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Update on the status of Joan Wheeler’s libelous book Forbidden Family; reviews and availability

by on November 18, 2012

Early in the week of November 12, 2012 I happened upon this on google….

update Nov 26, 2012 if you google forbidden family joan wheeler directly you will find the book listed on amazon, US and UK…the link below doesn’t work

Forbidden Family: A Half-Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption … › Books ›Health, Family & LifestyleForbidden Family: A Half-Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism: Joan Wheeler: Books. … 5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Freedom Fighter 25 Jan 2012 … My blog is not hateful – it is the truth. … or a “scholarly” work on adoption reform – the author goes out of her way to trash everyone in

Imagine my surprise!

First let’s examine this bit of information that is presented on a google search. It looks as if there was ANOTHER review of this book, Jan 2012 with a 5 star rating! Well that’s interesting, but then I realized that it was NOT until Dec 2011 that Ruth and I had gotten up our blog post about destroying our physical copies of the book! Which meant, that after Joan saw that post, she enlisted yet another friend of her’s to write another review of the book! An adoptee in England; we know their ‘stories’.

Not only that…there appears also to be a couple of ‘teasers’. What sticks out is ‘My blog is not hateful – it is the truth’; that can ONLY be the author’s statement. Sure enough, there on Amazon is two sections ‘removed by author’. So that means that Joan ‘counter’ our negative reviews only to have removed them…so unfortunately I can not recover them…no matter.

I went to Amazon UK and purchased the book! This is okay, for my copy has fallen apart from my research into it. Purchasing the book also gives me the right to write as many reviews as I want, for I own it. Didn’t I tell Joan to give me that book? Who else buys it? I’m the top buyer of this piece of crap!

Anyway after I purchased it…this is what appeared on Amazon US and UK

Seen on November 15, 2012, from Amazon US

Forbidden Family [Paperback] Out of Print…Limited availability

Seen on November 17, 2012, from Amazon UK Temporarily out of stock.
Order now and we’ll deliver when available. Dispatched from and sold by

Now here is my review of this garbage, placed on Amazon UK

This book has been pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011 due to the hate and libelous contents within it. I just saw that this book of trash, against birth and adoptive families, was reviewed by someone who obviously, is a friend of the author and NEVER read the crap! Also, it is listed as ‘available’. So I purchased it so I can see, yet again, just WHY this libelous book is even listed. I shall have to contact the publisher again as Amazon doesn’t get rid of titles that are no longer being published!

The author posted her extensive boiler-plate, of self-importance, as well as material that Rene Hoksbergen had written, years before the book was finished being written, let alone published. Hoksbergen never saw the finished product, was taken to task, for not using professional attention to the contents, nor had he researched the people spoken about in the book! He just took the author’s view/opinions as ‘gospel’ truth!

The so called positive reviews of this garbage are by PERSONAL friends of the author. And, yes the negative reviews are from only a couple of family members who have been grossly maligned in this hate-manifesto! We have actually read the piece of trash! The author and two of her friends have two hate blogs against the birth siblings. Birth siblings also have two blogs wherein we refute the many lies, misrepresentations and outright fabrications and reclaim our family’s honor from the gutters of the mind of the author; see them @ https://gertmcqueen.wordpress.comand

This book is a moral disgrace! It can not help anyone nor help with adoption reform! It is only an angry diatribe, by the author, against the institutions of adoption, laws of the United States on adoption, the Catholic Church’s role in facilitating the laws of the ‘land’, (the United States) as well as personally against both the birth and adoptive parents of the author and anyone who adopts for any reason.

The book is 642 pages long, with only 62 pages that have ANYTHING related to adoption reform… maybe. These 62 pages are in Part II, titled ‘from the subjective to the objective; expanding awareness and activism’ which points to the FACT that the other 580 pages are SUBJECTIVE in nature; see birth siblings’ blogs to see just how subjective. But, under this title of ‘objective’ analyze the author continues to write subjectively with many of her own feelings, such as…pg 573, ‘that lesbian’s snappy answer resounded with the same self-righteous venom that I’ve heard countless adoptive parents spout…indicating they believe they owned their own children.’ AND…pg 580, ‘what would Jesus do if he knew that parents lied on birth certificates…intentionally lied to their children…we know Jesus’ mother, do we know who was Jesus’ father…’

These examples, of subjectivity, in a section that states it is objective, clearly points to the illogic and hate of the author and her inability to put aside her hate and anger to be OBJECTIVE. What does her ‘personal’ viewpoints have to do with‘expanding awareness and activism’; ‘all…shall, shall not, must, must not,…’ are not objective clarifications. What does Jesus have to do with any adoption issues? Why the sarcasm about a religious figure? And most importantly why the conclusion, pg 607, of a PERSONAL ‘message to parents who choose any form of adoption’?

