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Joan Wheeler doesn’t like the life she GOT, believes adoption is ‘illegal’ and that somehow she got cheated out of a different life!

by on February 27, 2013

It is so useless to ask those ‘what ifs’ about the life you didn’t have! If only I won the lottery! If only I was born in another country, had different color skin, was in a wealthy family or that I wasn’t adopted! What a f…ing waste of energy to think this way! You DIDN’T get a different life! You GOT the life you WERE to have…so make the best of it! The grass is NOT greener on the other side! This line of thinking of Joan’s, points to the fact that she must have been abused in the adoptive family, because, once she knew her birth family, she really didn’t WANT US because she systematically destroyed every relationship in it! So much for wishful thinking of ‘what if’ I was not adopted! She had both families and she didn’t LIKE EITHER OF THEM.

There are many things that are illegal in the world but adoption is not one of them! There are some illegal practices that are committed to secure babies for ‘adoption’ and that is, certainly, a tragic thing. But, those practices still do not make adoption illegal.

For the record, Joan Wheeler’s adoption had nothing to do with any form of illegal or immoral baby buying practices. For her to continue to exploit her adoption AND our mother’s death and our father’s anguish at HAVING to place her into adoption is a moral OUTRAGE. At every opportunity, Joan has inserted herself, and our family, into each and every unsavory practice on the planet; and this is plain WRONG.

The following blog post, and its comments, is titled ‘They admit it is illegal’. While I agree, in principle, with the issues presented, I do not agree, nor approve, that Joan Wheeler includes her adoption as part of illegal practices. I’m first presenting Joan’s comment (her mis-typing included), then my comments on her comment and then the entire blog-post that Joan’s comment was on.

Joan M Wheeler says: September 21, 2010 at 2:04 am

Yes, T…, I agree. I, too, am a different human being than the one I was born to be. And I would demand reparations in additionn ot an apology for being taken from my family of birth and my birth certificate taken froomme and a falsified document issued to replace it. The whole thing stinks. Apology is not enough, not enough for mtoehrs, and not enough for adoptees.

Gert here:

How can anyone say that they are a ‘different human being than the one I was born to be’? The FACT is that Joan IS THE human being she was born to be!!! She has it all wrong! She was given life by those two parents at that moment in time; one died the other had to give her up. That IS THE HUMAN SHE WAS BORN TO BE. Just as I was born to be who I am and every other human being; Joan Wheeler is not unique because she was adopted! That line of thinking is pure bullshit and keeps too many people sick and causes a great deal of unnecessary hardships.

Joan is always DEMANDING somethings: reparations?? for what???  and apologies??? again, for what?? Reparations because she was adopted? Can I get reparations because I was placed in a foster home? Can I get an apology from Joan Wheeler for all the shitty dirty deeds she did to me and my family and all the lies she has told about me?

Joan was NOT TAKEN FROM HER FAMILY she was GIVEN AWAY…okay…let’s see that again…SHE WAS GIVEN AWAY. Why? because there was NO ONE TO CARE FOR HER. She was not a victim of a crime, or any illegal practice. As far as the birth certificate is concerned, that’s a matter of public vital statistics…she was adopted, a name changed, not a fucking crime! Amended birth certificates are not FALSIFIED documents, they show name changes. Joan has BOTH HER CERTIFICATES.

Joan browbeat the adoptive parents from the moment she was ‘found’. You would think that Joan would have been glad to ‘know’ the birth family! No! Joan only used the knowledge to ‘get back’ at those adoptive parents, the mother in particular, for some abuse that Joan had suffered before the age of 18 when I called Joan and informed her about her birth family. Joan used the fact of being found as a weapon to beat the adopted parents with.

The adoptive father died in 1982, the mother in 2011. That meant that Joan hounded that mother, well into old age, up to the day she died, to get an apology for adopting her. The adoptive mother never gave her one! In Joan’s mind, the adoptive mother was ‘only sorry she got caught’! Caught at what? A crime? No! The adoptive mother was also infertile, another reason that Joan hated that woman, because Joan believes that it is wrong for an infertile woman to ‘want to adopt a child’.

