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by on March 28, 2013

Ruth Sippel Pace - Family Stories

    My mother died at a very young age, 30 years old, leaving five little kids behind. Before her spirit left this world, she came to say goodbye.    

     I remember being in our kitchen with my two older sisters and our brother. It was raining, with thunder and lightning. I don’t know who said it first, my brother or my sister Kathy, but they were looking out the window, and someone said, “Look, Mom’s outside.”    

     I went to the window and pushed between Butch and Kathy, but being only three and a half, I was too little to see over the window sill. “Where’s Mom?” I asked.  “You can’t see her, it’s too dark. Wait ’til the lightning comes.”    FLASH!   “There she is!”    “Where? I can’t see her. Lift me up. I can’t see out the  window.”   “Stop pushing. I’m trying to see her too.”    I went to the…

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