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“won’t my sis’s be pissed – they’re reading this right now”; says Joan Wheeler in a comment about an adoption conference –

by on November 6, 2012

“won’t my sis’s be pissed – they’re reading this right now”; says Joan Wheeler in a comment about an adoption conference -because she can’t ever leave us out of her nonsense.

another attempt at exploiting the birth family by Joan Wheeler.

If you think that Joan Wheeler is truly interested in adoption reform you really ought to think twice. She only believes in her own self-importance and ALWAYS has her birth siblings, in mind, whenever she does anything. Doubt me? Well here’s a quote of Joan’s…(won’t my sis’s be pissed – they’re reading this right now)…read on.

No we were NOT reading it at the time she wrote that, but yes indeed, we did read it. Joan doesn’t grasp the reality of the internet…everything she writes is there forever and it is only a matter of time before those words surface and is captured. So, if she wants to be an idiot and write things that I can use…by all means go for it, Joan, for I’m always looking.

This post is about something Joan wrote on the public forum intended for the recent Adoption Conferences. Due to many life circumstances I was unable to work on this until just a few days before these conferences took place…better late than never. I have not received any response from the organizers of the two conferences. That is not really necessary for I know they received my email and information about Joan Wheeler’s true words and intentions.

Now that the conferences are over it is time to make this public, for we birth siblings always expose the lies and dirty deeds of Joan Wheeler.

This email is being sent, Oct 14, 2012, to both adoption conferences, in Toronto and New York

Adoption Experience Conference Oct 19-20, 2012 Toronto Canada

the conferences official website. Adoption Conference “Best Interests of the Child?” Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption – New York

begin email…

Dear Organizers

We are Gert McQueen and Ruth Sippel Pace, we are birthsiblings to adoptee Joan M Wheeler of Buffalo NY.

Our web addresses: http:/   http:/

We are presenting, to these conferences, a major complaint, against a adoptee, Joan M Wheeler, of Buffalo NY, who is our birth sibling. We know that she may have sent a proposed paper/talk that she wanted to present at conference. We do not know which she is attending (NY or Toronto) so we are sending this complaint to both organizers. We also do not know if she was accepted by either conference. We wanted to send this complaint some time ago, but, other events in life have prevented that before now.

Joan Wheeler’s topic is; “Implications of rescue among sibling sets when one child is adopted and others remain with birth parents or stay in foster care”.

We wish to inform the conference organizers that Joan Wheeler has written a libelous book, against both the birth and adoptive families and we, the birth siblings were able to get it pulled from publication by providing evidence to the publisher, Trafford Publications/Author Solutions, in May of 2011. Joan Wheeler has 2 hateful libelous blogs against us, the birth siblings. She has enlisted two friends that have created hate-blogs against us. Joan Wheeler speaks on many public internet forums and internet news sites. As a member in the public forum of Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, she speaks lies and hate to/about both adoptive and birth families, with total disregard to the truth or reputations of anyone. This public forum itself is a very angry militant hate-fest of a forum and they, and Joan Wheeler, go out on the internet cyber-harassing any pro-adoption view of person.

We do not wish, nor want, our childhood or any other aspects of our lives, individually or as a family, written about or presented by Joan M Wheeler or anyone else. There is no one in the birth family that wants anything to do with her. Our issues are not with anything related to adoption, pro or con, our views are not important…what is important is that Joan Wheeler CAN NOT speak about our lives and our family and continue to exploit us. We have nothing to do with her or her adoption. That was over and done with and we do not wish to have any further libelous/slanderous/hateful/ lies spoken about us by her.

We wish to inform you that Joan M Wheeler does not have any written or oral permission, from us, to continue to talk about our lives. It is obvious, from Joan’s statement (below) that she published on a public adoption forum, that she intends to ‘piss off’ her birthsiblings, that is us, and, that she is, again, exploiting our family’s tragic event of the death of our mother.

We wish the organizers to please take a look at our websites; addresses above and at her websites

http:/ and http:/ to judge for yourself if you wish to have this angry hateful adoptee to present a paper, a talk or anything else to your conferences.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information @ my email address

Thank you, Gert McQueen and Ruth Sippel Pace

Here is the comment that Joan Wheeler posted that has us siblings concerned and which we wish conference organizers to be aware of.

On or about, Mon, 16 Apr 2012, on the public forum for Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, Joan M Wheeler, who goes by 1adoptee, on this site, posted the following.


Re: Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption: Conference, NYC, October 2012« Reply #6 on: Today at 01:08:14 PM »

Daniel, I’m putting together a proposal for this topic: “Implications of rescue among sibling sets when one child is adopted and others remain with birth parents or stay in foster care”. (won’t my sis’s be pissed – they’re reading this right now) My problem, though, is that I have already registered for the Toronto Con. BUT I can probably trade with someone else here locally who wants to go to that conference. I am excited about meeting the authors/editors of “Handbook of Adoption”, particularly since I’ve known one of the contributors of that book for 25 years. One of the conferences presenters will be Ron Nydam, a dear friend of mine who is (sadly) fighting for his life. He is the author of “Adoptees Come of Age” …oh, and of course, Pam H, another dear friend of mind from the first years of ALMA… I so would love to meet you, Daniel! First, let’s see if my proposal is accepted…

end Joan Wheeler’s statement here.

end of our email

again…thank you

UNTIL Joan M Wheeler takes DOWN HER HATE BLOGS AGAINST THE BIRTH SIBLINGS and until she gets BRIAN MALONEY,  her henceman, to remove his hate blog against us, we shall continue to look for, report and expose JOAN M WHEELER’S words and deeds.


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