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Some people, like psycho-paths, will always blame the other guy for their own mistakes. But every lie that Joan Wheeler tells will eventually be exposed so she can’t keep blaming others!

by on August 2, 2012

Joan Wheeler, like the New Yorker‘s Jonah Lehrer, ought to resign, from writing any more books on her adoption, that contain lies against two families! In the news article, about Lehrer, another book was mentioned…Imagine: How Creativity Works. I have written many times about how Joan Wheeler uses creative writing and then promotes it as TRUTH. Sorry, Joan Wheeler’s truth has NOTHING to do with any true story! What she wrote was pure and simple lies and libel. Here is the ‘news’ story, about Lehrer, after which I present more evidence of Joan Wheeler’s lying. New Yorker’s Jonah Lehrer quits over fake Dylan quotes

Jonah Lehrer was a rising star at the New Yorker, focusing on science reporting. A staff writer for the New Yorker has resigned after he admitted inventing quotes by Bob Dylan in a recent book. Jonah Lehrer, 31, acknowledged in a statement from his book publisher that some quotes he used did “not exist”, and others were misquoted. The resignation came after the online magazine Tablet wrote an in-depth piece on the quotations used in Imagine: How Creativity Works.

Shipments of the book, which was published in March, have been halted. The e-book version has been unlisted. Houghton Mifflin, the publisher, said Lehrer had committed a “serious misuse”.

“The lies are over now” Jonah Lehrer Author

Lehrer was already out of favour at the New Yorker, which is known for its thorough fact checking, after he admitted last month having recycled passages for the magazine that he had written for previous publications. His admission came after Michael Moynihan of the Tablet contacted him about the quotes.

“I told Mr Moynihan that [the quotes] were from archival interview footage provided to me by Dylan’s representatives,” he said. “This was a lie spoken in a moment of panic. “The lies are over now. I understand the gravity of my position. I want to apologize to everyone I have let down, especially my editors and readers.”

Among the quotes that were called into question was one that first appeared in the 1960s documentary Don’t Look Back. When asked about his songs, Dylan says “I just write them. There’s no great message.” In his book, Lehrer added a third sentence – “Stop asking me to explain” – that does not appear in the film.

According to Tablet, he had also invented Dylan quotes about the song Like A Rolling Stone. When confronted with the lack of attribution, Lehrer said he had been granted access to an unedited version of No Direction Home, a documentary about Dylan by Martin Scorsese. He has now admitted that he never saw such footage.

“This is a terrifically sad situation,” New Yorker editor David Remnick said in a statement. “But, in the end, what is most important is the integrity of what we publish and what we stand for.” Sales of Lehrer’s book have been respectable, with the book ranking No 105 on as of Monday lunchtime. end of news story…

And this relates to Joan Wheeler…how?  Because, she does not take responsibility for her actions, of writing a libelous book. In her mind, the book, is truth, and was pulled from publication, because the birth siblings pressured the publisher, who caved in to our pressure. Bullshit! She thought, in 2008/09, that Trafford Publications was a great publishing house because they would publish ‘controversial topics’; she said it all over the place. But once the evidence was provided, to her, via our blogs, that that book was DEAD it took her a long time to admit that ‘it was only sleeping, while she looked for another publisher’. Sure, don’t confuse her with facts, she cannot handle facts! To her mind, Trafford Publications was the reason the book was pulled and she now is looking for a mainstream publisher to reprint her book. She is everywhere looking and searching and ‘cultivating’ various ‘net-publishing’ houses. But there doesn’t seem to be any takers! Gee, can’t image why…oh too bad!

She could solve that problem by self-publishing and offering the book for free… but that has two major problems…she doesn’t have any money to do that task and she wouldn’t make any money! See…she only wrote the thing for making money and getting back at everyone, in two families, because she is adopted.

Even after the damn book’s demise she continues to talk about it as if it were alive and well…and AVAILABLE! Because the book has been PROVED to be libelous she is now talking to the walls…no one is taking her serious anymore and she is the only one that doesn’t GET IT. She is the only one that is still bitching and moaning about things…she is angry, and will continue to fight on, even to the detriment of and to her health, browbeating  and belittling and pissing people off over adoption…INSTEAD…of either going to the law-makers or giving it a rest…already! She wants to take on the Federal government…except she ain’t got no money…so who is she kidding?

