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Joan Wheeler is a baaaad Girl! and Adoptees Cite Discrimination in Landmark Study. Part one of two.

by on March 23, 2013

In early 2010, we birth siblings, found out that Joan Wheeler, our ‘reunited adopted-out’ sister, wrote a book called Forbidden Family. We are that Forbidden Family! this is part one of two

In those early days, when we looked at what was inside the book, we reacted in anger; for we couldn’t believe that she did that! It took a long time before we came to understand the ‘finer’ details of her duplicity, corruption and the various players that were ‘cheering’ Joan Wheeler on and/or attacking us; which is still going on 3 years later.

In those early days, when our own anger, at what she had done, ‘clouded’ our understanding of certain things we were seeing on the internet. Some were so obnoxious and strange that we just didn’t want to look at them! Also we were BUSY with reading, and reacting, to what we were reading. We blogged and got attacked by an ARMY of adoptees! And we were BUSY with compiling the EVIDENCE needed for the publisher to pull the book. In other words, much that we saw initially was placed in a ‘hold’ file until we had more time for them. Time is NOW!

I have come to learn that there are two types of adoptees; those that accept the life they have and are capable of love and those that hate their lives, adoption and are incapable of love. It is my belief that the second group, one that Joan Wheeler belongs to, must have been abused by the adopting parents. Shit happens! Not anyone’s fault. Not the institution of adoption’s fault.  NO one can prevent ‘shit’ from happening all over the globe any more than a person can ‘fly to the moon’, on a daily basis.

It is the second type of angry adoptees that use browbeating tactics against any pro-adoption people and agencies. They are everywhere on the Internet. They have never learned to stop being ‘stress-junkies’ and haters. Their methods will NOT change the NEED for adoption in the world. But my concern is not that or them. My concern is JOAN WHEELER and the shit she did to our family.

In those early days of internet searches, I kept seeing this strange web-site called The Daily Bastardette. Searches would produce a post, with Joan’s picture, and the title, Joan Wheeler is a baaaad Girl! A friend of mine, when he first saw that site, said…what is she (Joan) some kind of sex object? What is this site? Why do they call themselves ‘bastards’?!

See, to normal people when they see that type of portrayal they see it as some kind of sexual come-on…‘baaaad girl’. And ‘bastardette’…why would anyone want to call themselves that? Yes, in the normal world these angry adoptees are looked upon as freaks. Well I couldn’t understand it myself, at the time, but I soon found out why!

Now, this post will NOT contain every word from the referenced sites. The reason is simple…too much garbage. What is important to know here, is that, BEFORE Joan’s book was published, she was on a promotion campaign! In her zeal, talking with fellow adoptees, and in various comments everywhere, she let her guard down and spoke more truths, about her character and true purposes for the book, than she should have…considering it was ALL ON THE INTERNET. She NEVER dreamed that the book would be FOUND OUT by the family and that we would take action against it and her OR that the book would be DEAD AND GONE.

I don’t know how it happened, but she was in an ABCNews online article about adoption in Nov 2009. And then, the ‘bastardette’ did a post about it because Joan alerted them to it.

I am, in part 2 of this post, going to address the article’s comments made by Joan. She went by the screen name of ‘reunited3574’, the logic of that? March 5, 1974 was the date she learned she had a birth family! For now, I shall just give the address/link to the news story and the Daily Bastardette for those who wish to go there. I am going to pull out, here, certain parts of the Bastardette post and comments for my commenting. My comments here will be prefaced by Gert>>>  The reader must remember that these ‘adult adoptees’ use a lot of sarcasm and mockery.

Adoptees Cite Discrimination in Landmark StudyPush For Open … › Health › ABC News Mind, Mood Coverage

part 2 of this blog post of mine will be dedicated to the comments of Joan’s on that article plus one of my own that I’ve attempted to post but for some reason is not there.

Mon November 23, 2009 Joan Wheeler is a baaaad Girl!

Monday’s CBS News published a lengthy article, Adoptees face sting of discrimination.  Joan and her crappy adoption story were featured. This entry isn’t about Joan’s story however. You can go to her ForbiddenFamily webpage and blog and read about it (and her forthcoming book) yourself. This entry is about the reaction to the story: the usual shut-up and be grateful comments. It was bad enough that Joan is sufficently ungrateful for being adopted and lied to in the most egregious ways, but when she voiced her unhappiness with the CBS article itself and offered up corrections, she went from being just plain ungrateful and whiney to being a heathenish example of what’s wrong with Americans today. She wasn’t called a Communist, though she clearly is!

Gert>>> The date of publication of the garbage book was 19 Nov 2009. The ABC news article was on 23 Nov 09. We shall see in another post that right away on 23 Nov 2009 Joan was getting negative feedback on the news-site and she just had to speak and speak and speak.

From The Bastardette again….

But this entry is also about other reactions. (portion deleted by GM)
Apparently after the CBS article hit, Joan’s stats hit the roof propelled by some pretty impressive ISPs. Joan sent me and other activists the following email and has given me permission to repost it here. She adds that after further investigation it is the US House not the White House that’s checking her out.

