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Warning! Joan Wheeler has already published a libelous book & is trying again!

by on January 7, 2013

Talk about resume padding, creative use of sidestepping issues, omitting certain vital facts and creating a self-righteous character! Of course, Joan’s non-use of a spell checker and creation of new words is also present!


UPDATE January 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ yet again, her ‘story’, NOW called ‘duped by adoption’. There is NOTHING in it for adoption reform, for she is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…


Joan Wheeler has NEVER held a job as a Social Worker, even though she professes to be one, she can not prove she ever had a job as a social worker! She is on, and has been on, for many years, New York State Social Security Disability. She is unable to hold down a regular job, due to various mental disabilities and limitations, which she herself documents in her libelous book. That is why she wrote a ‘memoir’ (that was libelous and a hate manifesto), to ‘earn’ money of the backs of both the birth and adoptive families. She believes herself to a writer and an activist (wink, wink). Besides the libelous book, that has been pulled from publication, by the publisher, most of her writings, listed here, are decades old, when she was under a former mentor (who did not use professionalism to check out Joan’s personal story), and were publised in foreign places. The titles are NOT presented, here in this resume. One article, in particular, that is listed but not named, is where is ‘outed’ the identity of birth siblings, in print; clear violation of privacy. Writing ‘opinion pieces’ to a local newspaper does not qualify as/for ‘published’ writing; she never had a ‘column by-line’ in a newspaper.

We will now see directly from LinkedIn Joan Wheeler’s resume. My own comments will be interjected within the following via >>>Gert here: and end with (end)

Joan Wheeler Author/Writer/Advocate/Activist in Adoption Reform (free lance)

Location Buffalo, New York

Industry Writing and Editing

Current Author/Writer/Advocate/Activist in Adoption Reformat free-lance writer

>>>Gert here: is ‘reformat’ a real word? I can’t find it in my dictionary. (end)

Previous Non-paid Care-Giver  Crisis Services


State University College at Buffalo BSW, Social Work,

Creative Studies 1995 – 1999 Graduated Cum Laude

Mercyhurst College BA, Liberal Arts 1974 – 1978


Currently editing my 2nd edition memoir;

>>>Gert here: this is very misleading, there can not be any 2nd edition of any first memoir (book) when the book was deemed to be libelous and pulled from publication by the publisher. This is clearly a side-step away from plainly stating that her one and only book is libelous.(end)

Currently writing in adoption reform forums and blogs as activist for adoptees’ civil and human rights, natural parents’ rights, father’s rights preventing adoption and-or re-establishing contact, siblings rights;

>>>Gert here: another form of side-stepping; the only forums and blogs she writes on are those that are angry adoptees, like herself, who band together to go out and browbeat, intimidate and bully anyone who is pro-adoption. Just because a forum calls itself, Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, does not make it a ‘reform forum’. It is a ‘support’ site wherein they not only cry their blues but also encourage each other to browbeat and bully pro-adoption sites/people! Siblings rights? Excuse me!! She apparently doesn’t believe that her own siblings have any rights! (end)

Currently negotiating terms as ghost writer for anonymous adoptee/natural father, Seeking mainstream publisher for his memoir as well as mine;

>>>Gert here: She had a mainstream publisher, she violated the contract she had with them! Once ANY publisher finds out that she violated a contract by having them publish a libelous book they will have nothing further to do with her. (end)

Currently adoption-reunion advisor/mentor for fellow adoptees in self-awareness and adoption psychology and mental health;

>>>Gert here: Oh My Gods!!Joan Wheeler has NO QUALIFICATIONS for doing such. Whatever qualifications she does have are being misused by her because she has flawed logic, flawed mental health and has a warped sense of her place in adoption. She is clearly out of bounds with the ethics of social workers. She documents, in the libelous book, how she abused her own children, had fights and arguments with people at conferences and in college classrooms. Her ‘wisdom’ would not help anyone, it didn’t help her! (end)

