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A new book by Joan M Wheeler??? No, she’s just looking for others to help her…again!

by on January 2, 2013

Maybe she’s looking for someone else she can con…like she did with the first publisher!

It’s always a fascinating journey on Google! You never know where the search term Joan M Wheeler will lead you! She is virtually everywhere! She is always looking for new places where she can get a book published and looking for other suckers who will HELP her. Don’t get fooled or sucked into her schemes; you will only be hurt.

The issue, that Joan does not seem to realize is, is that NO PUBLISHER, is going to publish her material ONCE they find out that her ‘first’ book was deemed to be libelous and was pulled by the publisher! She violated their contract! That book, Forbidden Family, will, always and forever, be known as the book of lies! Just Google it and find out for yourself. She can’t get away from it and any publisher, who does NOT know about it and publishes anything else by Joan Wheeler, had better have checked out her FACTS; for it not they will hear from us!

Is Joan so in love with herself and her ‘story’ that she thinks she can pull it off again? YES, she is in love with herself! She is a first class narcissistic, socio-path personality, who will do whatever it takes to get someone, anyone, to further her ONE desire…to be a published author that will make a million dollars and have a movie made out of her life and her ‘life and work’!

But she will not do that on the backs of the birth family ever again…and that is a promise! So if there are any publishers out there I’d pay close attention to what Joan Wheeler says, for she is a proven liar!

That being said…take a look at this, found via Google…I shall have more to say at the end.

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Joan M Wheeler on Facebook | StatusBin

Jun 29, 2012 – id1654003355 name: Joan M Wheeler first name: Joan middle name: M last name: Wheeler link: 

Joan M Wheeler   at Sep 12, 2012 12:28:18 AM
Hi all,
This post concerns an idea I have for a new book exposing the lies perpetrated by falsified birth certificates for adoptees.

For starters, I have my hospital birth certificate, birth registration (short form), amended birth registration (short form), original birth certificate (long form), and amended birth certificate (long form). I also have my true baptismal certificate and my falsified baptismal certificate. These documents have legal notations printed on the margins. By placing the original document on the left page and the amended document on the right, it is easy to see how they differ. I am going to be publishing these documents (with home addresses and certificate numbers edited out) in my memoir within a few months.

My questions to you are:

How many of you have both: original birth registration and amended birth registration? How many of you have both original birth certificate long form and amended birth certificate long form?
How many of you have any religious documents that were processed before and after adoption, with the after adoption one being falsified?

How many of you have your Final Order of Adoption? Do you have any documentation that states natural parents names and adopting parents names on the same document? Do you have relinquishment papers? Do you have consent to adopt papers?

Will any of you be interested in contributing to a new book? I propose that people who are willing to do so, carefully scan their documents (I’ll give instructions later), with the addresses deleted and certificate numbers deleted, and email them to me. Contributors can send in birth registrations, birth certificates, any religious documents, and any adoption papers. For living relatives named on the documents, I would need signed releases (I have these releases). I would then compile these into a book. This would be evidence of the facts of our births and evidence of falsified birth certificates. Contributors could write whatever you want to write — your feelings, your insights, your ideas for change. Some adoptees are now annulling their adoptions. Some adoptees are being adopted back by their natural parents (with some very odd directions from that process).

I am looking for between 50 – 100 adoptees and natural parents and adoptive parents to step forward.

Since there are American Adoptees who were born in other countries, this is open to Intercountry adoptees as well. Perhaps even adoptees within other countries who can help. Translations of docs could be written.

This book can then be used as a tool to help in legislative change, or USA Inquiry, or Class Action.

Any thoughts?

Joan Wheeler, Reunited Adoptee Found in 1974

KA commented at Sep 13, 2012 12:45:10 PM
The most populous State that has opened records is Illinois, and it did so only with a “veto” option and people are also finding problems of various natures with their “OBCs” received.

CB commented at Sep 14, 2012 6:27:57 PM
Joan, if this is open to Canadians, you’ll find a lot who have all their records: In B.C., records opened in 1995 to both natural parents and adopted persons, and then Alberta, NF, and Ontario opened after that. Hundreds if not thousands have their records now.

TT commented at Sep 17, 2012 6:03:40 AM

i dont have any copies or anything about the adoption of my daughter. not even one paper. i only have the original bc of my daughter before she was adopted. and now were trying to adopt my daughter back filing for a rescission of adoption. hope judge will be on our side.

Gert here… I removed the ‘real’ names of those that commented. Even if Joan was to be able to get a new ‘memoir’ published, it would NOT TAKE US LONG to find out about it and we will purchase it, read it, and contact the publisher…AGAIN. Here, in this section, Joan’s words are prefaced with >>>

>>>I am going to be publishing these documents (with home addresses and certificate numbers edited out) in my memoir within a few months.

Oh my… did she learn something about ‘keeping’ the family’s name/home addresses out of print? By publishing those facts, and our family picture (she was NOT born yet when the picture was taken) in that libelous book, she violated our privacy, never ONCE asked our permission, nor had she have intention of asking for permission, because THE sole purpose of writing that libelous book was to ‘get back’ at everyone in her life of misery because she is adopted! She did that ONCE and she will NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

>>>Will any of you be interested in contributing to a new book?

If any adoptee is smart they will say NO. Get as far away from Joan Wheeler as you can because you will have to deal with us, the birth siblings if you get involved with Joan! Many others have found that out the hard way…just say NO to Joan.

>>>For living relatives named on the documents, I would need signed releases (I have these releases).

Oh, so she has ‘releases’! How come no one, in the birth and adoptive families, ever got one of those releases before Joan Wheeler published that libelous book? Because she didn’t want anyone to know what she was up to! This is why is it so vital for everyone to take a close look at Joan Wheeler’s tactics…she is a sneak. We, the birth siblings, have been the ones who spoke up and out about being exploited by Joan Wheeler in her ‘first’ book. There will not be a second book, if she violates us and exploits us again.

>>>I would then compile these into a book.

Joan is expecting adoptees to just turn over their valuable documents to her! She doesn’t have any credentials to back herself up. No one, in their right mind, would turn over their documents, even copies, to someone who is known far and wide as a liar, a sneak, a con-artist, and more.

>>>I am looking for between 50 – 100 adoptees and natural parents and adoptive parents to step forward.

Sure 50 to100 people! And where are they going to come from? Anyone with any brains will do a bit of research on Joan Wheeler and find out all they could possibly need to know to back away from her. A very simple Google will show anyone just want kind of reputation Joan Wheeler has.

Even those that ‘agree’ with Joan’s opinions and tactics don’t want to mess with the birth siblings! Do you? Do you feel lucky? What to take the risk and deal with Joan Wheeler? Or would you just say NO, THANKS? I know what I’d say!


UPDATE APRIL 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor!


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