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Continuted false narratives of Joan Wheeler means she can’t accept her own negative actions

by on April 13, 2013

Noticed a few falsehoods I want to correct. Joan Wheeler is back to creative lying 101.

Joan Wheeler on Twitter @forbiddenfamily recently said, on April 10, 2013,  the following, in bold

As for any members of my #naturalfamily attending any conferences, reading books, discussing #adoption – no, no cooperation there.

Gert says…Why should we have? We all KNEW all we needed to know about adoption..after all we had ADOPTION in our lives since 1956! What Joan is actually saying is that no one in the birth family WANTED TO SEE IT HER WAY…and that is wrong WHY? Joan was a freaking broken record, all she wanted to discuss was adoption and her point of view. If you didn’t accept her view…you paid the price, from her…I know I did.

Ruth DID support Joan. I do not have details but I’m sure when Ruth has the time she will answer this part.

But I never held it against my #naturalfather for giving me up. I knew he was in impossible situation. I told him not to worry.

Gert says…What utter bullshit!! She most certainly DID hold it against him and she wrote all about it in that lying book of hers! She doesn’t accept the reality of her placement into adoption. She never once told Dad ‘not to worry’. People really ought to see what she put in that book about her natural father. I don’t have it in front of me at the moment, but she hated him! According to Joan he was a over-bearing brute who kicked her out THREE TIMES! Yes, he did kick her out three times because of her raging arguments and insulting him to his face and in print. He also removed her from his pre-prepared obit…all done months BEFORE THAT LYING book was published. Joan’s own words will be her undoing.

On the contrary, only my #naturalfather talked with me about #adoption – he opened up freely abt his side of relinquishment, felt guilty

Gert says… false…Dad was NEVER GUILTY, he never apologized for his decisions. He made the right decision at the time and accepted MAKING THAT DECISION…that is not the same as feeling guilty. Joan’s point of view is not TRUTH.

I spoke with Joan many times about adoption, particularly when I was ADOPTING. It was Joan who REFUSED to accept that I was adopting, my own son. It was Joan who interferred with the process of my ADOPTING because Joan didn’t want me to adopt. Just as she inteferred with my step-mother when she and my father were in the adoption process of adopting his step-daughter. It was to Joan that my father said…stop upsetting my wife over your (Joan’s) point of view over adoption.

Joan Wheeler is a freaking liar, always has been and always will be. Everytime she speaks we will correct it.

BTW check out @gertmcqueen and @ruthsippelpace  on Twitter

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