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History of, and current attack sites, upon the birthsiblings, of Joan Wheeler UPDATED

by on April 1, 2013

Updated 3 June 2013

A REAL Social Worker would NOT do this, nor ask another to do so nor allow this to be! Until Joan Wheeler gets all her blogs (that attack us) and posts (in which she attacks us) and all her henchmen (that attack us) to remove their blogs, we shall continue to expose them and her! To make it more concise, here in ONE place, is a reference to those people and sites. This post shall be reposted and tweeted UNTIL Joan Wheeler and henchmen remove these blogs.

Even before that garbage libelous book, Forbidden Family, was out she tried many ways to attack her own blood siblings! Then once we KNEW about the book and spoke out against it, and Joan, we were attacked again and again by people we didn’t and still don’t know. These attacks are STILL on the public internet sites. There are THREE (that we know of ) web sites created by, with and on behalf, of Joan Wheeler, that are nothing but pure hate, slander, bullying, browbeating and violence against us, WOMEN. Nice guys that Joan hangs out with…no storage of bullies there! No self-respecting man would do and say the things these two men have said to women they have NEVER laid eyes on, let alone KNOW, nor the REAL story in our family. Both these men are as sleazy as Joan is and are doing Joan’s dirty work for her. The same can be said for all the ‘adult’ adoptees who have shown their level of ‘respectability’ in their attempts to ‘shut us up and down’! We are still standing! That must have piss them all off… big time.

Joan’s own web site…  still, in 2013, contains blog posts AGAINST our personal characters and bizarre falsehoods (slander) against us about what we have susposed have ‘done’ to her! Clearly, Joan has a mental illness, for nothing she says is accurate but only shows her ‘inner’ creation of what she believes us to be and have done. These posts are hate speech, slander, browbeating and harassments and must be removed.

From the beginning, once Ruth learned about the publication of that libelous book, that Joan wrote, Ruth created her blog for the sole purpose of and to refute the lies. From that time, to now, she has been attacked, by all kinds of angry adoptees, from the forum Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, where Joan told them all to come over and ‘get us’. For months on end Ruth got all kinds of hate speech and vile language in comments because Ruth dared to speak out against the slander that Joan was speaking about us and family. Ruth had to ‘close’ comments it got so bad!

Ruth’s blog post of …  gosh, I hit a nerve. settle down Potsie! February 26, 2010 …got 180 views thats the highest any of our posts ever got!

In March 2010 Joan was actually BEGGING the adoptees on that forum to come over and shut us up! She had to wait a period of time before she became a full member, on the forum. In Sept 2010 she ‘couldn’t wait’ to get on the member only list so that she could get the ADOPTEES TO GET HER BIRTH SISTERS and they of course kept coming!

And then again later…Joan calls on the forum, of adoptees, because we birth siblings refused to be quiet!

A call to arm against the nasty sisters. – Joan Wheeler calls in the big dudes to sic it to us – roflmao! June 17, 2011

But back in October 2010 Joan created the following site: which is a reworking of various rants she had on the Forbidden Family site that she recycled into another blog; as if this would get us to shut up. Well this blog is an example of pure hate speech and slander/libel and needs to be taken down.

Then her boy-friend Russ Thomas continued to argue with Ruth, leaving vile comments on her blog and in private emails. Here is one post of Ruth’s    To Rus – the fool October 5, 2010

His response was to created this blog

Which we did not know about until I found it in March 2012 and it needs to be taken down.

Before we knew about his hate blog against us, Russ was involved with Joan, going to our parents home and my father’s hospital room (against my father’s wishes) in January 2011. My father informed Joan in Sept 2009, after he read a draft of the yet unpublished book, that he felt ‘it was better that they don’t see each other’ and that she ‘call before coming over’. But, Joan never does what she is told to do. She took Russ, a stranger, to my elderly parents, home and hospital, BECAUSE Joan was ‘afraid’ and needed to speak with Dad. Joan was ‘afraid’ because her adoptive mother had a ‘turn for the worst’. A few days later my father died. Everyone in the family DID NOT want to see Joan; she was given a special time to come to the funeral home, when family was not there. When she did, go to the funeral home, she brought Russ with her. Russ was ‘witnessed’ to have desecrated the memorial book, which he has denied doing.

