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Joan Wheeler gives adoption advise for a TV show

by on September 5, 2012

I find it rather interesting to see that Joan Wheeler’s avenues of CHANGE are getting narrower and narrower and limited to certain pop fringes of society. Personally I don’t watch popular culture TV, haven’t in many years and don’t follow the popular culture with it’s dumb-down views. That’s my personal opinion of course, there are many fine TV programs I do watch.

Real change can only happen if it comes from a true source, not from anger, hate, lies and misrepresentations. To see the entire article see…

Joan M Wheeler

A few years ago I attended an “adoptees” group in an open adoption agency. The group was run by an adoptee who was on staff at this agency. I wanted to see what kind of counseling they were offering. Just as I thought: towing the party line. While I felt uncomfortable being in a room with framed photographs of all the smiling babies who had been relinquished and then adopted, voicing those feelings was met with condescending comments from the young man who led the group. “Open adoption is the norm, now,” he said with an air of indignation. “You must have had a bad experience with your closed adoption. Our adoptees here don’t have that since all of our birthmothers are welcomed by our adoptive families. Many of whom have the birthmothers over for dinner once a week. The birthmothers have regular contact with their birth children.  So, I don’t really see why you are so uncomfortable here. Maybe you need to work on some issues.”.
Yeah, I guess I do. My issues are that this particular open adoption agency now employs the grown-up (just turned 21) open adoption adoptees of the Director and staff of the agency who do nothing but sing the praises of open adoption.Giving up a baby for adoption or being the adoptee in a happy dappy open adoption does nothing to change the facts: a mother still must surrender her infant to adoption for you to make your income; a child must lose her birth identity forever in favor of a falsified birth certificate; a contract is made in which one set of parents willfully gives up their child so that another becomes that child’s adoptive parents. Ownership papers are signed. Nothing holds the adoptive parents to the verbal and social agreement at all since open adoptions are not legal contracts. Some states may be setting forth legislation to make them enforceable, but it depends on how the contract is written: a few photos per year, a few visits per year, dinner every week, a phone call once a year, or just a meet and greet in the delivery room. The baby still loses her family of conception and birth, and her real birth certificate.Yeah, I had a bad experience: I lost my entire family thanks to adoption. I suggest these youngsters spend a few years getting to know the real problems adoption causes on the adoptee and natural parents before deciding to make a living permanently separating mothers and newborns.
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and here is my answer…

yep, Joan Wheeler knows all about adoption and how it should be done…NOT
when she was 24, in 1980/81 she knew all about the evils of adoption and interfered in my adoption of my own son!
She yelled at me, in my own kitchen, in front of my minor children, that I was a unfit mother doing great harm by giving up my child to adoption! The child was 16 years old and never left my side. I forbade her contact with my children and in retaliation she called 2 false child abuse reports upon me.

She did not lose her family to adoption, our mother died and there was no one that could or would raise the infant. She lost her birth family AFTER she was found by them, due to her own dirty deeds. She publised a libelous book in 2009, which is now pulled from publication by the publisher. Birthsiblings have blogs detailing all of Joan Wheeler’s lies, misrepresentations, fabrications and exploitation of the birth family. http:/ http:/



  1. it sure is! thanks for noticing


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