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Oh gods…Brian Maloney, Joan Wheeler’s defender, is ‘back again’…

by on August 11, 2012

Just when you thought the waters were safe! Some people really are brain dead, they just don’t know when they ought to shut their mouths.

So here I’ll answer Brian’s new insights, paragraph by paragraph. In reading Brian something comes quite clear to me; besides taking on all of Joan’s views and hatred he has actually commited the same error again, lumping the sisters into one. He slips up at times and you can see when he is actually speaking to Ruth. Clearly, Joan’s hate for her sisters and in particular Ruth has infected Brian, he best get to a therapist.

Back again.Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brian Maloney says

…Sorry for my absence, but I don’t visit here often. I have to say that I do miss reading the rather amusing comments. They show me how ignorance, stupidity, and egomania can degenerate into pure spiteful viciousness. Do you REALLY think anyone cares about you other than yourselves? If so, just remember that it was YOU who identified yourselves. Such egos!

Gert says

…well we do know that he visits our blogs so I’m sure he is getting his kicks! It’s really too bad though that he hasn’t taken the time to assimilate how we have ‘torn apart’ every one of Joan’s lies; his loss. Brian and Joan would really be surprised to know just how other people are IMPRESSED with our blogs as well as our willingness to expose the lies and dirty deeds of Joan Wheeler; for we help them with their dealings with their own socio-paths that harm them.

Brian really must have missed our blog posts about how JOAN identified US long before the book was published! We posted the evidence and there is more to be posted, once we have time for that task; there is more to our lives than the Joan and Brian show! But do not worry, we are here for the long ran for Joan Wheeler keeps giving us more to work with!

Brian says…How many times must you be told that the book was not about YOU but about how adoption affects not only the adoptee, but the entire family? And you claim that you can identify yourselves in the book. Hmmm. That can ONLY mean that what Joan writes MUST be true and accurate. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to identify yourselves.

Gert says…This is totally a one-sided flawed logical conclusion based on Joan’s lack of taking responsibility for her own actions and words. Joan’s adoption DID NOT affect our entire family. Joan’s behavior, once she was reunited with us, AFFECTED ourselves and our entire family. Furthermore, it was the libelous book, filled with all of Joan’s hate, that AFFECTED our entire family and that is why we have these blogs against the lying book and Joan herself.

The libelous book contains our family’s names and other vital information for anyone to recognize the family and members in it. Joan did not distance herself enough in the telling of her lies and once this was brought to the attention of the publisher…they saw the potential for a law-suit and pulled the book. You got a beef here, take it up with the publisher…MY WORK IS DONE THERE.

Again Brian shows his flawed logic…because we or others can identify ourselves in a book of lies does NOT make what Joan wrote true…it actually PROVES our point, not Joan’s or yours. Why don’t you have a brain of your own Brian! Why are you speaking in Joan-speech? Kick in your own brain, Brian!

Here’s a novel solution Brian…why don’t you give Joan the money for a lawyer and take me to court! I’d love the opportunity to get this to a court room, but alas, my government pensions are not enough to cover that cost. That’s right I’m retired, with 2 federal pensions and a saving account, because I worked and saved for over 40 years. Joan does not have any money and that is why she wrote a lying book because she wanted to have a ‘best seller’ and a movie of her lousy life! NOT on our backs!

Brian says…You seem to delight in trying to destroy Joan’s reputation. You must have more education in psychology and social work than she has, so invite you to present your professional credentials, or at least present to the world any degrees from an institution of higher learning so that I can give credence to what you write.

Gert says…Joan has done more than enough to destroy herself, she really didn’t need us to do it for her. I do not have to have creditials to talk about Joan Wheeler’s behavior. It is only Joan and Brian that seem to think that is important; why else are you constantly bringing this up. You must be insecure, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that proves our points, for you to keep harping on ‘professional credentials’ for anyone to speak about Joan Wheeler.

Brian says…You also go on and on about your rights to say whatever you want, but you would deny Joan the right to do the same. How hypocritical! And to put the frosting on the cake, your entire family criticized Joan for having an African-American boyfriend in college. Funny how that turned out, isn’t it?

Gert says…Brian you must have recently has some nice chats with Joan lately, she must have told you ‘more’ details about how we all denied her her rights! What a joke this is. It was Joan’s ADOPTED FAMILY that didn’t want Joan to have a Black boyfriend in college! It was a NON-ISSUE with the birth family; we are COLOR BLIND, Joan’s adoptive family is where the hate and bigotry comes from! What Joan wrote in the book is a total fabrication! I’ve written blog posts detailing this fact and everything else, too bad if Brian can’t read the blogs to find this out.

This is an example of how Brian/Joan is actually speaking here to Ruth. For it is a reference to the fact that Ruth has had two marriages with other races and her husband today is a Black man! So what does that have to do with Joan when Joan was in college? Nothing! Try again Brian.

Brian says…You seem unable to counter anything I post effectively, so you resort to name calling! I’m a scum bag? I don’t have to resort to that kind of childish nonsense, but I will point out that it takes one to know one.

Gert says...Brian you are the ‘kettle calling the pot black’! And we are not talking race here! Brian, everything out of your mouth/keybroad is name calling and insults! Would you be proud to show your family how you conduct yourself? That’s why we have blogs to expose bullys and socio-paths.

Brian says…Most people want peace in their lives, but you’ll never know that as long as you keep stoking the fires of hate and resentment. Sooner or later that will destroy you. You are already mentally unbalanced, and your continued nonsense after 30 years proves that. Of course you want to destroy Joan. She’s the only one of you who has tried to improve and educate herself. You have been content with the menial jobs you have had and still have, and have shown no signs of even considering advancing or educating yourselves. I’ll give credit to you both, though. At least you were able to hold some kind of job. 

Gert says...what makes Brian think we don’t have peace in our lives? Why does he have this great need to speak to us…who are so beneath him? We must be filling a need in HIS LIFE, or he would be gone now. Dear Brian…it was when Joan wrote a book of lies that cause us siblings to come after her. I have laid eyes on Joan only twice in 30 years! Get real here, boy, you are spending way too much time with Joan.

What do you consider menial jobs? As I said, I’m retired, but I worked as a Certified Dental Assistant for 37 years. I guess that was a menial job…after all I did ‘suck spit’ out of people’s dirty mouths. But someone had to it! And Ruth has been a nurse’s aid, I believe they have another name now, but, Ruth has had this job for over 35 years and yeah she cleans people’s asses when they piss and shit and can’t clean themselves and other menial tasks. But someone has to it!

Hope you remember Brian to tell your dental assistant and your doctor’s staff that they hold MENIAL JOBS, the next time you need them and hope to gods that you never find yourself beholding to that person who wipes your ass when you no longer can wipe it yourself and hope to gods that you don’t find Ruth doing it for you!

Brian we don’t need your approval that we have jobs, but I do wonder why you have to demean us for having menial jobs, when Joan has none…oh I forgot that poor baby has been so destroyed by her adoption that she can’t hold a job!

Brian says...I’ll check in from time to time to see if you’ve posted any more silliness. Till then, I hope you can somehow find peace. If you give it a try, you might find that life could be more pleasant!

Gert says…you do that Brian, knock yourself out! You just gave me and others a good laugh! Find some hole to crawl into will you!

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PS…I left the title of this post on a comment on Brian’s blog…just to make sure he knows I responsed to his stupidity.


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