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The new and (not so necessarily) improved blog of Joan Wheeler. part one. November 30, 2010

by on October 2, 2012

by Gert McQueen

Joan, why don’t you just do the right thing…say you are sorry for all the lies you have said in the book and on your web sites and ask to be forgiven by your sisters! That would go a long way to repairing the damage you have done. Start by forgiving yourself and then ask us for forgiveness! You know, Joan, that you must start to do the right thing…Do It!

And while we wait for Joan to do the right thing…

Joan is very very worried about how much we sisters are writing about her book, for you see, she is afraid of what is coming up! Yep, Joan knows the truth and she has seen in the past year that we sisters are very determined to expose all lies of Joan’s. So she must ‘head us off at the pass’, so to speak, by continuing her basic rap, without the music, that we sisters are after her and that we are harming her etc etc.

Joan Wheeler is never satisfied with her work, she must continually work on it and improve it and make it more stupendous than before, even adding more and more adjectives and inflammatory statements hoping to get someone to listen to her.

The NEW and not-so-necessarily-improved web blog of Joan Wheeler, is in response to our continued complaints about the statements that Joan has said about us that she placed on her web page. It is also in response to some efforts of others Joan’s friends, to get the comments, about her blood sisters, off the site for Forbidden Family. The web site for Forbidden Family is supposed to be for adoption reform, after all, and not condemning her sisters which Joan has done already within the pages of the book. Joan still has crap on that site and I have addressed that issue and have asked to have that shit removed. Friends of Joan’s need to work on her to get her to remove those references to her sisters OFF the page for Forbidden Family.

I had already addressed many issues, in a blog entry Sept 23, 2010, right here on our refuting blog, about what Joan had placed on her site. I suggest folks recheck that entry to see what I had already said. reposting: bullying untruths – and we can see thru your little games Joan Wheeler – why are you lying about dates when you post on your own website?  (Ruth’s note: this is a repost of it, from November 24, 2010).

Since the beginning of November 2010, Joan has decided that she needed a new and improved site. She added more NEW stuff too. I shall now address them. I am omitting the paragraphs that I have already addressed in my Sept 23, post.

What is new, either wholly or in part, will be have (***) in front of it, these are Joan’s words. My comments will have (Gert answers) in front of it. (Ruth’s note: and of course, my notes will be in parathensis and italics).

****  I, Joan Wheeler, and my book, Forbidden Family, are Victims of Cyber Bullies & Stalkers My 3 older sisters stalked and bullied me for most of my 54 yrs (2010). Adoption Reunions are not to blame. My sisters who found me in 1974 perpetrated sexual assault upon me, made false allegations of sexual Child Abuse, spread filthy rumors about me. They accuse me of lying in my book. I do not want them in my life. They say I am doing things to them: I am not. I am not involved in their lives. They are delusional psychopaths. NYS doesn’t have a Cyber Bullies Law to protect me.

(Gert answers) The first question/comment is about Joan’s identification as a victim. She is and has been a professional victim all her life, by her own words. Too bad that she can’t be a ‘survivor’ or at the very least, just a plain ordinary person that has a life! The second question that strikes me is; how can a book be a victim of anything? A book is a book, it is an object, it can’t be bullied or stalked. A book can be read and as such is subjected to pro and con opinions and analysis by those that read it and by those whose lives are portrayed in them. So the argument that the book is a victim holds no water. As far as Joan herself is concern, she is not a victim of bullying of any sort nor is she being stalked, at least not by her blood sisters. Everything that we have to say is said and done in the OPEN and on our BLOG for the whole world to read! We are exercising our rights of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

(Gert answers) If Joan is 54 years old in 2010 and we didn’t know her until she was 18, this statement of hers, … ‘My 3 older sisters stalked and bullied me for most of my 54 yrs’…is patently FALSE. Reunions may or may not be to blame, but certainly, Joan’s interference, lying and other forms of duplicity in our lives certainly are to blame! Joan is constantly spreading falsehoods around, be it about her sisters or others. By the very fact that she can’t help herself in stating the same old lies, here, again, proves that she has NOTHING NEW to add to the long list of grievances she has against us. So what’s the point? Joan likes to accuse others and she never answers when directly confronted with and about her lies.

