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Will Joan Wheeler ever ran out of stream? If she doesn’t control her rants, she might blow a gasket and give herself a heart attack!

by on October 20, 2012

Joan Wheeler continues with her irrational rants about adoption. She just ‘goes off’, half-cocked, without any reasonable control. She doesn’t GET IT, the more she rants the more people turn her OFF! These kinds of rants are NOT gaining any followers, they are NOT changing the tide in her direction. She is beating the dead horse over and over and over again. You can SEE her anger get the best of her as she writes, you can SEE her losing it as she types her rants.

Get a freaking grip! So here she is again…  July 8, 2012 The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate  By Keith Riler

Joan M Wheeler posted a comment in The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate · 3 months ago

All adoptions result in the adoptee’s birth certificate being sealed upon order of adoption. Then, a new, falsified, birth certificate is issued. I know Mirah and others in the Adoption Reform Movement know this, but I just wanted to ppoint out anotther flaw in the thinking and argument for adoption. If you value life so much, if God is your savior and you have goodness, wholeness, love and all that implies, then why would you force an innocent child to forego her mother, her father, her siblings, her extended family, her home, her religion, her ethnicity, her language, and her name, and her true birth certificate, in an equal (?) swap for life as the adopted child of strangers? An adoptee has no rights to her sealed birth certificate. Has no rights to know the people who gave her life. An adoptee is forced to have a legal birth certificate that is false. Living a lie is not something that should be forced upon anyone, yet, that is exactly what pro-adoptionists want. Save a life. Give it up for adoption. But you don’t know what the adoptee feels and you don’t care. I am very resentful for the lies perpetrated upon me by my government and by the Catholic Church. Yes, the Catholic Church, via the parish priest, falsified my baptismal certificate three years after I was actually baptised at the bedside of my dying mother. Three years after my adoption, my adoptive parents wanted and needed a baptismal certifcate in my adopted name so that they could send me to Catholic schools and I could receive all the sacraments. BUT no one cared that the priest lied when he issued a new, falsified, baptismal certificate statiing that I was baptised in my adopted name. No. I was baptised in my name at birth. That is the name that Jesus recognizes. Go take THAT and shove it in your holy mouths. God would not want anyone to lie, now, would he? Tell the truth. Be honest. Honor your father and your mother. What a crock! I left that crazy church many decades ago. Save a life and lie for the rest of that child’s life. Honor your father and mother. Which ones? The ones YOU say are my parents? Or, do I honor all of my parents because all four of them contributed to who I am today?   07/09/2012 12:43 AM 

Joan M Wheeler posted a comment in The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate · 3 months ago

This is in reply to juliebray: I am also hostile over the use of the term “our birthmother” by adopting parents. A pregnant girl or woman is not a “birthmother”. That terms implies that she is programmed to convince herself that she is not capable, not worthy, not loving enough to keep her child. She is told that the “loving” thing to do is do give up her baby, no, correction, to give up “the” baby to “her” or “his” waiting parents because she will be making an adoption plan, and she will be selfless to provide for her child by placing him with a married couple who can provide all the material comforts that she cannot. She will go on and make a new life for herself, go to college, meet a nice yolung man, fall in love and get married and go on to have more children…and bla bla bla. You, Julibray, are the one who is rediculous. You are living in a world that is cruel to the mother and her baby. Just hand over the kid, you are nothing but a birthmother, a vessel, a god-send, you provide for us our cherished child…what bull! I am an adoptee and I stand with all mothers who have lost thier children to relinquishment and adoption. Adoption is not the solution to abortion. Support and love, compassion and kindness, family preservation, kinship care, and lastly, guardianship if neccessary, but never, never never adoption. Never. 07/09/2012 12:21 AM

And here is my comment, that I would have placed but unfortunately once I got on the site it said   Comments for this page are closed.

But I can say it on my blog… so in response to Joan M Wheeler’s comments.

It truly is amazing the level of hate and disgust that Joan levels at anyone who is pro-adoption. She only has been at it for over 30 years, but she will never run out of the hate…she lives for it! She violated my parental authority and interferred in the adoption process of my own son in 1980 and when told to butt out she placed 2 false child abuse reports upon me. No doubt about it, Joan Wheeler hates adoption, because she was adopted and must have been abused, for she is so irrational no one can have a reasonable discussion with her. She makes a point of searching out any opportunity on any web site to scream her messages of hate.

I know that Joan has hated and abused the birth family particularly the sisters since 1980 because I am one of the birth siblings. She was placed into adoption when our mother died and there was NO way that our father was able to keep her. Within one year after mother’s death and Joan’s adoption, we remaining 4 children were placed in orphan and foster homes, for the very same reason…there was NO way that our father could keep us. Some of us siblings did NOT return to our father’s care for 10 years. Life happens, stuff happens, live with it, stop hating! Oh and Joan Wheeler wrote a libelous book against both adoptive and birth families. We got it pulled from publication; another reason she hates us. see our blogs…

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