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by on December 24, 2012

just because Joan Wheeler tells her friends to go after her sisters, doesn’t make them right….they are only acting as a group!

Salem Witch Hunt

Hi Scott!

It looks like everyone has gone crazy except you and me. But then, I am not too sure about you…  😉

You may not be aware that Gayatri has been directing hostility at me in various ways but without facing me for months, while I barely had any direct contact with her during that time. Recently, with the support of some of the guys, her hatred erupts into malicious action and ‘she-who-can-do-no-wrong’ indulges openly in outrageous character assassinations of me based on … what? Her own delusions. Bob, with an agenda of his own, judges without hearing my side of the story, then invalidates, defames, and condemns me. Openly, even gleefully, he makes a public display of his contempt. His confidence sets the ball rolling; the mob forms around him. When I ask Sean to explain his hate mail, he first mocks me and then threatens to report…

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