Dear Friends in Adoption Reform, Thanks to the negative/postive publicity of the ABC news article  my website is booming from readership in Washington, DC!
The Pentagon is reading my website! Ohhh! I am such a threat!!! Various IPs from around Washington have been reading my website for weeks, while my dysfunctional sisters still are causing me trouble to the point I must go to the police to stop their interference. (GM: note this & my comment below)

The White House also looked in on my website. Yippey!!! Will Somebody finally start paying attention to the real issues?? Oh, Maybe I’ll be arrested. Good. Go make some comments on my website. Make some comments on your own websites. Discrimination against adoptees and our natural parents in the form of government seizure of our birth birth certificates and fraudulent new ones must end! We must win the civil rights to the truth of our births! Sorry to be making blanket emails, and for not re-joining some memberships. Money is tight, but I will be back to BN and AAC and others soon. I have even let go my activism on Change dot gov. Dying parents and getting my book out are time consuming. Love to all of you!!! Joan

From the Bastardette again….

Joan also asked me to let you know: Please make a note in your blog that I just got a call from the hospital. My adoptive mother is having a four hour blood transfusion right now — 9pm.

We wish Joan well, and congratulate her for stirring up the trogs.
Hit Joan’s website! Hit the CBS site. Hit your blogs. Bastards never shut up!

Anonymous said…Joan totally rocks!!!! She is a crusader for us, adoptees. So, the pentagon is scoping her out? Whoooooooooo, they better not check out adult adoptees dot org or they might find some reeeeallllly scary folk, like me! whooooooooooooooooo……..Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 8:30:00 PM EST

You know you’ve made it with the Pentagon notices you! Good for her! 🙂 Cr Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 10:32:00 PM EST

tri said…I love bastards who won’t shut up. Good for you, Joan! Wednesday, November 25,  2009 at 3:39:00 PM EST

 Joan M Wheeler said… Hi All! Thanks, Basdardette, for your wonderful post. And thanks for your comments here, my bastard friends! Well, I can honestly say that The Pentagon sure woke me up, but all those IPs dotting the landscape around Washington DC — Arlington, Bowie, Silver Springs…and even the Social Security Administration! Hah! They must think I am committing FRAUD with my falsified birth certificate cause you all know I DID IT MYSELF! YEP. Right over here with my scanner.

Someday I’ll tell you about the guy I know who now lives in Bowie. Oh, he’s in the book — another ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle my life!!!
I needed this laugh tonight…Mom’s recovering and back in nursing home. Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 12:20:00 AM EST

Gert>>> she can’t even spell Bastardette right! There are several very important statements to point out.

Joan said…while my dysfunctional sisters still are causing me trouble to the point I must go to the police to stop their interference.

This, being said in Nov 2009, is about a phone call that Ruth placed to Joan, informing Joan that her ‘name-sake’ Aunt Doris has just died. Ruth got Joan’s number from Dad. When Joan answered the phone, she asked ‘how did you get my number’. Ruth said ‘from Dad’. Joan said, ‘Bad mistake’ and hang up on her. Later that night Ruth got a phone message from the Town of Tonawanda police, which is where Joan lives, in which the message said, ‘that Ruth and Gert and Kathy must stop contacting Joan’. When I heard about that, I called that police station and spoke with someone in charge. He told me not to worry about it and he said we all know about Joan, she calls regularly complaining about people. The point is, Joan lumps the three sisters into ONE and called us The Three Sippel Sisters. Why doesn’t she include herself?

We sisters, from before that book was published, were being labeled as dysfunctional by Joan Wheeler, to fit the characterizations she created! She had been setting us up for decades. And when an innocent call about a death in the family is placed to Joan, she uses it and lies to defame us.

Money is tight…Joan has been on disability for decades. That is why she wrote the book, to gain off our backs.

Dying parents and getting my book out are time consuming.

Her adoptive mom may have been but Dad was NOT in 2009! Joan exaggerates! Regarding the book, she was STILL REWRITING IT between April to July 2009 to include YET MORE libel against family and others! Chapter 38 page 482 – 566; that’s 84 pages of additional garbage!

Someday I’ll tell you about the guy I know who now lives in Bowie. Oh, he’s in the book — another ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle my life!!! 

Chapter 35, of the now pulled libelous book Joan wrote, titled, I don’t understand your life and I never will, goes from page 429 to 454; that’s 25 pages! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with adoption reform. What it is a bizarre sorted S&M account of her relationship with an abusive guy that she wants to ‘fix’! I just can’t bring myself to read it and find examples from this chapter, it is so sick. But, here, page 452 sums it all up…italics are Joan’s. I am bolding it!

The guy ‘…was a victim of his own distorted thoughts. He’s mad at me because he can’t understand my life? Who really owns these problems? Who needs to be held accountable for his actions? Yes, Jimmy, earned a place in this book right along with the other examples of prejudice against adoptees – against me – to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.’

To any sane person, that clearly leaves Joan out, there is something radically wrong with these statements…in the book and here in this post. Again… ‘about the guy I know who now lives in Bowie. Oh, he’s in the book — another ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle my life!!!

Joan is PROUD of exposing and exploiting people!

part one of two…see part two

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