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How Joan Wheeler conned the Northside Writers’ Group

by on November 9, 2012

Tying up some of my loose threads and bits of drafts,  I noticed that I had never blogged about Joan Wheeler using a local writers group to spread her hate campaign against adoption.

UPDATE Dec 2015; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ yet again, her ‘story’, NOW called ‘duped by adoption’. There is NOTHING in it for adoption reform, for she is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…


Ruth did, of course, blogged this, on her blog; the links are in the body of this post. At the time that we found, what Joan had said and done, I did not have my own blog and the issue got away from me. In June of 2012 I found my notes on this issue and decided to write a letter to this writer’s group after I looked at their web-site and saw Joan’s name, her web-site and her book on Amazon listed. In other words, Joan not only conned the writer’s group, she lied about her libelous book! Well okay when she first inflitrated and conned the writer’s group Joan did not know, as yet, that the book was pulled because of it’s libelous material. But that doesn’t really matter because Joan knows that her book was libelous and that her web-site is a hate site. If Joan Wheeler can get away with something she will do anything to get her way; truth and the right thing doesn’t come into her mind.

When I first became aware of this nasty con-job that Joan did I related it to a close friend, a writer himself and a member of our local writer’s group. He was shocked, saying that what Joan did was to hijack a group for a political agenda and most writers would not take kindly to that.

In this post is the letter I sent to the writer’s group! I never heard from them and can only assume that they know what they are doing, if they want to keep Joan or not. They certainly still have her listed on their web-site. All I can do is inform people about the con-artist Joan Wheeler. If this group wants to continue to list a liar, her dirty deeds and her words and her libelous book, then I guess they don’t care much for their reputations.

But as I was still working on the draft of this post I decided to double-check, one more time, whether or not anyone from the Writers Group had any information about the letter I sent them. I found that there is a facebook page for the group and founded out that the person I mailed the letter to had died. And so I sent an email to another…Fred Tomasello Jr. In our brief email exchange I learned that no other had learned about my letter so I forwarded my letter on to Fred. His reply was…

As a writer’s group, our purpose and goal is to help people improve their writing and communication skills. Of course, as fellow human beings, we sometimes become involved with the content of a person’s writings and the subsequent discussions often include subject matter as well as mechanics. Thank you for bringing this information to our attention.  Sincerely, Fred

Okay…this response is ambiguous but at least I informed this writers group of Joan Wheeler’s behavior and can now proceed with informing all.

Here then is my letter and what we had blogged on Ruth’s blog.

Northside Writer’s Group, Lionel Nosenchuck, c/o Crossroads Lutheran Church, 4640 Main St, Buffalo, NY, 14226

Dear Mr Nosenchuck,                                                                                      26, June, 2012

My name is Gert McQueen and I am a birthsibling to one of your members…Joan Wheeler. My purpose in writing to you is to inform you about certain facts about Ms. Wheeler and to certain statements she has said about this writers group. What you choose to do about this information is up to you, but I feel that you should be made aware of it and I apology for not bringing it to your attention sooner.

Listed on your web page about members, is this; Joan M. Wheeler champions the cause of Adoption Truth via birth certificates. Amazon Book Page. Website.

Regardless of what is listed on Amazon, Joan’s book, Forbidden Family, has been pulled from publication, by the publisher in May 2011, it is not available and will not be reprinted in its present form, because it was proven, to the publisher, that it contained libelous materials. We, the birth siblings, did provide documented evidence to prove that what Joan wrote in a ‘true’ story was indeed false and libelous. Joan Wheeler violated her contract with the publisher and they cancelled any further publication of that book. It has only been in recent months that mention of that book has been removed from her website.

Beyond that, on a public forum called, Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, where many are angry adoptees that seek out pro-adoption people/organizations to attack with very negative anti-adoption tactics. On Feb 18 and 22, 2011, Ms. Wheeler boasted about how she was going to ‘use’ your group for promoting adoption reform, encouraged other ‘angry adoptees’ to do the same in their home towns and then proceeded to mock your members. Joan Wheeler’s screen name on this forum is ‘1adoptee’.

Myself and another sister, Ruth Pace, have blogs in which we refute and expose every lie that Ms. Wheeler has said about us and our family, in the book and on various internet sites. Our blog addresses are:

Feel free to look at our blogs and/or contact me if you need to.