Joan Wheeler’s libelous book called Forbidden Family is a total of 642 pages, most of which contains her lies and ramblings of hate and anger and her own detailed accounts of her mental illnesses, in the plural. She says that the book has detailed information for adoption reform…well let’s take a look. I have it right here! Without going into minute detail…I present a bare-bones ‘peek’ at the hard evidence that Joan Wheeler says is in her in book and why she is such a great and wonderful adoption reform advocate!

Please excuse me while I go and throw-up! While I’m away here’s a glimpse, of her evidence…

Chapter 37, Presenting My Personal Documents as Evidence of State Fraud, runs from page 460 to 481;  a total of 21 pages. Twelve of those pages contain imagines of Joan’s documents. The other 9 pages are nothing more than subjective ramblings of her personal opinions. This chapter does not have any evidence of any fraud! What the presenting of her personal documents proves is that of name change due to adoption, which is NOT state fraud, regardless of one’s opinion. If adoption laws need to be changed the right and proper place is within the legislature arena, not by exploiting others by writing fiction and lies and promoting it as truth.

Joan also confuses the issue of separation of church and state with the church being REQUIRED to obey the laws of the state. Joan mistakenly states, referring to the amended baptismal certificate…‘why does the Catholic Church lie on religious documents?’ A baptismal certificate is NOT a religious document! It is a baptismal certificate, which in the case of adoption, must be altered as a birth certificate is altered when a person has a name change.

The only evidence that, this chapter shows, is that it does show that Joan Wheeler did NOT distance our family from being identified in the book. She did blank out certain things but kept the important identifying information, such as family last names, cities and dates; that was one of the bases of some of the libelous materials.

This chapter contains these subjective ramblings, under the subtitles of; Surrogate Court Judge sealed my records needlessly, False record of birth is legalized adoption fraud – the surrogate court judge and registrar of vital statistics committed fraud and perjury, the Catholic Church is also guilty of fraud, why my siblings can obtain their birth certificates and why I am banned from mine, no need for protection of sealed and falsified birth certificates, I demand my equal rights and my natural parents’ equal rights, 1 birth record + 1 adoption record = adoption truth, and illegitimacy and orphan-hood do not mark a person for life – adoption does. Then she presents…what my adoption certificate might look like.

Nothing here PROVES any evidence of State Fraud, as this chapter states, and, as Joan presents it, it is nothing but her own propaganda agenda! It means nothing and only points to her lying and misrepresentation of facts.

Chapter 40, Who Invented Amended Birth Certificates and Why?, runs from page 581 to 593 for a total of 12 pages which may have some ‘real’ solid material, but, it is overrun with more personal opinions that obscure the solid materials. One must ask…were the 630 other pages really necessary to get to these 12 pages of possible real solid material? If you were the subject in those 600+ pages I bet I’d know your answer!

Chapter 41, Proposal for Federal Legislation on Adoptees’ Birth Records, runs from page 594 to 602; that’s a total of 8 pages. These 8 pages are nothing more than another regurgitation of Joan’s utopian thinking. If anything in these 8 pages has any merit, at all, it ought to be presented to legislature and not within a lying hate filled book against both birth and adoptive families and anyone or thing that is pro-adoption. These 8 pages prove to me that it only takes 8 pages to present something to legislation to get the job done…NOT…642 pages of garbage and hate and lies and libel.

Joan Wheeler is angry, pissed and hates everyone and she will not rest or give up until her dying breath! What a fucking waste of a life! Doesn’t she know how to live a life?

Is there anyone else out there, besides her birth siblings, to tell her to give it up? No lawyer will ever take her case…we haven’t heard word one from a lawyer, about how we are stalking and cyber bullying her or how we took her book away from her. And yet Joan continues to think that she can sue us. Where are all of her friends and that great and powerful ‘defender’ to come to her aid?

Is there NO ONE out there that can tell Joan Wheeler to shut the fuck up and get a life!

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