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Brian Maloney has NOT yet posted nor answered my comment, he is targeting Ruth and ignoring me…

by on August 29, 2012

I feel left out here!!! I need attention too!

Brian/Champ has only posted Ruth’s comment and his insulting comment back to her and he chooses not to post my comment to him nor address it.

Selective posting is just another means of stacking the deck in one’s favor…typical of a bully. My comment directly points to Brian’s first attack on us and he is choosing NOT TO SHARE that information on his blog. It also shows that Brian and Joan are going after Ruth.

here’s my comment…

The facts remains, Brian Maloney/Champ/Pilgrim,  you did indeed, started attacking us, on Joan Wheeler’s behalf, in December of 2011 on the Buffalo News site

and then again in April of 2012 on an Adoption Family Circle site. We found out who you are, exposed you and your bullying to US, as Joan’s henchman. In other words, you took it upon yourself to attack us, not the other way around, that is the fact, you cannot alter what you have done to US by any form of double-talk.

We do not care what you think or feel, about us or anything, period. You are NOT our focus. Our work is done with you. The very fact that you still have this blog and that you continue on insulting us, only proves that you have no conception about the issues we have with and about Joan Wheeler and yourself.

One Comment
  1. aww- don’t worry about it Gert – I’m a big girl – I can handle his little boy attacks. In fact, I was laughing my ass off at his pathetic attempts to cover his ass. And he got caught in another lie!

    I said it before – what Brian DOESN’T say is more important than what he DOES say.

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