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A Temper Tantrum by Joan Wheeler

by on March 11, 2013

The following is another one of those on-going tantrums that Joan loves to throw. You would think that a woman, 57 years old, would LEARN when to stop throwing tantrums, but not Joan! I thought her boy-friend/defender, Brian Maloney, said she was a lady? No lady throws tantrums!

Joan just can’t control herself and as usual she lies and lies and lies. In her rage and anger, in her tantrums, she can’t even spell correctly; this doesn’t help in getting her position across. No one listens to temper tantrums. Even on the topic at hand Joan can not stay within it’s limits…she has to interject with ‘her’ life story and her misguide notions of what is and what isn’t. No doubt about it…Joan Wheeler really doesn’t know what she is talking about…all she wants is an opportunity to throw her temper tantrums.

I’m placing my own comments, within her statement, for it seemed a most logical way of addressing her points directly and they (mine) are in bold.

The topic…Birthmothers Right to Privacy…An invention of the ACLU? Saturday, September 4, 2010

Joan Wheeler born as Doris Sippel said…September 5, 2010, 12:00pm

Like the adoptees who are held hostage in Illinois (as an example of injustice), (hostage…such drama…adoption is not hostage taking! and she really doesn’t know about real injustice) I feel completely victimized. (poor thing, she’s a professional victim) All this talk of anonymous birthmothers and non-anonymous birthmothers and adoptees speaking out, where do I fit in? (she is feeling left out…that’s why she commented here, how about a round of applause!) I’ve tried to voice the position of a half orphan trapped in a sea of illegitimates…and in a sea of single mothers who lost their infants. (and she hasn’t been heard!)My mother was married and died. It was at her funeral that adoption was first discussed for me: (LIE) by a Catholic priest at that: the baby needs two parents. (LIE told to her by the adoptive parents, never happened)What about the other 4 older chidlren? (what do we have to do with HER ADOPTION, what happened to us…those other 4 children are none of her concern AFTER she was adopted) Didn’t they need two parents? Their mother just died, so they lost their newborn sister to adoption on top of the loss of their mother. (NEWSFLASH…I, being the oldest was the only one who remembered Joan’s presence at her Baptism, it wasn’t until much much later that the other siblings knew of her existence. And…what does all this have to do with Joan’s adoption? She is making a case that if the other siblings were NOT adopted neither should she have been.)

Where are MY rights in this discussion with the ACLU? (Joan is only concerned about her rights, never anyone else’s!) My mother did not sign any papers of relinquishment, my father did, and no one, not one single authority figure, legisaltor, or Catholic priest, has EVER acknowledged my loss or my dead mother’s loss. (oh the drama of it all) SHE lost her right to be named on my birth certifcate! (get real…she, the mother, died, she didn’t EXIST any more so how could she lose anything?) SHE lost her right to say anything about whether or not her 5th child should be adopted out or not. (the decision to adopt was made after the mother died) Sure, she was DEAD and the dead do not matter — apparently that is the case. WTF?! (my point exactly…WTF is Joan ranting about?)

I am sick and tired of hearing ONLY (she’s sick and tired; temper, temper, little girl, don’t you know you are talking to grown ups?) about single mothers of loss and adoptees who were of illegitimate birth: half and full orphans are victimized by sealed and falsified birth certificates, too! And the law was written to hide illegitimacy –(that is NOT the only purpose, this is a biased opinion from Joan) – the adoptee is legitimized by the new and amended birth certifcate showing two parents — but I am not illegitimate! This does NOT apply to me or my natural mother. My natural father was NOT promised confidentiality nor privacy, but he was TOLD verbally and in writting to stay away from me and my adoptive family. (why can’t she see, that by being told, verbally and in writing, that he had to stay away means that he too was given confidentiality and privacy? Joan doesn’t see, nor wants to see, the entire big picture.)

I am so mad! (yep we see that…and that will win you points, how?) Not at any of you, fellow adoptees and mothers of loss, (glad that she clarified who she is mad at) but at the ACLU, The Right to Life, the NCFA and anyone who assumes that all adoptees are illegitimate (that’s right, she is mad at any and all authorities, in person and/or in institutions) and we need to be kept away from our own birth certifcates for our own protection and that of our poor, misguided mothers. (this is purely a personal opinion that shows Joan’s totally lack of understanding of the way the world works!) SHIT, FUCK and all the rest. (nice going! nice lady-like language here…the powers that be, that can really help, will not listen to the speaker who uses obscenities; where’s Brian when you need him to speak for this idiot? some of this type of language that was in that libelous book is another reason why the publisher pulled it) GIVE ME MY BIRTH CERTIFCATE DAMN IT! (can’t you just see Joan stomping her feet, with tight fists and a red face! That certainly is how a grown woman of  57 acts!) BTW…Joan has her birth certificates…so what’s her beef?

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