Currently challenging laws that confiscate and seal birth certificates of children whose adoptions are finalized and challenging laws that create new, amended (falsified) birth certificates for adoptees, promoting adoption certificates to replace falsified birth certificates;

>>>Gert here: Where is she challenging laws? She does not name them, because they are none. The only places that Joan speaks is on anti-adoption sites where she advocates bullying, browbeating and intimidation to pro-adoption sites and then goes there to do those activities, under several screennames. The birthsiblings have found some of those sites/forums and written, on our blogs, about the words and activities that Joan and her fellow adoptees say and do. (end)

Promoting Family Preservation and Kinship Care and Guardianship as alternatives to any form of adoption.

>>>Gert here: At best this is a utopian view point because it does not work in all cases. Joan believes that she could have been ‘saved’ from adoption if these ‘alternatives’ were used. Reality is there was no one to do so, in her case and with millions of others. (end)


Author/Writer/Advocate/Activist in Adoption Reform

free-lance writer

1975 – Present(37 years)Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area

I write about adoption reform promoting the civil rights of adoptees to their original birth certificates and point out that all adoptees are issued an amended (falsified) birth certificate upon finalization of adoption. I also write about aspects of adoption reunion, adoption psychology, and reproductive technologies and how they impact the donor-offspring.

>>>Gert here: I take no position on the adoption issues. I am a birth and adoptive mother. I adopted my son with my second husband. Joan Wheeler interferred with the process, she caused great harm to my family because her ‘expert’ advise was NOT taken by us. Joan libelous book is a case book of what NOT to do in and with adoption reunion. She has made, in the libelous book, on every website and forum that she writes, every member of both families into horrible monsters, for in her mind, that is what everyone is because she was adopted. (end)

I am an adoptee who was found by siblings I never knew in 1974. Experiencing a reunion at age 18 sent me into shock at being lied to by my adoptive parents who never wanted me to know my siblings and my natural father. I joined Adoptees’ Liberty Movement Association in New York City and learned about adoptees civil rights and reunions. From ALMA, joined American Adoption Congress, Americans for Open Records, Adoption Crossroads.

>>>Gert here: When she was found it was an OPPORTUNITY for her to ‘get back’ at the adoptive parents for their abuse to her, she finally had a weapon to use against the adoptive parents! The organization that she first joined was a ‘militant’ organization where she learned to ‘go after’ and attempt to ‘stop people from adopting’ as she did with my step-mother and myself in the process of our adopting our own children! Americans for Open Records calls adoption ‘a form of terrorism’. Be informed about the true nature of these and other ‘adoption reform’ movements and organizations. (end)

• Wrote memoir “Forbidden Family: A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism”; proposed changes to state and federal adoption and birth certificate law; currently seeking editor and publisher

>>>Gert here: here she clearly omits the fact that that book was pulled from publication by the publisher and will never be reprinted in the original form…it is a DEAD book. She is seeking an editor and publisher!! Good luck, for if she finds one and they print any book, by Joan Wheeler, we birth siblings will find it, read it and deem whether it is a true and right book and if it isn’t we will get that book pulled from publication also. She has NOT proposed any changes, for none have gone to the right and proper legal channels. (end)

• Conducted public speaking, radio and print news interviews on adoption reform, conference presentations
• Presented paper “Adoptees and Children of Reproductive Technologies” to The President’s Council on Bioethics in Washington, D.C., 2004
• Wrote opinion articles on adoption reform in The Buffalo News and The Erie Daily Times, 1975 – 2011

>>>Gert here: from what she wrote in the libelous book, her public speaking ventures were shouting matches where she browbeat and insulted the audiences. Opinion pieces in local newspapers are not ‘legit’ articles. The last one she wrote in 2011 was challedged by the birth siblings and Joan had her boy-friend write a hate response and he created a hate blog against us. end)

