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Update from Ruth, July 23, 2012: two new very important blog posts on my blog

by on July 23, 2012

I have written two very important blog posts on my blog over at Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family.

The first one is my initial thoughts on the Batman Movie Massacre. – Off blog topic – massacre at a movie theatre July 20, 2012

The second one, entitled Joan Wheeler is a dangerous nut – she has had a long history of harassing people. July 21, 2012 came about because of a facebook conversation that Gert and I were having with a couple of our cousins and the question came up about what harassments Joan did to our cousin Gail (while she was suffering and dying from cancer) and other members of Gail’s immediate and extended family.

Because you see, Joan Wheeler has not only harassed us Sippel Sisters, she has harassed just about EVERYBODY who had an opposing viewpoint of her, or who dared to either challenge her or ignore her.

Joan’s attitude has ALWAYS been – either you agree with her 100% on her viewpoints of life, or she will make you life very miserable.

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