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Public activists, like Joan Wheeler, can not hide from their backgrounds whenever they want!

by on January 21, 2013

UPDATE…October 5, 2015. This post received a view so an update is in order. This post was written, January 21, 2013. Since then, Joan M Wheeler, has published a new revision of her book; it is called My life as an adoptee, duped by adoption. I have a new blog and facebook page dedicated to studying this new book.     duped by adoption, a book study

I have commented on reviews of the book on Amazon as well as started a discussion.

Please feel free to look around and comment. NOW back to the original post.


A public figure can not pick and choose, what aspect of their past they can speak of, or, prevent others from discussing. A public figure must be above reproach, if they are not, beyond reproach, they are harming their cause. Joan Wheeler can not honestly discuss adoption reform without the mention that she has a BIRTH FAMILY and that means she can NOT separate or hinder, the birth family, from speaking about our OWN LIVES as it relates to Joan, a pubic adoption activist. Her continued attempts to silence the birth family MEANS that she is afraid of the truth we speak and we must not be heard! These attempts of Joan’s does NOT go unseen in the world. People KNOW that Joan is afraid of the truth the birth family has to say about her. 

Joan Wheeler’s libelous book is/was about her reunion! She keeps telling everyone it, the book, is (now was) about her reunion (from her point of view). So why does she say, in many places, that the book isn’t about reunion? Or that when she speaks it isn’t about reunion? She can’t have her cake and eat it too. She can’t decide that she DOESN’T have a birth family when the birth family speaks up and opposes her. She can’t silence the birth family! We exist!

The complete title of the now dead book is: Forbidden Family; A HalfOrphan’s account of her adoption, reunion and social activism.

Doesn’t that tell you that her REUNION is in the book? That her activism is related to her adoption, reunion? Joan continues to use the title as a screen name and for a platform when speaking out against adoption. We, THE BIRTH FAMILY are the Forbidden Family! As the forbidden family we most certainly have something to say about anything Joan Wheeler writes or says about us. 

In re-reading a blog post on Ruth’s blog I noted some thing I missed before…the post is here and it’s title is…

A call to arm against the nasty sisters. – Joan Wheeler calls in the big dudes to sic it to us – roflmao! June 17, 2011

Taking one section from that post and after a brief intro statement of mine we see this from Joan:

On June 15, 2011, Joan noticed that Ruth and I had commented on her article and so she goes to the adult adoptee’s forum and places this call to arm against her sisters!!!

« Reply #11 on: Today at 12:42:25 PM »

For those of you who care to comment further, I need your help. The sisters who still stalk me on this forum have made comments online following this article about how they were able to pull my book from the publisher because of the lies that I told. First,, my article iin the Buffalo News has nothing to do with reunion, and second, the publisher pulled the book without an attorney representing me so I am having my own attorney look into the matter. Thirdly, the book was written from my point of view, not theirrs,, so of course they would disagree. This is all so very costly, both in money and emotional energy for me. They insist on publicizing their own blogs which continute to be filled against me.
Gert here: please note that the forum this came from is Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change and like so many other things on the Internet it can be found via a google search.  Also note that the Buffalo News online format now requires people to subscribe in order to see the posts. At this point we are ONLY interested in this comment made by Joan. Note also how Joan attempts to get the birth family silenced…that is foremost in her mind…silence the birth family.
First,, my article iin the Buffalo News has nothing to do with reunion,
That’s the point I’m making…Joan’s entire public activism is about birth certificates and the only reason she got both of them is because is was found by the birth family…that’s REUNION.
This statement of Joan’s and the the reason I answered on the Buffalo News site is because of this comment from someone that answered Joan’s article….
‘I surely wish Joan Wheeler had political clout. Or that she at least has influence with the speaker of the New York Assembly. ‘….
Once I saw that ‘opinion’ I voiced my own ‘opinion’ based on knowing Joan Wheeler’s background, character and dirty deeds. And just as I spoke my opinion on line there I’ll say it anywhere I can…because of Joan’s background.
No, you don’t want Joan Wheeler in any political arena because she slanders family. This is WHY I spoke up then and always will because IF Joan is a social activist for the cause of adoption reform than people NEED to know her background. Her article that was published may not have been about reunion, per se, but the very fact that she USES OUR FAMILY as a platform for her agenda is part of the reason we OBJECT every time she speaks.
here is the article for those that have not seen it…

Real birther issue is still unresolved

Joan Wheeler, born Doris Sippel, lives in Buffalo and thinks adoptees should have access to their birth records.

Published: June 10, 2011, 12:00 AM

President Obama recently released a copy of his long-form original birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States. If he had been adopted, he would not be able to produce his original birth certificate for the public or even for his own viewing. By law, he would be able to obtain only an amended birth certificate.

Does this mean that adoptees are prohibited from becoming president?

I am an adoptee and I have two conflicting birth certificates.

As in all adoptions, the judge who presided over my adoption ordered my original birth certificate sealed and replaced with an amended one. The registrar of vital records switched most of my birth facts onto a new document, but the amended certificate does not contain the attending physician’s signature attesting that he witnessed the birth. And it does not prove who my biological mother and father were.

In the aftermath of 9/11, to obtain a passport or an enhanced driver’s license, one must present documentation of birth filed within five days of birth. Many adoptees’ amended certificates were issued a year or more after birth; delayed birth certificates are not acceptable proof of birth. And amended certificates don’t prove who actually gave birth to the individual named. Adoptees cannot obtain documentation of birth and adoption because these records are sealed.

Birth records for adoptees have been sealed and altered since the 1930s to hide illegitimacy for mother and infant, and to protect adoptive parents. The adoptee rights movement began in the 1950s to change these laws. Two states never sealed records; six states have varying degrees of open records. New York has been a closed-record state since 1935.

I, like many adoptees, want unrestricted access to my original birth certificate. Adoptees are the only group of people denied access to their own birth record. This is a matter of civil rights, social inequality, personal dignity and genealogical knowledge. Non-adoptees can obtain their birth record, but adoptees cannot get theirs.

Opponents to open records claim mothers’ identities must be kept secret because they were promised confidentiality. Mothers who have lost children to adoption say that secrecy was imposed upon them. Additionally, the stigma of illegitimacy doesn’t hold true for full or half orphans (like myself) or step-parent adoptees. Adoptees say that stigma in adoption is unwarranted.

So, how did I get my short-and long-form original birth certificate if the records were sealed?

My widowed father, at the time he relinquished me, gave my birth certificates to my adoptive parents. When I turned 18, they, in turn, gave the documents to me.

Despite this, I am still legally prevented from obtaining my original birth certificate.

All amended birth certificates state the adoptee’s new name, replace the parents by birth with the names of the new parents and include most facts of the birth. A registrar of vital statistics certifies the facts are true. They are not, since no adoptee is born to the parents named on the amended certificate.

New York State adoptees are supporting passage of Senate Bill 1438 and Assembly Bill 2003, which would give adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates. This is half of the solution. For true adoptee equality, falsified amended birth certificates should be replaced with honest adoption certificates.


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