The author of this book is just an angry hate-filled individual who never accepted her life’s circumstances and when the birth family found her, she destroyed every relationship and then wrote a book of lies and hate against everyone! This is trash, garbage, hate! And I shall be asking the publisher again, why this is still available on Amazon in any country!

:::::And now lets see these other reviews, starting with the latest of Jan 2012. BTW we happen to know the identity of this reviewer, isn’t difficult to figure it out!

By withoutorigin    Amazing Freedom Fighter 25 Jan 2012

As an American Born Adoptee who was raised in another Country where adoptees have equal rights (regarding access to their birth records) I cannot applaud Ms Wheeler enough for her tireless, courageous fight for all U.S. Adoptees, who are denied the truth of their origins by antiquaited outdated misguided laws. She does this with dogged determination even in the face of challenges and adversity; such is her belief in an Adoptees’ right to be treated equally under the law. Bravo! Her personal story is hers alone, told through her eyes and in her own voice. Thank you so much, Joan, for being a courageous voice for those millions of adoptees who have yet to find their voice and the courage to speak out.


Heather UK

Joan! If only I had found you sooner! I have to tell you, I’m staying awake until 2am each night because I just don’t want to put your book down! I have no idea where I’ll be when I finish the book, it’s just incredible; moving; absorbing and an intimate portrait of the adoptive experience. I was born in NY State in 1970, adopted by a British Couple who moved back to the UK some years later. I live in the UK with my husband and three children. Much of your writing resonates with me. At the age of 18 I asked for my adoption records and was shocked to learn that, altough UK adult adoptees are able to access their records (and have been able to do so since the early 1970s) the laws of New York State denied me access to mine! I am also shocked and outraged by the continued opposition to equality for adoptees and the blatent defense of discrimination that continues to this day. Perhaps I can see the picture all the more clearer as a resident of another Country with different practises looking in on a system that is appallingly outdated and discriminatory to adopted people. It took me 20 years to get to this point. To shake off the brainwashing of the people who told me I had no rights and was best to leave things well alone. I found my voice because of people like you, Joan, and shall be forever grateful to those who had the courage to speak out and continue to have their voice heard whilst others have yet to find theirs. The men and women who have the strength to lobby for changes in the law to allow information to flow freely – as it is meant to do in a democracy – will receive a HUGE outpouring of thanks from those affected by the issue. We are many. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being one of the hugely strong and courageous ones. — 2010/01/04 at 7:10am, personal email

Update Nov 26, 2012…withoutorigin and heatherUK are one and the same person. After some disagreeable exchanges she pulled her review under the name of withoutorigin, but she can not pull the other, if she wanted to, unless she gets Joan Wheeler to remove it because the reviewer sent it to Joan via email and Joan placed in within her own boilplate materials.


By All Mad Here This review is from: Forbidden Family (Paperback)

Joan Wheeler has written a compelling, moving, and often harrowing account detailing her life experiences as an adoptee who at age 18 was contacted by a sister whose existence was unknown to Joan. The subsequent reunion with her birth family was emotion-charged and turbulent with profound effects on Joan and her adoptive family, as well as Joan’s children later on. The book also recounts Joan Wheeler’s activism for adoptees’ rights and her efforts and suggestions to reform the adoption system in order to spare others the frustration and suffering she has endured. May 23, 2011


By Ruth Willerth Timely Informative 23 May 2011

Forbidden Family by Joan M Wheeler is timely considering it took the resources of Donald Trump to make public President Obama’s birth certificate. I’m so glad to find out that he really is an American. I live in the part of America that must produce whatever forms government says we must like birth certificates, social security cards, photo id… Being one of millions of Americans not understanding Hawaii seals all birth certificates from the public, I wonder… How the public would respond if our president was adopted so had two conflicting birth certificates?
Ruth Willerth Knife of Truth series consulting editor

From Gert again

…I’ll say it again…what Joan Wheeler needs to do is take down the hate blogs against the siblings, get her boyfriends to take down their hate blogs against the siblings, and she needs to STOP telling lies about us. Until she does that, we shall continue to expose her.

I have also gone to Amazon US and added a couple of comments on Ruth’s and the other reviewers…feel free to add your own

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