aware of the larger picture.
I suspect that many many people are not aware of the larger picture which produces the harping on the word “adoption”. When secrets are kept, when lies are told, when trust is betrayed, the family is broken.

And my comment:


Re: comments by ‘forbiddenfamily’ who said…‘was not aware of the larger picture’

there are many aspects, pro and con, and many sides to anyone’s opinion or experience and she will never give you the ‘larger picture’, it is unfortunate that she had such a horrible upbringing, by the parents that adopted and raised her; for all she can focus on is hate/anger and making ADOPTION a disease or malfunction that must be erased or condemned and/or that others have been damaged and traumatized because of her adoption as she is so fond of telling us of that ‘forbiddenfamily’.

As a member of that ‘forbiddenfamily’ (birth family) I can certainly agree that when family secrets are NOT KEPT and ‘when lies are told, when trust is betrayed, the family is broken’. When the one, who was adopted and then found, by that ‘forbiddenfamily’, who knows nothing about boundaries, who told/tells/publishes lies, fabricates whole-cloth garbage, broke trusts, interfered with my adoption of my son, and in many other unsavory ways betrayed each and every member of that ‘forbidden family’! And yes, the re-union-ed family was then broken by someone who hates adoption and being adopted NOT because of adoption itself.


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