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Joan Wheeler’s henchman is at it again…

by on August 27, 2012

For someone who said he was NOT going to post anything from the siblings of Joan Wheeler he sure has a lot of insults and more to say AFTER he posts our comments. Why doesn’t Joan speak for herself?

BUT FIRST A UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version.

It should be noted that the subject of this post, Brian, is just ONE of many, that Joan has used to do her DIRTY WORK, and whom once they were of NO MORE USE to her, she throw them away and/or threw them UNDER THE BUS. This is the way Joan operates, either you agree with her, 100 % or she’s turn on you, either you do as she says, or she’s turn on you, if you are currently in her ‘good’ graces, wait a bit, and she’ll turn on you or leave you in the dust.


here is my response to Brian that I just posted on his bullying blog against women he does not know on the misguided notion that Joan has A RELATIONSHIP with us that she needs severed! There is no relationship between Joan and us. Fact is it was only since she published a lying book that she had us BACK IN HER FACE and we will stay there until she removes the other two hate blogs against us as well as Brian’s.

Joan and her current henchmen will not stop us.

my comment…

The facts remains, Brian Maloney/Champ/Pilgrim,  you did indeed, started attacking us, on Joan Wheeler’s behalf, in December of 2011 on the Buffalo News site

and then again in April of 2012 on an Adoption Family Circle site. We found out who you are, exposed you and your bullying to US, as Joan’s henchman. In other words, you took it upon yourself to attack us, not the other way around, that is the fact, you cannot alter what you have done to US by any form of double-talk.

We do not care what you think or feel, about us or anything, period. You are NOT our focus. Our work is done with you. The very fact that you still have this blog and that you continue on insulting us, only proves that you have no conception about the issues we have with and about Joan Wheeler and yourself.

Brian’s current attempt…


Let’s set the record straight

And the nonsense continues. I don’t normally read the silliness posted on either Ruthie’s or Gertie’s  so called “blogs”, but there were a few things that were brought to my attention. I should probably set the record straight.

First, I actually AM a Reiki practitioner, and I have the greatest respect for the Reiki principles, one of which states. “I will be kind to people and all living things.” If you have read my posts, I have often urged these two tormented women to seek the help they need in order to find some measure of peace in their lives. They have obviously not done so, and are in denial that they need counseling. As far as one of them being a Reiki practitioner goes, I would ask how she reconciles her behavior with the principle I mentioned. I might also mention that being a Reiki practitioner is NOT my occupation, and I have never asked for or accepted any monetary payment from treating anyone. I feel that if someone requests a treatment, they have enough to deal with without having to worry about financial considerations. Sure sounds like I abuse and bully people, doesn’t it?

Now on to point 2. Desperation shows when my family, who has nothing to do with either of these people, is brought up. I cite the statement that my sister is a teacher. She, in fact, is not. Was that a mistake on the poster’s part, or was it a deliberate lie? One can only wonder. And why was my sister brought up in the first place? The only conclusion can be that the poster is a stalker, and is willing to go to any length to try to discredit me. How long will it be before my sister is attacked and harassed?

Point 3. There was a review of my EX-WIFE’S liquor store that was rather uncomplimentary. Now the attack falls on HER and does not address any issue the poster has with ME. Now she’s trying to ruin the reputation of a totally innocent and uninvolved party. Again, I would ask the question of whether the poster was aware of the fact that I am in no way associated with the store, or is this yet another example of how she’ll lie in order to try to destroy someone’s reputation.

Point 4. I have never been in the real estate business. Another mistake or lie?

Point 5. I never denigrated nurse’s aids. They are an important and necessary part of any medical facility, and I actually hold them in high esteem. I just questioned the reason why, in 30 some years, there has been no inclination to take advantage of some of the opportunities which must have presented themselves in order to seek advancement.

Point 6. I am not now, nor was I ever, an abuser. Outside of their own paranoia, I challenge either one of them to bring forth the name of anyone, male or female, who was abused or bullied by me. If someone wants to see abuse, however, I have only to refer them to the postings of my accusers. They will find both stalking AND abuse in both “blogs”. As far as me being a bully goes, if suggesting that they seek help in order to find some measure of peace and happiness in their heretofore sad little lives is bullying, then I guess I’m guilty. If you want to see what bullying REALLY is, just read their “blogs”. You’ll find nothing BUT bullying there. I would say that their concept of bullying is that anyone who disagrees with them is a bully and wrong. When someone DOES present a differing point of view, they whine about it. I guess they can dish it out o.k., and don’t mind trampling on other’s rights to free speech, but they can’t take it, even when it’s not happening to them. Interesting, no? Paranoia perhaps? The world isn’t out to get you two, and neither am I. I haven’t gone out and tried to find out what you do, who you know, or what misfortunes you’ve encountered. Yet you two have tried to do that to me, and in the process, have gotten much of it wrong. Aren’t you tired of embarrassing yourselves yet, or are you deliberately lying?

I have at no time resorted to name-calling or foul language. The only purpose for this blog is to try to stop the viciousness toward a friend who is desperately trying to sever relations with her persecutors so that she can find some peace in her life.

Due to the mistakes or outright lies I have countered here, stop and wonder how much of the postings of these two tormented souls is in any way accurate.

Once again, I can only wish them peace in their lives.

Posted by Champ at 11:14 AM


  1. Brian is a liar – I did not mention his wife’s name in connection with the liquor store – I got my information from BRIAN’S resume that HE put up on LinkedIn – BRIAN’S OWN WORDS HAVE CONDEMNED HIM –
    It was BRIAN that said that “only Joan” (in our family) “educated herself” while the rest of us worked in “menial jobs.” He didn’t say nurses’ aides specifically – but then what was he referring to?
    Joan’s family members have worked as:’
    fatther – civil engineer in Buffalo City Hall – educated himself by going to night school
    Gert – dental hygienist after attending Erie Community College
    Kathy – music teacher in Liverpool Public schools, educated as musician and teacher.
    Leonard Jr. – nurse aide, mental health counselor, educated as nurse aide, counselor
    Ruth – nurse aide, educated as such

    Joan’s adoptive father – worked at Dunlop Tires as an electrician – had to be educated for that.
    various members of Joan’s extended birth family – have worked in bank offices, registered nurses, many varied occupations and degrees of education.

    so what is BRIAN’S basis to say that Joan is the only person in our family who is educated and just WHO is working at a menial job –

    Brian – SHUT YOUR MOUTH – because you are only making an ass of yourself.

    It was YOU Brian that brought up JOAN”S education and said that she is the only one interested in education herself. It was RUTH who showed Brian for the idiot that he is – and now he is backtracking and lying – no wonder he’s divorced, foreclosed on his condo, dresses like po’ white trash.

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