Big Bad Russ speaks – (Joan Wheeler sics her boyfriend on us) – too bad we found it a year and a half later – well, better late than never. on March 13, 2012

Big Bad Russ responds – here’s my answer! on March 14, 2012

Over time, Russ faded out of the picture…but…his blog against us is still up! And then another boy-friend of Joan’s appears on the scene!

In April of 2012, on a public discussion forum on Adoption Family Circle, a ‘character’ by the screen name of Pilgrim ‘attack‘ me in public for adopting my son and also myself and Ruth for countering Joan’s lies. He admitted to being Champ, Joan Wheeler’s ‘defender’.

When we had first seen Champ’s website we REALLY thought it was Joan herself; how could another person think/speak just like her. It was a couple of months before we found out who he really was. I do have to admit, he had us fooled for awhile, but over time we did pull his mask off. It still is rather curious, that this guy, who claims to be a defender, REFUSED to give his real name! He likes to browbeat, insult and intimidate women under a mask!

Joan Wheeler has a new friend, by the name of Champ! don’t tell her we know, wink, wink! on April 24, 2012

and the NEW hate blog against us, by a MAN…  which needs to be removed.

We know who Champ is!! His name is Brian Maloney and he has left his mark; I found him and now I expose him too. on July 5, 2012

In the meanwhile I had put together these blog posts to show the extend that Joan has gone to attack us.

Part two of Joan Wheeler’s internet campaign against the birth siblings, wherein she publically tells our personal names and information. on April 4, 2012

The beginnings of Joan Wheeler’s Internet campaign against her birth siblings on April 2, 2012

So yes, Joan Wheeler really DOESN’T want her blood sisters to speak! But, it looks like her options are getting a bit tight. Angry adoptees are silent; they don’t come to Joan’s defense.

Russ Thomas has not spoken in quite awhile. There really isn’t anything he OUGHT to say. Perhaps he has gone the way of Brian Maloney, who ‘doesn’t want to get involved’ according to what he said in his last browbeating post!

Just why did Brian feel the need to post, on his hate blog, on January 23, 2013? We had not bothered him. No, he saw that we siblings were, again, countering Joan’s bullshit, on Huffington Post, and he didn’t want to ‘see a friend abused’. Ha! Doesn’t want to get involved, but yet, he posts an INFLAMMATORY post! Sounds like getting involved to me!

So what did Brian do? He made it LOOK like there was a new threat, from us, when there wasn’t and isn’t. He TOOK a part of something Ruth had said some time back, which was a legit statement of fact; that what Brian was doing is considered harassment. Brian then placed it, in a new post, to make it look like we were causing additional trouble for his poor defense-less friend! see…

But he and Joan didn’t realize that Joan had gone too far! For they thought they were being ‘cute’ but didn’t count on the fact that Ruth TOOK action, that very day! For you see, on January 22, 2013, Joan shot her mouth off and bragged about calling Ruth’s employer. Serious no-no! Yes, Ruth has taken Joan to court! There is currently an order AGAINST Joan Wheeler, to refrain from calling Ruth’s employer. But, as court dates have been rescheduled, the next date is April 17, 2013, we have to wait till then and after to know what the court’s decisions will be.

And I will amend this post accordingly.

gertmcqueen permalink

Gert here…On 3 June 2013, Russ Thomas has REMOVED his blog against us, the 3 birth siblings, of Joan Wheeler. Wise man knows when to disappear.


  1. Gert here…On 3 June 2013, Russ Thomas has REMOVED his blog against us, the 3 birth siblings, of Joan Wheeler. Wise man knows when to disappear.

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