(Gert answers) Why doesn’t Joan just copy the book, put it on her web site, this way the whole world can read all the horrible deeds that we, and others, have done to her. No, that won’t work, you see, cause she wrote the book for the money! And if she put the pages of the book on a web page, she can’t get any money, so she has to keep telling the world, how horrible we are and about what we did to her…but she never answers when asked directly to prove her assertions. Does she think that by saying here, on a web page called cyber bullies and stalkers, that we did this or that, that people are going to BELIEVE her? Has Joan ever heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf too many times!

(Gert answers) Joan says, ‘They accuse me of lying in my book.’ Okay, if that is so, than why doesn’t Joan answer our accusations? Is she above reproach? Why are you hiding Joan? Come out, come out, where ever you are and tell us what is a lie that WE are telling!

(Gert answers) Joan says, ‘I do not want them in my life.’ Then why did she write all about us in her book? Why did she publish a book of lies about people she doesn’t want in her life? Did she think we would be happy? Joan says, ‘They say I am doing things to them: I am not. I am not involved in their lives.’ Oh yes, Joan you are IN OUR LIVES and you HAVE BEEN DOING THINGS TO US, you wrote a book about us, remember!. Joan says, ‘They are delusional psychopaths.’ And her proof is where? What is her definition of delusional and psychopathic? In my dictionary, under those words, are pictures of Joan Wheeler! Most delusional psychopaths are incapable of holding down long-terms jobs. The three Sippel Sisters, as Joan calls her blood sisters, each have held jobs, in health and educational fields for well over 30 years each! Where and how long has Joan held any kind of a job? Just because she holds a degree or two makes not a career. Answer that, Joan…have you held a job for 30 plus years? Joan says, ‘NYS doesn’t have a Cyber Bullies Law to protect me.’ Joan doesn’t need protection, we sisters and others that she wrote about in that book need protection, from her.

**** Anything posted on the Internet and represented by Ruth Sippel Pace, Katherine (Kathy) Jean Sippel Inglis, and Gertrude (Gert) Mary Sippel McQueen which purports to be factual is both fraudulent and presented without Joan Wheeler’s authority or approval.

(Gert answers) Gee I didn’t know I HAD to get Joan’s permission and approval to write about and answer issues about my own life! Where does Joan’s authority come from? My my have we hit a nerve? How can Joan dismiss documents that we have placed on our site? Did we make those up? Is this a new accusation against us? Joan, get real!(Ruth’s note: I totally agree. I don’t NEED Joan’s permission to write about MY own life. And if Joan can write about me in her book, then I can write about her on my blog. But see, this is Joan the Dictator’s double standard – JOAN can write any dam thing she want, but no one else can. Joan the Dictator can write any dam thing she wants to about other people – her sister included, but they don’t have the right to answer her?  And if they want to, by this very statement, they need JOAN’S authority or approval. Who the hell died and left you the boss of other people Joan?).

****It is unfair to be the subject of vile, misleading, deceptive and untrue commentaries that are maliciously intended to undermine a person’s professional and personal reputation. Adoption author and activist Joan Wheeler is intent on putting a stop to the lies and falsehoods being spread about her and her book “Forbidden Family”. Other adoption reformers and adoption professionals are also targets of the perpetrators Ruth Sippel Pace, Katherine Sippel Inglis and Gert Sippel McQueen.

(Gert answers) Life isn’t fair, get real! Joan’s professional and personal reputation has been undermined by her own words and deeds as she has presented them in the book. My sisters and I did not have a thing to do with that book! Is there a double standard that Joan lives by? One for her and another for us sisters? Apparently, because she can say whatever she wants about us and it’s okay, but we can’t defend ourselves. Yep, that’s Joan alright! So let me get this straight…myself and my sisters’ professional and personal reputation mean nothing to Joan and it is perfectly right and fair for her to write ‘vile, misleading, deceptive and untrue commentaries that are maliciously intended to undermine a person’s professional and personal reputation’! Okay, just as long as I have that straight…there is one standard for Joan…anything goes…and another for us sisters…we can’t do anything unless Joan gives us permission! Okay, got ya! (Ruth’s note: Yep! That’s what I just said!)