Joan Wheeler used and uses the circumstances of her birth and adoption as a weapon against both families, birth and adopted, because Joan cannot accept the HUMAN BEING SHE WAS BORN AS. Joan Wheeler’s lot was NOT TO BE IN THE BIRTH FAMILY and she hates that fact! There was no ‘what if’s’ about the circumstances of her birth and position in the birth family. Doris M Sippel was DOOMED TO BE GIVEN AWAY INTO ADOPTION AND BECOME JOAN WHEELER….that is the fact of Joan Wheeler’s life! All her crying and rage and hatred and anger will NEVER change those facts!

Joan Wheeler never once gives THANKS that she was not a victim of the practices that the following details! Never has Joan Wheeler given a thought to the thousands of true and real victims of crimes…she can only USE THEM AS A MEANS TO VENT HER ANGER AT ADOPTION AND THE PARENTS THAT ADOPTED HER…Joan Wheeler is scum! worst than scum!

Here now is the blog-post and comments follow here…

They admit it was illegal!

I have always said that the theft of my baby was an illegal adoption.  No adoption could be legal when it begins with an abduction, a baby being taken from a tied-down mother against her will, withheld from her forever more from that point, the choice to keep her baby robbed from her, the “decision” of adoption made by others but not herself.

So, in Western Australia, exiled mothers are going to receive an apology from the government for exactly the same practices that myself and tens of thousands of young and unwed Canadian mothers endured!

I will include the full article here, because I do not want readers to have to surf over to second site to see what I am talking about.

Of course, an apology does not make up for the fact that criminal acts and human rights violations were committed. For that, IMHO, the perpetrators should be brought to justice.  There should be recompense for the victims, and the people who illegally obtained children for adoption purposes (the sole reason WHY these crimes were committed, to supply the market for healthy white infants wanted by infertile people who were deemed to deserve our children more than WE were!) should be treated in the exact same way as anyone in possession of stolen property.  But an apology if it is actually an admission of guilt, is a good first step.

Unmarried mums get State apology

DANIEL EMERSON, The West Australian September 1, 2010, 6:32 am

The State’s apology to unmarried mothers illegally separated from their babies under harsh adoption practices is set to happen within weeks.

WA is to become the first State or Federal government worldwide to admit hospital and welfare authorities were wrong to immediately separate mothers from their babies after giving birth out of wedlock. Mothers from around Australia keen to hear the apology have been told it will be delivered in Parliament on October 19.

Experts say tens of thousands of WA babies were adopted illegally when their unmarried mothers were prevented from seeing, touching, naming or bonding with their children immediately after birthbetween the 1940s and the early 1980s.

Health Minister Kim Hames said the exact format of the apology was still being finalised but it would be “to unmarried mothers of adopted children who were adversely affected by past adoption practices”.

Christine Cole, of the NSW-based Apology Alliance, said it was also important for the Government to say sorry to the children taken. “They were denied their family of origin and the culture of that family,” she said.

6 Responses to They admit it was illegal!

R says:September 3, 2010 at 1:19 am

Cedar, I had no idea. I mean, I knew about coercion and stuff just from reading but… wow. There is no justice for what happened. There is a special corner of hell for those who rip babies from their mothers, and it’s not far from the pedophiles.

D says: September 3, 2010 at 7:09 pm

An apology?!?!?! And one that will take them more than a month to concoct? I guess it’s better than nothing…

T says: September 10, 2010 at 8:50 pm

Kidnappers usually end up in jail, and don’t get away with just being “sorry”… but you are right, it’s an admission of sorts, and a tiny step (I first typed “baby step” and felt a little sick to my stomach) in the right direction. I believe these mothers and children need reparations, including punitive damages for having their lives forever altered in such a horrific and cruel way. As an adult adoptee, I believe that my adoption literally changed who I am, and not only on paper. In reality, I am a different human being than the one I was born to be. And they are “sorry”.

Joan M Wheeler says: September 21, 2010 at 2:04 am

Yes, T…, I agree. I, too, am a different human being than the one I was born to be. And I would demand reparations in additionn ot an apology for being taken from my family of birth and my birth certificate taken froomme and a falsified document issued to replace it. The whole thing stinks. Apology is not enough, not enough for mtoehrs, and not enough for adoptees.

nz says: October 1, 2010 at 1:11 am

This is terrible. There are no words that could adequately express how disgusting this is.

C says: October 23, 2010 at 5:20 pm

It has happened! You can read all the speeches if you want to. Go to the Western Australian Government web site, Hansard, Daily transcripts:

Then click on the Legislative Assembly for Tuesday the 19th of October. See pages 14-22



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