Thank you, Gert McQueen

I am sharing here a post that we published on Ruth’s blog…

Joan Wheeler, con artist, scams the writer’s group she is in to promote her own agenda of adoption reform – in Joan’s own words May 25, 2011   by Ruth Sippel Pace

Earlier today, May 25, 2011, I posted Joan Wheeler has conned another person about her book of lies, Forbidden Family Part 2. In it I copied and pasted Joan’s own words from the Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change forum. I want to do that again, in this post, to highlight Joan’s behavior, a behavior that I did not touch on in my previous post. – Her USING and MANIPULATING people again – those being the members of this writing group that she joined several months ago.

Joan went out on a recon-mission to promote her agenda. Think about this timing… she tells the forum about the writer’s group and her proposed infiltrating into that group to get them to talk about BC and adoption etc. Over time some of these people probably had brought the book, she did have about 3 books sold in April and that got her all excited and asked this poor woman to help her with a ‘thank you’ to those nasty sisters. And this was ALL DONE BEFORE TRAFFORD CALLED HER. (about pulling the book from publication).  Here is Joan’s own words on what she wanted the writer’s group for:

writers’ groups and adoption reform

« on: February 18, 2011, 12:36:14 PM » 1adoptee:
Hi gang! I found a new avenue to get adoption reform issues to the general public: local writing groups.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last few months. I found a local writer’s group and started attending meetings. I sat in for awhile before bringing in some of my own writings. When I got up the courage, I brought in a first draft of an online comment in response to an article posted on some online Newspaper.

The group I belong to requires members to pass out copies of their works. Members read and reflect on what’s written, and then write down their critique of the piece. A moderator goes from person to person and each one says out loud what they like, dislike, and ways to improve the piece. After everyone gets a chance to talk, the author of the piece addresses the group’s concerns.

So when it was my turn last night, I passed around a draft of a comment I was working on. The critique is supposed to center around the writing itself, but, as you know, people get caught up in their perceptions of adoption and then give their opinions of adoption, without really understanding that the piece I wrote is about adoption reform. We had a rousing discussion of what adoption is, and when it got to my turn to speak, I pointed out that every adoptee has two birth certificates and there is pending legislation in various states for adoptee access to their sealed records. This was an excellent way to educate the general public, at least the people in the room, and, at the same time, get feedback on my own writing style.

So, for those of you out there who are writers, pop in at your local writers group. Bring your own works with you, share them, and spread the word!

Re: writers’ groups and adoption reform « Reply #6 on: February 22, 2011, 11:56:59 AM »

Yeah, the rainbow-farters are all upset and they whine, “Why should I adopt a child if this stuff is going on?” and the usual, “My sister adopted three kids and my friend has an adopted child…” It was really hard not to bite their headds off, but I said this isn’t about adoptive parents,, this is about an adoptee’s right to her original birth certificate. The room of about ten people found it difficult to focus on why I brought my one-page letter to them. It was a draft and I wanted suggestions as to how to make it a better essay. One or two of the people actually focused on the group’s activities: writing! Next meeting I’ll bring copies of my original and amended birth certificates for them to see what really happens…should be interesting to hear the discussion then! Fear, yeah, I fell it. But it also feels good to get the message out!

end of comments

Notice how she disrespects the group members and calls them “rainbow farters.” And she wanted to bite their heads off. Then she says she will bring her birth certificates to the next meeting. Is the group a WRITER’S group or a POLITICAL group? As usual, Joan wants to ram HER agenda down people’s throats. It would have been a different story if Joan were asked by the membership to bring in her BC’s and enlighten them, but noooo, Joan doesn’t WAIT to be asked – she simply TAKES OVER AND RAMS HER OWN OPINIONS DOWN OTHER’S THROATS and if they disagree with her – she smells and feels their “fear,” calls them names – and fairly relishes the idea that she will be disrupting the next meeting. As of this writing, that meeting has taken place. Joan does not report on the forum what transpired.

Joan uses and manipulates people – she is a true bully. She is a mastermind at conning people.

As for the “rainbow” farters –  they are adults (I think). As for myself, I happen to like rainbows. They are pretty. Much prettier than the two-faced compliments that Joan doles out to those who she wants to use. If she has a use for you, she’s all nice to your face. But see in JOAN’S OWN WORDS, what she REALLY thinks of the writer’s group.

end of letter/copy sent to the Northside Writers’ Group


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