(Gert answers) Joan Wheeler is NOT a adoption author and activist…she only uses that as a cover-up for the opportunity to tell the world about her inner life of torment. She uses her pathetic life as a reason to oppose adoption. Joan uses adoption has a means to justify her sad existence.

(Gert answers) Oh dear me!! She ‘is intent on putting a stop to the lies and falsehoods being spread about her and her book’! I’m shaking in fear! And just how does she propose to do that…has the 1st amendment been repealed? Has Joan been elected to public office where she has authority to stop me and my sisters from speaking! Get Real!

(Gert answers) Other adoption reformers and professionals are not being ‘targeted’ but are being informed about the true nature of Joan Wheeler’s motives within the book and about her lies within that book. They were being informed about the nature of the contents of the book and Joan’s lies and deeds, just as I wrote one letter to Joan’s adoptive mother, in 1982 or so, about the deeds that Joan did to my family. A professional, such as Doc Rene Hoksbergen, who wrote a forward in a book and a review of a book, needs to be EXPOSED for his unprofessional behavior in regards to the book Forbidden Family for that book and his approval have done great harm to many innocent people who are in the adoption world. Professionals make mistakes too and they can be conned too. Perhaps Doc Hoksbergen would tell me himself, if he thought he was being ‘targeted’, but alas, I have not heard from him…no matter. I have a right to write a letter to any professional that is associated with a untruthful book, about my life, written by Joan Wheeler. You would think that any reform movement would be interested in knowing whether or not they have a nut case promoting their cause and what possible repercussions there may be with continued association with said nut case. If these professionals and reformers want to be associated with the likes of Joan Wheeler it isn’t because we, sisters, didn’t warn them.

****Joan Wheeler fears not only for her personal and professional reputation, but for her life. Police and Court action, which was tried in the past, will not help in matters of Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking as there are no such laws in New York State to protect victims from this type of abuse. (Ruth’s note: I actually agree with Joan here – [gasp!’ “Police and Court action, which was tried in the past will not help.” Yeah, Joan, I had a restraining order against you in 1999, and so did our cousin Gail. And it seemed to work for 5 short years. But in 2004, you had to start your shit again. Your shit died down, but in September 2008, on your defunct blogspot blog (which we had nothing to do with getting shut down), YOU mentioned the Three Sippel Sisters! Warning us, and putting us down for our Pagan values. And this out of the clear blue sky! I have been on the internet since the year 2000, with no mention of Joan at all. But as soon as Joan gets introduced to the internet – BAM! She uses it as a new vehicle to bash her sisters. And she has the nerve to scream “cyber-bullying?” Who the hell started it Joan? WHO brought our feud onto the internet? YOU did – in September 2008. And then again in October 2009. And I only started this blog in November 2009. So, there you go – Joan’s own actions show us who the TRUE cyber-bully and stalker is – Joan Mary Wheeler!)

(Gert answers) Oh dear me, Joan fears for her life! Stop with the dramatics already will ya! Joan you have been saying that all your adult life when the pressures of living are too great for you. Don’t worry dear, we sisters have no desire to be in any space where you are. Yep, you have tried police and court action…where do you get the money for lawyers? How do you work the system? I’ve noticed, in your book, when you tried to go after that last boyfriend you had, that you spoke with four different lawyers! Does being on disability give you free legal advice? Why don’t you go and use them and sue us already and be done with it! No Joan will never do that because number one, she doesn’t have a case and two, she WANTS to be a VICTIM and she likes talking about being abused. (Ruth’s note: oh yes, we certainly don’t want to be in any space she is at – in fact NOBODY does. – In August 2003, at a cousin’s funeral, in walks Joan – and then everybody walked out! We all wanted to go out back for a cigarette or some fresh air.- true story! And at another funeral in December 2009, a relative of the deceased was relieved that Joan was not coming.)                                    end Part One

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