• Edited articles for The Adoption Center, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1987 – 2002
• Wrote contribution in Report 69: Review of the Adoption Information Act 1990,The Law Reform Commission of New South Wales, Australia, 1992
• Dutch translation of autobiographical article in the book Kind van Ander Ouders (Child of Other Parents), The Netherlands, 1991

• Wrote article published in Adoption and Fostering, Journal of the British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering, England, 1990

• Wrote contribution in Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Program, The United States Congressional Record, Washington D.C.,1985

>>>Gert here: the articles here are in conjunction with Dr Rene Hoksbergen, retired, who did not do any fact checking on Joan’s story/facts. Long after Dr Hoksbergen’s involvement, when birthsibling got the libelous book pulled from publication, we wrote to Hoksbergen, he never responsed, but his former boss did, via email, saying that Dr Hoksbergen should have used a more professional approach when dealing with us and should have investigated what Joan ‘told’ him. But, the fact that Dr. Hoksbergen was retired, NOTHING could be formally done, but in private, his former boss, did state that he would be discussing it with him; those emails are on our blogs. The short stories, published in 1990, and reprinted on Joan’s web site, is where she named the birth siblings, violating our privacy. (end)

Care-Giver for elderly parent

Non-paid Care-Giver

2000 – 2011 (11 years)Buffalo, New York

Assisted with daily living, decided critical medical options, completed paperwork, scheduled appointments, provided transportation and comfort, consulted and coordinated with medical providers and nursing home staff, counseled on end of life issues and advanced directives, arranged funeral, managed estate

>>>Gert here: okay she took care of her adoptive mother while she browbeated her right up to the death bed to get an apology from the woman for adopting her! She does not state here, but in her libelous book, she tells about how she ‘volunteered’ to take birth father to appointments. In the book she documents how she insulted birth father and tried to get him to pay for her car repairs. When birth father said no, Joan documents what she and adoptive mother said about birth family and it was nice! Joan Wheeler engages in elder ‘abuse’, she did it with my foster mother, my father and with her adoptive mother. (end)

Crisis Phone Counselor and Administrative Support

Crisis Services

2000 – 2002 (2 years)Buffalo, New York

While at Crisis Services, I worked as a suicide prevention counselor and provided client linkage to social service agencies as well as mental health agencies. I worked with homeless clients, assisted with administration work, agency tableing events, organized safety trainings and trained new phone counselors.

>>>Gert here: Two years experience! Why hasn’t she been working in those fields since 2002? Why hasn’t all her training HELPED her? Why does she talk about suicide all the time? (end)

>>>Gert here: Under the section blog she only lists her forbiddenfamily web site, which contains references of hate towards the birthsiblings. She omits her hate web site against the birthsiblings @  She further omits that she has enlisted her boy friend, Brain Maloney of Williamsville NY to create a hate blog against us wherein he browbeats and bullies @  (end)

Skills & Expertise

creative writing, care giver for elderly parent, suicide prevention, crisis phone intervention, problem solving, active listening, referral and linkage for clients, intake and assessment of clients and consumers, knowledgeable in adoption psychology and law, public speaking, presenting workshops, agency representation, knowledge of ethics on reproductive technologies, advocate of adoptee’s civil rights, social justice advocate and activist in adoption reform

>>>Gert here: well with all these great skills and expertise she should have had a job for decades already and have a great retirement coming! Unfortunately, she omits that she can not hold down any job because of her mental limitations and disabilities! What a fool! (end)

Contact Joan for:

career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures,job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

>>>Gert here: How can Joan help others in these goals or any other when she can’t help herself! Fool!! (end)

Joan Wheeler profiles | LinkedIn

< “”Cached> – Similar

View the profiles of professionals named Joan Wheeler on LinkedIn. editing my 2nd edition memoir; Currently writing in adoption reform forums and blogs as activist for adoptees’ civil Freelance Newsletter Copy Editor and Graphic Designer at National Conference of CPA Practicitioners, …. LinkedIn Corporation © 2012 …


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