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Joan Wheeler hates it when the siblings of the #birthfamily speak their truth…and the beat goes on!!

by on April 23, 2013

The longer and harder, Joan Wheeler and her friends, try to silence the siblings, the more others see what Joan and her friends are like! And the beat goes on!!

A year ago, on Huffington Post, when we were first met Joan’s ‘defender’ Brian Maloney, and on his very first outing, he attacked us siblings. At that time, Joan was successful in getting ‘gertmcqueen’ kicked off Huffington. Oh, what a blow that was! Right! Anyway…like many people, including Joan, I have another account, or two, or three! One of my accounts is in the name of ‘honorsake’…why? Because it’s all about HONOR, with me and Ruth.

Then about 6 months or so ago, Joan was venting, as she always does, again on Huffington, when ‘honorsake’ first said a few words. The fact that I came back onto Huffington and Ruth was there, again, got Joan so worked up that she forgot herself and ‘bragged’ about how she committed a crime by calling Ruth’s employer. One does have to wonder how Joan’s mind works! That situation is still making its way with the courts. And the beat goes on!!

Then very recently, April 2013, on another Huffington article ‘honorsake’ spoke and immediately got ATTACKED, INSULTED and had attempts at INTIMIDATION directed at her; NOT by Joan, but by her adoptee buddies! Why? because they know that ‘honorsake’ is none other than me and I MUST BE SILENCED! And the beat goes on!! Except!!!

The following link and my last comment, that I provide here, is enough to prove my point.  But, if anyone is interested in seeing the entire series of attacks, to me and to Ruth, you would have to following the comments carefully…for on Huffington…when there are several ‘replies’ they ‘hide’ them and just state ‘to see more comments click here’. If someone doesn’t click ‘here’ they miss a lot. So it’s all up to the reader to ‘see more’.

But, before we leave reader and what’s on Huffington there’s more to tell… And the beat goes on!!

In February and March of 2013 there was an article on the ‘Toledo free press’ that we became aware of via search terms and referenced sites on the stat page of Ruth’s blog. Ruth checked out the site and found that someone, other than the birthsiblings of Joan Wheeler, also seems to see the trouble that Joan has caused. Being the busy person I am, I put the reference in my ‘in box’ until I had a few minutes. Once I did, have a few minutes to address it, it didn’t take long to write a comment and have it ‘appear’. And the beat goes on!!

As readers will see…there are people out there that do not agree with some aspects of the ‘adoption reform’ movement, nor their tactics, or some of the people…particularly Joan Wheeler.  Again, if a reader is interested in seeing the entire article and comments please go to the links provided. I am only providing, here, a couple of comments.

I do find it very interesting that there are people out in the wide world of the internet that not only disagree with Joan Wheeler but actually SPREAD the word about the dirty deeds and words that she has done to FAMILY.  Does anyone wonder why I choose the name ‘honorsake’? And the beat goes on!!

And finally, before we get to the links I would like to share a bit of an email exchange between myself and Ruth.

Ruth said…by the way – that paragraph you just wrote –

Gert said…”I am NOW in favor of NO CONTACT…NO PRIVATE TYPE OF ADOPTION…TOTAL NONE CONTACT. what we have experienced is nothing short of hell…no one could have KNOWN what those adoptive parents were like nor how the adoptee turned out…she is a sick….genes, environment, behaviors, abuse…doesn’t matter…she CEASED TO BE PART OF OUR GENETIC family and NO CONTACT SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED….unless someone can prove that they are NOT A MENTALLY ILL PERSON…”

Ruth said….THIS NEEDS TO BE PUT ON BOTH OUR BLOGS – because we did experience hell because of the bitch who raised her and from her.

And the beat goes on!!

honorsake  07:28 AM on 04/10/2013

In the past couple of days six different adoptees try to discredit my statements, On Marley’s own web site for Bastard Nation, forbiddenfamily posted in 2009 “The Pentagon is reading my website!while my dysfunctional sisters still are causing me trouble to the point I must go to the police to stop their interference.”

DYSFUNCTIONAL SISTERS! truth, an aunt died, R made a phone call to inform her of it. JW made ONE PHONE CALL to her local police station. R got a message from the police saying that R, G, K were to stay away from her. How did one person become three? Fact. we didn’t KNOW that the book, against us all, was just about to be PUBLISHED! I called that same police station and they told me…don’t worry about it, we all know about HER, she calls all the time!

forbiddenfamily not only did it to me but to our step-mother when she ADOPTED HER CHILD with her 2nd husband! I sure hope that all you adoptees that are fighting for your birth records and OBC are fighting for MY CHILD AND MY STEPSISTER WHO ARE ADOPTEES and need to have their Original Birthcertificates! I hope Mr Pertman addresses these issues at the upcoming conference

And the beat goes on!!


Woman who privacy can not speak out without giving up the very thing they want to protect, their privacy. Many don’t know that there is going to be a change in the law, secure in their belief of what they were told birth certificates would remain sealed. Oprah’s mother said not contact the adopted person went to other family members till she got what she wanted. It is a forced reunion or pressured reunion.

Here is a woman who was raped and said no contact.
N.J. woman relives painful past after child she gave up for adoption reaches out

blog where birthfamily have difficulties with adopted sibling in the adoption reform movement.

Birthparents should not have to put their lives in the hands of the adopted child on whether a no contact will work or not. It should be about choice and mutual consent.

This comment was posted on March 16th, 2013 at 12:43 pm


I’m from the birthfamily & while I agree that adoptees should have their medical history & OBC sometimes ‘contact’ results in major disrupts to both adopted & birth families. I also ADOPTED & have been attacked for that! My parental rights were violated by an adoptee! my blog is @ gertmcqueen dot wordpress My family has been slandered by angry adoptee(s)and in the case of my ‘adopted-out sib, her friends, who believe that adoption should be outlawed.

This comment was posted on April 23rd, 2013 at 10:48 am

And the beat goes on!!



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