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Bitch slap…something I would really like to do to Joan Wheeler.

by on February 28, 2013

No, I’m not into the S&M like what Joan is into…but metaphorically speaking…yes, Joan needs a good Bitch Slap! Where’s a good male dominate when you need one! Brian Maloney where art thou! Oh gosh let’s not tell him that he MAY have been replaced by…by…Daniel…no say it isn’t SO!! Brian has been replaced with Daniel! Ah gee! Poor guy! I could have told you that a long time ago…Joan has been wetting her pants, over Daniel, for a long time now. She’s been sucking up to Daniel ever since he first appeared on the forum for Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change! Too bad he lives half a globe away! Joan loves to suck…up! Shocked? Why should you, haven’t you been aware of the perverse nature of Joan Wheeler YET? It’s nothing new to the birth family. Is that why you, Brian, don’t want to get ‘involved’, as you said in your last post in Jan 2013! Not that I give a damn what any of you idiots say or do.

Yes I’m being very irreverent here on purpose: these self-righteous adoptees, and friends, seem to believe that they can trample on every loving human being that just wants to love a child. I am sick of reading their garbage! Doesn’t matter what tactics they employ, they will NEVER outlaw ADOPTION!

Seriously now …I’m referring to a blog post, of Joan’s on her blog, here on … … dated 27 Feb 2013, in response to a post by Von here on….

Joan has been believing her propaganda for far too long…by her own calculations…’over 30 years’…you would think that by NOW she would have gotten IT; that HER methods are not working! Oh excuse me, this particularly ‘response’ is to show that they, and she, must alter their tactics. To proceed…

I find it truly amazing that in one breath Joan can say, of adoption, that it is ‘the inhuman practice of permanently separating parents and their children and permanently and needlessly separating sibling groups’ AND in the next breath CONDEMN  the very ‘sibling group’ that she was REUNITED WITH! And why?? Because we, that ‘sibling group’ told her, from the onset, to butt out of our personal lives and in MY CASE, in MY PROCESS OF ADOPTING MY OWN SON. That bitch, Joan Wheeler, knows what is BEST for me and my children!! BULLSHIT, she does not and did not and that is fact! Come here Joan Wheeler and let me BITCH SLAP YOU! I’ve been waiting since 1981 when you did me wrong!

But…according to Joan…I, as part of those, ‘horrific chain of separators’ will have a ‘gut-wrenching remorse for what they have done’! Yep…by my ADOPTING my own son, I was a SEPARATOR, I took my son AWAY FROM HIS FATHER…a father that could have given a shit…NOT…and who never wanted to pay child support for his TWO children and SCREAMED at me to ‘hurry up and get those kids adopted’. Yep…I’m GUILTY AS CHARGED.  Stupid bitch! Joan needs more than a bitch slap!

Joan further states… ‘those regular people who insist on telling me their opinions on adoption, as if those opinions carry more weight than my 57 years of life experience and my research for 39 years, once these people hear my word from the point of view of being the victim of adoption…’

Oh my gods! This woman has a persecution complex and obsession! Some old story, just add on a couple more years…she’s been saying it for fucking ever! Poor Joan, she’s a fucking victim…who has 57 long hard years of tiresome experience weighting her down, my gods, my fingers are dragging over the keys because I feel the weight of all those years of victimhood! Why doesn’t Joan join a self-mutilating cult of victims; she might find someone who gives a damn.

I am working on a post regarding this utopian vision that Joan promotes as an alternative to adoption; that of ‘family preservation, kinship care, guardianship and adoption prevention’.  For the moment, let’s just say that that vision is NON-WORKABLE in the real world. People with BRAINS will understand in a heartbeat…those that can’t…well they will be forever victims of their own making!

Birth certificates…by all accounts our government, on all levels, are committing wholesale fraud and ought to be brought to justice! Sure! But they and that may have to wait awhile…seems as if the government is SHUTTING DOWN come March 1…that’s tomorrow! those nasty government workers will be paying NOW for all the damage they have been doing to those poor children that have been adopted.

Adoption…according to Joan, no she demands… ‘that these barbaric practices cease’.  And the FACT that we are hearing it ‘from an adoptee’ carries great weight!

Joan is rallying the troops… ‘word of mouth, go spread the word… change is happening…AND most thrilling of all…. ‘ I sure as hell am giving it my all while I am here!’

Golly Gosh! What a gal! don’t you just want to join that bitch!!

Thank the Gods and Goddesses that I am SANE!

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