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Joan Wheeler’s defender, Brian Maloney, is a ‘day late and a dollar short’…as the saying goes

by on October 11, 2012

I’ve been wondering where Brian, Pilgrim, Champ has been for over a month…and he has finally SPOKEN…he, like Joan Wheeler, can’t help himself, but, he seems to have missed so much…in the past month! What’s the matter Brian, can’t keep us with us…you are already old news!

here is his answer to my last comment I placed on his hate-blog against the birthsiblings of Joan Wheeler, people he DOES NOT know, only from Joan Wheeler’s point of view…it was placed there to get his attention so that he could get out of the line of fire that Joan has placed him in, but if he doesn’t that’s his problem, he has been forewarned. He’s under the mistaken impression that we really WANT to talk WITH HIM.

sorry, Brian…you are still in her service therefore you don’t have any legs of your own and you really ought to become invisible and take your blog with you. You do Joan Wheeler’s bidding and therefore are as tainted as she is…you speak the same language as she does, see the world the same as she, are concerned about the same nothingnesses that she is…we are far far away from all those points and issues…get with the program!

furthermore, I don’t make DEALS…with liars, bullies, harassers, and the like…I just want to show you OFF TO THE WORLD, and you accommodate me so well. You are more interested in playing the ‘tit, for tat’ game…still harping on nothing points…things that any one can see through, except you and Joan. You two really are in a co-dependency arrangement…I’m so happy for you!

You really are a nothing to us, you have given us all a good show of it, gave us quite a run there, for awhile…making us think you were just a figment of Joan’s mind and part of her multiple personalities…but… I’m glad to know that you are a separate person from her, because you have proven to us, that Joan Wheeler does indeed USES PEOPLE. Thank you very much Brian. Knock yourself out…go for it…be my guest…

I have more work to attend to…for unless Joan Wheeler removes her hate-blogs, and you and Russ, remove your hate blogs, against people you DO NOT know, except by being Joan Wheeler hencemen, our blogs will continue on and will continue to expose everything you and she says..

Here is my last comment I placed on Brian’s blog…and his answer….his entire hate blog is at

gertmcqueenAugust 30, 2012 8:52 PM

Brian…this is Gert speaking that is the name I go by and I request that you HONOR that, if you continue to insult me by using a name that Joan told you to use than you are still an abuser who insults women because you think we are nothing. I assure you that I mean business Brian Maloney; my name is GERT, not gertie. Get that! I am not Ruth. You, Brian continue to confuse us, we are different people who speak for themselves and are not responsible for what the other says or does.
Yes, what you wrote on the Buffalo site was indeed an attack, if you can’t see that, that is your problem, stop playing stupid. Who the hell are you to suggest to people, that you don’t know, that they need counseling? On the advice of Joan Wheeler? Sorry, that means nothing, she’s a real sick puppy. The mere fact that you wrote in such a matter, on that site, only proves your own worthlessness.
We are under no obligation to answer anything to you, or to Joan. You are nothing to us, go away, your continued postings only prove that you are a bully and a harasser. We have warned you for over 4 months. I think it’s about time that the POLICE are told about you. You have ceased to be any ‘defender’ and have shown yourself to be an abuser, to women you don’t know…times up.



ChampOctober 9, 2012 12:41 PM

Gert… tis is a one time concession to your request. From now on, it’s quid pro quo. If you continue to insult Joan and myself, you are still an abuser who insults everyone and anyone because you think that they are nothing.
No, what I wrote on the Buffalo site was indeed NOT an attack, and if you can’t see that, that is your problem. Who are you to harass people who have masters and doctorates in social work? The mere fact that you continue to persecute your own sister after 30 years of harassment suggests that counseling might, in fact, be called for. I don’t believe for a moment you’re worthless, but it’s obvious that you can’t seem to let go of your hate, and most people would tend to see that as a bit unusual. Obsessive, perhaps?
I am under no obligation to answer to either you or Ruth. Your continued postings only prove that you are a bully and harasser. I think it’s about time that the POLICE are told about you. I am merely defending a friend, while you have shown yourself to be an abuser of anyone who disagrees with you… time’s up.
All I can do is hope you somehow find peace in your life.
By the way, here’s the first amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.
Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Please note the bit about “freedom of speech”. Isn’t that what we’re both exercising? Are you under the false impression that this amendment applies only to you?



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